Saturday, July 4, 2009

A Squirrel, Insects, and Heidi on Hot Gravel for Camera Critters

The squirrels have been eating unripe walnuts from the tree across the street. The other day, as I was planting some flowers over there, and heard something land on the ground near by. It happened again a few seconds later, and then again. I figured out it was a squirrel in the tree dropping the shell of the walnut it was eating. I was glad it didn't hit me. This photo was taken a different day. There are shells on the ground next to the squirrel.

I stepped too close, and it went up the tree, giving me a look.

Last year, I saw a katydid on my day lilies. Since the buds only last a day, I didn't mind. It didn't seem to harm the plant. This looks different, so I'm not sure what it is. I haven't seen any more since that day. Please let me know if you know what it is.

I've seen a number of bees and wasps this year, but not very many butterflies.

I didn't notice that Heidi was walking with a paw up when I took this photo. I wonder if the gravel was hot.

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  1. Heidi is a doll! I don't know what the critter is on the lily (pretty lily) and loved the shot of the bee. Nice assortment of critters!

  2. Heidi really is a pretty girl! Nice shots.

  3. i love your vegetable garden and you squirrel post, she's so cute. happy weekend.

  4. Awww...great pictures, Heidi is my favorite. What a sweet heart! :)

  5. good shot of the squirrel and Heidi is a happy doggie.

  6. Thanks! I got my first American Painted Lady photos today, and don't know if I'll wait for Saturday to post them or not.

  7. Heidi looks a lovely dog, but a bit of a drama queen over the hot gravel Haha.
    I do like squirrels, mainly cause we don't have them.

  8. Great shot of the stupid, piggy squirrel - not even waiting for the nuts to ripen. I don't know what that weird bug is, but I have them too. I don't think they're harmful.


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