Friday, June 26, 2009

It's Blooming Friday (Part 1)

Someone on the Cottage Garden Forum posted a photo of what I think is Queen Anne's Lace, so I'm posting a photo of my plant, (the tall one with white flowers that I picked and hung to dry, while more are getting ready to open) and one of the flowers for her to compare hers to. While I'm at it, I put some of the 30 some photos I wanted to post. I'll put the rest in collages when I get a chance. Last week was the first time I participated in Blooming Friday, hosted by Roses and Stuff. I called it Friday's Blooms, and Katarina was gracious and did not correct me.

We are picking up our grandson from childcare, and he is spending the night, so I am not going to label all of the photos, but if you want to know what something is, ask.

Kim's Knee High coneflower, which is up to the middle of my thigh, and I am 5 foot 7 inches:

White Swan coneflower, which is not white anymore, and paprika yarrow:

Wood Betony:

Stoke's Aster:

This is a red yarrow, not the paprika:

I had to include a photo of my new daylily, Wally looking so grand:

I've never grown drumstick alliums before. These aren't the color I thought they'd be, but I like them.


  1. Beautiful blooms for this lovely Friday! I planted a betony just last month and hope mine will bloom as gorgeous as yours is right now. Love the red yarrow, does it fade to pink as the blooms age? My pink yarrow fades to white as the blooms grow old. I rather like that too!

  2. Wow beautiful flowers today! I love the red yarrow! I have never seen red like that before! Just awesome. The paprika yarrow flower is so unique and pretty! Love all the blooms today!

  3. Sue~~ Honeybees LOVE the allium. Love the day lily and yarrow, a nice cherry red. The Queen Anne's Lace looks really nice. I had to chuckle. It grows EVERYWHERE here in Oregon. Funny how familiarity breeds contempt. You never see it in gardens here but it really is a lovely plant.

  4. Your cineflowers are so bautiful. I have to wait at least until next year until I´ll see mine in bloom.

  5. So many lovely plants in your garden! Your new Day lily is stunning!


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