Thursday, July 2, 2009

More Daylilies and Friends for Blooming Friday

I have gotten most of my planting done, except for a couple agapanthus I decided to try in a pot. I am so enjoying the daylilies and other blooms. The deadheading has begun in earnest, too. I love it, because I get close and personal with the flowers.

The first daylily shown was here when we moved in, planted by my mother-in-law when she lived here. The next 2 I purchased with Wally from the mail order place, and I am very pleased with them, too. The 3 together have been there a number of years, with a few dug out to give away from time to time. The yellow one is a Stella d' Oro. The next to the last one, I purchased from someone selling plants from his yard. The last one was named after a woman, but I can't remember who. It was my first splurge on a plant, costing $22.00 about 8 years ago at a daylily farm.

I have purchased more bargains since my post on the garden in my car. This rose, Floribunda Iceberg, was on the $5.00 table at a different local nursery yesterday, so I decided to give it a try after talking to another customer, who said she doesn't use chemicals on her floribunda roses.

Harvest Moon Echinacea planted last summer:

I am so tickled my nigella, love in a mist is coming up, planted by the plants from last year, and I was able to get a couple photos without the light reflecting off of them.

The White Swan Echinacea that are not white, and Paprika Yarrow are still looking great.

If amsonia wasn't my signature plant, liatris could be. I love collecting the different varieties of them. There are lavender and baby's breath in the photo, also.

I'm enjoying the different colors of sweet pea that came from the mix I planted seeds of.

I planted a small Black Knight butterfly bush, and it has a lovely bloom. I'll be sure to deadhead it when it starts to fade so it will focus on growing the plant. (That is ginger mint in the tub, which is also starting to bloom.)

Bell flowers and ornamental onions, with a daylily in the back:

The plants in this area are getting tall. I think this may be a Magnus coneflower.

I'm thinking this is the same kind of rudbeckia as the 2 in the back yard, that are also about to open their buds. I found a photo with a tag, but couldn't make it out, even with a magnifying glass. I looked on the internet, and I think they may be Ratibida pinnatas, pinnate prairie coneflowers.

Siam Queen Thai basil, which no longer has its flower, as I want to keep it alive for cooking:

A lot of the flowers I direct seeded are growing better than the ones I started inside. These zinnias are at my garden at the neighbors'. They are supposed to be a cactus flowered mix, but these first two to open don't look like I thought they would. They are pretty, though, and are currently in a vase in the neighbors' because I let my garden friend cut them for his mom.

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  1. Iceberg is one of my favorites. But here there are still just buds.

  2. Hi Sue, I love your header and your blooms are fascinating! For a moment I thought the butterfly bush blooms were growing from the tub!! It's beautiful and so are the coneflowers. The love in a mist blooms look delicate and a little alien too! What a lush and beautiful garden!

  3. So many lovely flowers and coclors, I really liked Harvest Moon Echinacea, I have never seen one yellow before. Hope I will find one for my garden one day.

  4. WOW! Gorgeous! What great flowers!! You've done a wonderful job of planting such a variety and so many gorgeous colors!

  5. Lots of beautiful flowers just like last week, the white rose is adorable if I may say so.

  6. Sue, daylilies can be addictive can't they? :) Yours are really pretty, as is that sunset coneflower. Your gardens are really looking lovely and I can tell you put a lot of love and work into them. Have a great 4th!

  7. I love the wine-colored daylily. Your gardens are looking great. Happy 4th of July!

  8. You have quite a variety of flowers growing! And all so lovely!
    I always loved what a hot Nebraska summer would grow.

  9. I loved this so much took me home again- Must give you such joy sandy

  10. For once i found a lot of flowers common here...not that i know many and as usual so beautiful

  11. Hi Sue, I finally got some foliage but my nigella haven't bloomed. Don't know if it will since it is supposed to be a cool weather plant. I had mixed success with the seeds I planted too. All mine were inside. I started them too early and they got very lanky from not enough sun.

    Good luck with your Iceberg rose.


  12. Oh Sue-your garden is breathtaking! I just love the variety, and the colors! All of your plantings have flourished and I wish I could pull up a chair and drink some lemon balm tea with you! You have gotten this 'collage thing' down well! I looked at your other posts and you've put together some lovely ones! I wish I had the green thumb that you do!

  13. LOVE that harvest moon echinacea...gorgeous!!!

  14. Hi Sue, what a glorious collection of flowers you're showing us today! The Nigellas are so pretty and I'm sure you'll be happy with Iceberg - it's got such a good reputation!
    Happy Blooming Friday!

  15. so many pretty flowers it is hard to choose. Luckily I don´t need to :)

  16. Very nice collection of flowers sue!
    Happy Blooming friday, have a great 4th weekend!

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  18. Sue, you have created a true English cottage garden! I really appreciate your achievement as I am trying to do the same, but I look at your wonderful pictures and realize I'm not there yet. Congratulations.

  19. Thanks for your comments! I enjoyed your posts as well.


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