Thursday, July 23, 2009

Blooming Friday, and Things I Didn't Plant, Part 2

I'm starting with blooms, because I put the others here first, which makes them last.

I can't remember the name of this hibiscus, but it's supposed to be a smaller kind, and it came from a mix, so I didn't know what color I was going to get. I was pleased with the pink color. This is its second season here. It is loaded with buds, and the plant is taller and fuller. The first bloom of the season just opened this morning.

The pia hydrangea is still looking good, but wilts in the heat of the day.

I forgot the name of this annual rudbeckia, too, but may have it somewhere.

This Orange Perfection Phlox is just opening for the season, and still does not look orange to me.

The same lisianthus I showed when there was one bloom open:

I may have cropped some of these photos, but did no other editing of them. I don't remember if I cropped this sunflower. All the others had blue sky backgrounds, but this one's sky was washed out for some reason.

Now, we're to the second part of plants I didn't plant.

I am tickled that the cleomes scattered around the new bed are blooming at different sizes. Not all are getting huge, so I can leave them where they are unless they or what's near them need more space.

I planted impatiens with my small hostas behind our house last year. This year, now that the dog kennel is down, I moved them around and planted some larger hostas with them. The impatiens liked it so well there, they seeded themselves, and are doing quite well, as there are spaces for them still.

I guess I did plant this snapdragon last year, and even though it's an annual, it survived the winter. It's actually 2 plants, because they are taking turns blooming, and are different colors. That's what makes me think they aren't new plants from last year's seeds.

I don't recall planting black eyed Susans here at the entrance to my veggie garden, and I know I didn't plant the lemon balm, but I just cut it back because it was blooming, and I didn't want yet more lemon balm growing. They've been there a couple years. So far, I'm letting them stay there. The Susans are behaving themselves pretty well. I don't think lemon balm knows how to, but we'll see if I can keep after it.

This tiger lily has been next to my compost pile a number of years. I really don't remember planting it there. It comes up a little late in the season, and sneaks up on me, so that I forget to move it before it gets too big to move. These blooms opened a few days ago.

These Bells of Ireland came up from seeds that had been in my herb garden 2 years, because I moved all of them out of there last year. They didn't come up where I moved them to. I moved these next to where the morning glories grow.

I have had this fern in a pot for several years, but this year, it found its way out of the pot. I think, through holes in the bottom of the container. Larry wanted to let the one plant grow, but now there are two, and I keep forgetting to show him. The reason they were in the pot is because I don't like spready plants. I wonder if these will stay dug up.

This false sunflower came up in my veggie garden, so I moved it a year or two ago. It gets much taller than the original ones we planted, which were the first plants Larry was willing to have planted in the area they dug up to put in our egress window before we had flower beds yet. They get all wilty when it's hot, but this one doesn't as much.

We get holly hocks in all sorts of places.

There was something else I saw today, that I remembered I didn't plant, and there are some that haven't bloomed, so there just may be a part 3 down the road. Have a great weekend, and check out Katarina's blog, Roses and Stuff to see more Blooming Friday posts, or to see how to post yours.


  1. To have a Hibiscus in ones garden is something to dream about. Beautiful!

  2. I love the lisianthus – completey new to me. But what an amazing blue!

  3. enjoyed reading the post today...and hearing what has come back and how its doing. you've an amazing variety of beautiful plants...just amazing.
    have a great weekend sue.

  4. Love your flowers. I had Bells of Ireland reseed this year too. I'm going to try to dry some of them.

  5. Very nice flowers. If these are for sky watch, they are som eof the best I have seen today. Very nice shot for SkyWatch Friday.

    Pick a Peck of Pixels

  6. My Cleome never fails to return every year but that's about the only annual I can depend on 100%. The birds scatter sunflower seeds everywhere and I usually let them grow. I wish more of my annuals reseeded.

  7. I love your hibiscus!! Such a pretty color. Love the tiger liy too. I have always wanted to try Bells of Ireland. I think next year I will, especially if it reseeds. I love a volunteer!!

  8. There are plenty of spreading plants in my garden...the Susans most of all! Love your never reseeds here! Gail

  9. I just love that hibiscus! My Pia hasn't bloomed in two years, I think it gets one more year and then it may have to move on.
    I get really excited when I find good plants the found their way to my garden. I love the Cleome, I noticed the one that reseeded doesn't seem to get as big either. That tiger lily is really pretty!

  10. Beautiful flowers and so colorful too ! I enjoyed the beauty..Thanks for sharing..Unseen Rajasthan

  11. Love the Hibiscus -- it's beautiful!

  12. Your mix of flowers is so beautiful, and many different varieties. My favorite is the beautiful Hibiscus in a nice pink color. I have not seen it before. Have a good weekend. /Amanda

  13. Hibiscus in the garden most really be something!! At least for us up in north :) Enjoyed your pictures and colours as always.Lisianthus is a flower I will look "deeper" into.

  14. Hi, Sue. I was here, and looked at every pretty flower all the way back to July 15. You sure have been busy across the street. thanks for mentioning me about the Tithonia. Mine still haven't bloomed, even the one as tall as me. They got a late start.

  15. How nice to find plants popping up where you wouldn't expect them to grow. Sometimes seeds have a will of their own!


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