Saturday, July 4, 2009

Veggie Garden Update/Tour - Across the Street

It rained half an inch last night, so knowing I wouldn't need to water, I went across the street, planning to take a few photos for a post. It is just not in me to take a few, and it's even harder to use the "delete" key. I did manage to only include about a fourth of the number I took.

This is the third of the cactus flowered zinnias to bloom.

I like this color of vinca, one of my bargain plants that I planted a few days ago.

The tour begins at the back of the garden, as I exported the photos as groups, and not individually in the order I want them, like I usually do. Let's head down the path, on the south side of the garden, where I planted some free iris and most of the perennial geraniums that had been by my curb. I have to remove things 2 feet from the curb some time soon, because they are going to resurface our street and repair or replace our curbs. I decided to do some now, while the weather is decent, and so I don't have to rush. The plants on the other side of the path are some kind of campanula. The plants in the cages at the end of that row, are Early Acorn Hybrid winter squash.

This is facing north, on the east side of the garden. It shows the deutzia, Arrowood Viburnum, and other plants I put in to make the garden more private on that end.

A friend called us to say there were some irises in a dumpster by the sorority she used to belong to, and helped in the garden that day. So, we went and rescued them from the dumpster. I put coneflowers and some annuals in and around the bushes and irises.

We are going to walk to the west, continuing to face north. The tomatoes and sunflowers are leggy, because they are not getting enough light. I think Larry and I are going to trim some of the branches on the trees in the area.

The birds or some other critters are tromping around in the onions, tearing them, and knocking them over. I hope they still grow. That's a pepper plant in the right foreground.

The potatoes are starting to die back. I've harvested a few of them, but hope the rest still grow some.

I thought the lettuce season was over, but there is some in here that I need to get picked before it turns bitter.

The Mexican sunflowers are finally catching up in height to the zinnias. They should get taller. I don't think I've grown them before, unless it was in a pot, and I found a plant. All of these were planted here by seed. The fennel I planted the same day was slower in coming up, and I planted some nasturtiums in front (to the left of) the zinnias. The fennel is coming up, also, but there is room, as the nasturtiums were planted next to, and not on top of it. If you click to enlarge, you'll see the 3 compact basil plants next to the lettuce and peppers.

Continuing west, this is the part of the garden seen from the street.

We just walked by the front of the garden, and are now facing south, on the west side of the garden. These tomato plants I grew from seeds were so small when I planted them, I didn't know if they would make it. The marigolds have been in as long as the tomatoes, and there are some Mexican sunflowers and zinnias in there, but the other flowers were part of my bargains, and were planted a few days ago.

We are heading back east, and will continue to face south. The cement slabs were in the ground when we were digging to plant.

I don't remember why I planted bush type tomatoes from seed, but they are kind of cute, and are producing tomatoes. I hope they taste good.

The summer squash, zucchini, and bush cucumbers shown in the next 3 photos are doing well.

The flat and curly leafed parsley and fennel are waiting for caterpillars.

Since there's room, I'm letting this salad greens mix bloom in case any butterflies or bees are attracted to them. I planted some green beans to the left a few days ago.

The scrawny tomatoes, peppers, and sunflowers again:

The small shrub next to the iris in the front of the photo is Snowflake Mockorange.

The shrub in the foreground is Mohican Viburnum.

This is a row of sunflowers I planted from thinnings of the others. This is part of the area I haven't gotten the weeds under control in.

This is the other part. One reason, is that there were a lot of ladybug pupae in there, and we were waiting for them to finish becoming ladybugs. I have a friend who gives away strawberry plants. I'm thinking about trying some here.

I like to take photos of our house and yard on my way back. Larry and Heidi were out this morning. She loves to run!

The side and front yards are to the left. The veggie garden is to the right of the garage.

Those of you who celebrate Independence Day, have a great one. I am praying for those who live in places where they are not allowed personal freedoms.


  1. Hi Sue~~ In another month or so you're going to be one busy gal, picking and enjoying all of your efforts. I envy you with your 1/2 inch of rain. I love, in the last photo, how you caught Heidi in the midst of running! Happy 4th to you too. We are truly blessed to live in the USA.

  2. Hi Sue,
    Some of the best memories I ever made with my sister were dumpster diving at night. Glad you were able to "rescue" those irises. :)

  3. I love your house and gardens! I especially love the picture on your banner...those daylilies are wonderful. Happy 4th to you!

  4. Happy 4th (a day late!) lol* Your garden accross the street looks amazing, you really filled it up fast!!!

  5. Strawberries would be a lovely groundcover. You have so much going on in your garden right now--I hope it is very prolific. So glad you rescued the Irises. Heidi looks full of energy. Happy 4Th to you!

  6. your garden looks good and you have a lot of it...thanks for sharing the photos of it..hope you had a lovely weekend.

  7. Thanks for your comments. I enjoyed visiting your blogs today. I keep forgetting to call my friend with the strawberries. I emailed her, but she must have changed her address.

  8. Hi Sue, I envy you all those vegetables. Every spring I think about planting squash and beans and maybe a few other things. Then I think about the fact I seldom cook and usually eat deli out. Plus working a job, caring for a huge yard, house, gardens, etc alone takes up 110% of my time and energy. In the end, I always just plant tomatoes and by the end of June I'm regretting it.


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