Monday, July 27, 2009

Arrows Mark the Spots

The city has been telling us they are going to resurface our street, and replace the straight part of the curb. Today, a couple guys went down, spraying paint here and there, where work needs to be done in the street, and where the work will be started and stopped at the curbs. They told me the work will be started Friday.

This is the sidewalk that leads to the house.

They aren't going as far as I thought along the curb, and I took out some plants I wouldn't have needed to. The arrows point to where they are stopping.

I will need take out plants 18 inches from the curb in this bed. I didn't take these geraniums earlier, because they are so spready, and I have some by the tree. Now, I need to figure out what I'm going to do with them. I'll probably find a spot across the street for them, too.

I tried to leave parts of the geraniums I moved out of here. I like the orange portulaca in here as well as the geraniums, so I'm glad I don't have to dig them out after all, and maybe I'll see if they reseed next year, and not worry about putting the geraniums back.

They liked their move to my garden across the street.

If anyone knows how to center a header photo in Minima Stretch or in That a Way, (I think that's what this one is) please let me know. I got so tired of my header photo not being centered, that I changed my template last night. This morning, Larry thought space was wasted on that template, and it was harder to read, so I decided I didn't want that one. Since then, I've changed it several times. I did a search for how to center the header photo, and saw the answers to others' questions, and then saw that they had trouble with the directions they were given. I have changed things in html before, by following someone's directions, but I don't want to unless I know it's going to work.

(I figured out I can put the title by itself, then add a photo separately, and it is centered! Thanks, Mia, for suggesting the test blog. I may yet do that sometime when I'm ready for another change.)


  1. Why don´t you make yourself a new ´test´blog with the same theme as the one your using. There you can try out all different html. When you know it works you can change it on your real blog. You don´t have to show your testblog even on your profile. A testblog can be lots of fun :)

  2. Your gardens look so great! I'm sorry you have to do some readjusting... how long will the process take? Could anything reside in pots for awhile, or do you have space for them somewhere else?

  3. I doubt I would have the good attitude you seem to have about moving all those plants. We, too, have some plantings in the easement area and I dread the day they have to be moved. I like how you change your header photo. I should do that more often. Can't help you with your question about centering. Have been having my own computer problems that have made blogging less than fun.

  4. Hi Sue,
    I have to ask my kids and husband for help with my blog, I wish I could help you! I am just lucky I had built in nerds here. :) I love these nerds though.
    What a total bummer about moving your plants. Sometimes I get a chance to improve the soil when I move stuff so I don't mind as much. And divide and get more plants for other areas.

  5. I love how your header turned out! I'm glad you were able to find a new spot for your geraniums. Hopefully they'll be done with the work quickly and won't disturb the rest of your plants.

  6. Your gardens look wonderful. I need to find some of that hardy geranium. Your header turned out nice.

  7. I really like both header photographs. Your garden looks beautiful.

  8. Hi Sue, I just had a battle with my header which forced me to find and read the directions. I hate when I have to read directions.

    Anyway, I have Maxima and this is what I learned. Go to the html tab in the customize area of your blog. Scroll down and look for "Header". Below header it will give you a "width". Mine was 660 pixels. Size your photo to 660 wide--height does not matter.

    After trying the 660 I found it too wide for my page so I ended up reducing it to 648 pixels. (You might try the 648 first).

    Good luck with the curbs and with the header. I hope the workers don't do much damage.

  9. Your garden is soooooo beautiful. I am sorry you have to move those plants...but I am sure you will find a great place for them.
    Prayers, Bo

  10. Sue, I like angel wing begonias,too. Didn't get around to planting any this year and I miss having them.

  11. hello sue,
    it's been a very busy summer but had a rainy day and i am catching up with some blogs.
    hope all is well. your yard looks great.

  12. Hey Sue,
    Your corner garden is looking so wonderfully summery and bright. Sorry you have to move plants for the city to do their thing. Why couldn't they work in the winter? LOL

    Thank you for your recent visit to Hoe and Shovel - I have been remiss in my blogging activities and trying to catch up a bit. Very interesting story about the garden across the street.

    (I see my sweet sister was here just ahead me - I always smile when that happens - hello Marmee)
    Meems @ Hoe and Shovel

  13. Thanks for the comments. I may play around with a test blog like Mia suggested after the gardening season. Marnie, I had already read about the 660 pixel thing, and tried that, but for some reason it didn't work. I may try again later, but for now, I just took the photo out of the header, and put it below the title, where it is centered. Now, I need to look to see how to make the photo smaller.

    Meems and Marmee, I'm glad we got to touch base, and that you crossed paths here.

    Happy Wednesday, everyone!


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