Thursday, June 11, 2009

SkyWatch Friday, Community Crops Market

I am off work for the summer, and realized early this afternoon, that it's time to post for SkyWatch Friday.  I went out and took lots of photos, like I always do, and didn't find any I wanted to post.   I remembered I was planning on going to a near by park for a Farmers' Market, put on by Community Crops, a group that coordinates community gardens.   I don't go to this one as often as the downtown one on Saturdays.  It's smaller, but I found a few things I don't grow.  The skies were lovely, and I went around snapping pics, listening to the band of teenagers from a rec center who call themselves "School of Rock", as in the movie.

Not all the vendors were from Community Crops.  Those in the next 3 are not.  This isn't a great photo, but I wanted to include the table of plants, where I bought an eggplant and some annual asters, because they needed a home.  The vendor must have planted them herself, because they are in a container that does not have individual cells. 

Pretty sky!

This woman has been a farmer/gardener/business woman for years.  I was a regular customer, and worked for her one summer, over 3o years ago, in an open air fruit/vegetable market she and her husband used to have.  They also sold the sweet corn they were famous for growing, and still do.

The woman on the left is the director of Community Crops.


  1. Farmer's markets are always nicw and this one has the bonus of a very interesting sky. Nice shots.

  2. That last photo is very dramatic!

  3. I wish we had a large farmers market like this close by our house. We'd have to drive a bit to get to one. Sky pics are awesome! It must have been a quite a sight in person! -Jackie

  4. Excellent series of photos Sue, thank for sharing.

    Have a great weekend
    Regina In Pictures

  5. Some nice Skies here!!!

    Well done

  6. Great photos and what a wonderful way to get plants.

  7. You just reminded me.I am going to call my friend right now so we can go to our little market tomorrow morning.It is called the Boeremark Boere is Farmers in Afrikaans and mark is market.All the farmers meet up and sell their fresh stuff.Thank you.This is a good idea

  8. Well it looks like a great Farmers Market and let's hope the rains held off. MB

  9. Hi Sue! We have something similar to Community Corp for local farmers....our Farmers' Markets. They set up shop once a week at churches around town. Love the story and the sky shots! Have a good weekend. Won't Sunday evening feel different, knowing you have Monday off! gail

  10. I love farmers markets. I keep forgetting to go to the one near us on Fridays, you can always find something good to buy at one.

  11. Dear Sue,
    My husband and I belong to a CSA.
    Our farmer/partner brings us a box of groceries every week. I cannot grow enough in my backyard to feed us and so this works out great for Bettie the farmer and for me!
    I love Farmer Markets too!


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