Friday, July 24, 2009

Vegetable Garden Update

Tina and Skeeter, at In the Garden posted their vegetable garden updates the 2oth, and invited others to post theirs, and let Tina know, so she can put the links to the posts in the sidebar. I'm a bit late, but thought I'd like to join in.

I harvested most of the rest of the carrots this morning, as 3 had some insect damage.

These Orange Oxheart tomatoes are an heirloom variety. I have 1 plant, and it is in my herb garden.

This cucumber is growing next to the tomato plant in the herb garden. I should be picking the first cucumbers to ripen here in a couple days.

Here's a peek through the fence at the main veggie garden.

The black eyed Susans at the entrance to the garden show on the right of the next photo. The bachelor buttons are almost finished for the season. The tomato plant is one of the Hybrid Super Bush plants I started from seed inside. I need to be harvesting some of the Nero Toscana kale. Insects and rabbits have been eating it, but there are some leaves that could be harvested.

I've picked one pepper so far, and soon will be picking more. I like to cut them up, freeze them on a cookie sheet, then put them in freezer bags.

Rabbits have eaten most of my green bean plants, and the bunnies were small enough to get to these with the cage over them, but it looks like they are trying to grow again. I'm chasing a bunny out of the garden several times a day, and keep forgetting to spray my Liquid Fence.

I planted these Kung Pao hot peppers for my son, who cooks a lot of Thai food. I've been chicken to harvest them. I think I'll wear gloves when I do.

The Thai hot peppers are for him, too. Some of them are turning red. He said they can be harvested green or red.

The onions that are not keepers matured and were harvested a few weeks ago. These are a kind that is supposed to be able to be stored for the winter.

I spent time this morning tying the tomatoes to the cages and pinching off some of the side stems. This is one of the 4 volunteers I let grow. They all look to be related to grape tomatoes. I've had yellow pears reseed before, too.

I just noticed today, that I have an eggplant growing on the plant.

Some bush cucumbers I planted recently, mulched with compost today:

Now, let's check out my garden across the street. These tomatoes were so small when I planted them, I didn't know if they would live.

I think they are Rudgers, but I couldn't find the seed package or my notebook I wrote what I planted in. I'm please the plants are healthy so far, and are producing.

I have 5 or so of the super bush tomato plants in various places in this garden.

I plan to keep an eye on these, and hope to pick them before the squirrels take them.

The 2 winter squash plants started from seed are doing well so far. I think they are a smaller growing acorn squash.

These tomatoes and sunflowers are a bit tall and leggy, I think, because they would like to get more light.

These are Burpee's Ambrosia Hybrid Cantaloupes, and were planted the same day as the winter squash. I wonder if they will take off and produce any cantaloupes.

These Butterstick Hybrid summer squash were planted the same day as the above, and rest of the plants in this post, and I hope to pick a few in the next day or two.

Bush cucumbers:

Burpee's Hybrid Zucchini:

I hope your veggies and flowers are growing well, and you are having a good weekend.


  1. Wow Sue, so many healthy looking veggies you have. It's been cloudy over here for about 2 weeks now with only 3 hours of sun per day so my veggies are taking a while to ripen.


  2. Sue,

    Fantastic veggie bounty! You take such good care of your veggies and the results are just amazing!


  3. Your vegetables look great Sue. It was nice of your neighbor to let you expand across the street too. Those tomatoes look happy. I am especially impressed with the carrots. As a gardener who has never successfully grown them I am most envious too. You will definitely have tons for freezing and enjoying. I added your link in. Thanks for letting me know. I probably would've caught it once you showed up on my sidebar but I appreciate the head's up too. I cannot walk by my amsonia without thinking of you. They are doing so well too. Have a great weekend!

  4. Your vegetable garden looks wonderful!

  5. I guess you have all the veggies you need. The all look tasty. Must say I´m happy atleast for not having rabbits around her...there are enough snails though.

  6. How did you get your tomatoes to be so gorgeous. I live in Michigan and always get yellow spot on all my tomatoes...Maybe you don't have this issue where you are...but they are amazing.
    GartenGrl at
    Planning Plants to Plant

  7. Gosh, you have grown lot s of veggies! And what a flourishing lot. Happy gardening!

  8. WOW!!! I wanna have dinner at your house! Lol* ;)


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