Friday, July 17, 2009

Blooming Friday

Katarina, at Roses and Stuff hosts Blooming Friday, where gardeners with computers from anywhere in the world can post what they have blooming. Go check it out!

False sunflowers, on the other side of the fence, lavender,
Magnus coneflower, and Rudbeckia pinnata:

Magnus coneflower:

Black-eyed Susan:

Cardinal climber:

New morning glory put in at garden across the street to climb over the butterfly brush pile:

One of the several colors of statice I grow and dry:

A taller variety of ageratum:

Blackberry lilies in front of coneflowers:

Balloon flowers with moonbeam coreopsis:

Larkspur and 4 o' clocks:

4 o' clocks up close:

The pia hydrangea blooms are opening up more.
Do you know what the spots on the leaves are?



While out taking pics of blooms, I noticed the first ripe tomatoes of the season,
from one of the volunteer grape plants I didn't pull out:


  1. Beautiful Blooming Friday post Sue. I love seeing all of your flowers!

  2. Your flowers are amazing. I love that Rudbeckia pinnata. Hope your weekend is great.

  3. Your flowers are always so pleasant to the eye.

  4. ah the snmell of a moon flower- blackberry lilies so lovely your mix is so perky and colorful. I bet you sit and lok at it all the time.. I would be drying all for wnter bouquets sandy

  5. Your ageratum is really pretty. I like the coreopsis/balloon flower combo too. I never think of statice. I grew it years ago and dried it. I need to remind myself to grow that again.

  6. Hi, what a fantastic garden you have. Many different flowers. Some are located in Sweden, too. It is so beautiful when all flowering simultaneously. Today we live in an apartment, I miss my garden. Have a nice weekend. Amanda from Sweden

  7. Moon flower seems to be a huge plant, si that so? See from your comments that it smells? I never seen it before.. Fantastic shape and colors on your lilies. As always a pleasure to look in to your garden :)

  8. Wow! I can't believe how good those tomatoes look!
    And the flowers too!

  9. Sue , I enjoyed your lovely post. I especially like the Borage flower.

  10. I love your site. Your photos are amazing! I learned gardening from my grandmas and Mom, and I grow many of the same flowers in my gardens.
    I can identify with convincing your hubby to have less grass. When we bought our house I convinced my kids to work hard digging and taking care of new beds -- it saved them time mowing. :-)

  11. Wish my coneflowers looks even a little bit as pretty as yours. My black-eyed susans are not blooming yet. Never heard of a cardinal climber, but like yours a lot. Rabbits are eating my morning glories faster than they can grow. Yours is a gorgeous color. Never heard of blackberry lilies, but love how they look. I do have a balloon plant blooming that looks pretty like yours and there also a moonbeam coreopis growing near it like yours. I didn't copy, honest! Oh, my that moonflower photo.

  12. Awesome blooms for you today! I love the moon flowers too! I have one that I finally was able to grow this year. I was so thrilled to finally see one bloom!!!

  13. Yet another lovely, blooming, Friday post! I love your choices of plants. I haven't got any Cone flowers - but I really should be getting some. Magnus is very handsome, I think - did you know it was hybridized by a Swede? ; )

  14. Thanks for the nice comments! No, I didn't know Magnus was hybridized buy a Swede.

    I think I made it to all of your blogs. I hope you are having a great weekend!

  15. Hi Sue, I'm so behind with visiting the blogs I enjoy. I see you've been busy! You have some great colour combinations in your plantings. I love the blackberry lillies and coneflower shot in particular - it just brightens up the day. Tell me, did you carefully consider all the combinations??

    Great to see tomatoes coming along. Mine are just tiny green dots.

  16. Awesome pictures...I especially LOVE the coreopsis with the balloon flowers! So pretty! :)

  17. I love statice. Mine has not bloomed yet. I am enjoying your blog and your garden. Thanks.


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