Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happy June GBBD!

Carol, at May Dreams Garden hosts this monthly report of what we have blooming in our gardens. Check out her blog to see other blooms, or to add a link to your blog to show what you have blooming.

The first set of photos is from the front and side yards.

My current favorite flower is Clematis 'Purpurea Plena Elegans':

This delphium is probably my second favorite right now, but it needs a 3rd string around it, as it is getting floppy:

I have an assortment of coral bells that I've misplaced the tags for:


Some kind of narrow leaf coneflower, another favorite of mine right now, with daisies, snapdragons, blanket flower, and foxgloves also blooming:

Orange hawkweed, one of the few potentially invasive plants I grow, but keep in its boundaries, and deadhead its dandelion like flowers:

White Swan Coneflower that turned back to pinkish purple:

Octopus bellflower, second season, looking to be spready:

Pink primrose:

Red Hot Poker:

Annual sweet peas I'm growing for the first time:

A red salvia:

Some kind of bellflower, (I think) I moved from a bed where it was not getting enough light:

Kim's Knee High coneflower, petals not coming out, I hope it's OK:

Globe Knapweed, also called perennial bachelor button, which will have "yellow fluff" come out of the top shortly:

Nigella, seeded from last year's plants:

The next 2 are passalong spiderworts I don't know the names of. I have a 3rd one, but its blooms were not open when I took these:

Most of the perennial geraniums are blooming:

German statice with Spooky dianthus:

Since a lot of you fell in love with Prairie Smoke geum, I thought I'd include this, which has been there 3 or 4 years, and is finished blooming a smoking. I'm trying to remember if I went ahead and took the dried stuff off in the past. I think that's Johnson's Blue geranium next to it:

A smaller type of false sunflower:

A salvia of some kind:

This false sunflower grew from seeds of another. I moved it from the veggie garden last year, and it loves its new area. It gets taller than the other ones, and full of blooms:

The amsonias are finished blooming, except for this one that is holding on to some:


Dwarf Coreopsis, Nana:

Now, to the back yard:

Our first morning glory bloom of the season, one of the few I am not pulling out, as way more come up than there is room for:

This tub of pansies got a bit dry early spring, and almost died. I moved them to where they get afternoon shade, and they are doing well. I love the combination, but they are hard to get good photos of. They love the cool temps we've had lately:

Hosta, astilbi?:

These pansies reseeded or overwintered in the pot they are in:

I love clematis:

I grew a few strawflowers from seeds this year, and have 2 blooms so far:


This is a native or wild type of coreopsis I have grown before, and a seed must have wanted to germinate in a clump of thyme. I let it be when I realized what it was:

Some blooms from the veggie garden:


I've been picking peas, and more blooms are coming on:

Perennial sweet pea:

I let more bachelor buttons grow in the veggie garden than usual, and was pleased to see several colors:

The larkspur come up each year, and like the bachelor buttons, the plants don't make it all summer, but their offspring find their way each spring. The big leaves belong to hollyhocks, which will be blooming soon:

The next blooms are from the front of the garden:

Swamp milkweed:

White Veronica:

This one got pulled, but as a girl walking to school, I remember enjoying the bindweed growing up someone's fence, thinking it a very pretty flower:

Just when I thought the gas plant was not making it, it surprised me, and then grew quickly into this lovely flower:

The next few are from my garden across the street.

American Indian Orange Marigolds are growing with Inca II yellow African marigolds, which I didn't get a good photo of:

This bloom is from one of the bush tomato plants I started inside from seed:

Bell pepper, I think Lilac:

The next 2 potato bloom photos show that the 2 kinds of potatoes I am growing, one, Yukon Gold, have different colored flowers:

I just looked up images, and found out this one is the Yukon Gold:

I did not include all the flowers in bloom, but most of those not pictured here have already been posted this year. I may do a separate post on my pots. The 2 lilies I got for 75% off, and planted after they bloomed last year are full of buds. They are reminding me of asters, which I feel tease awhile with their buds before they finally open.


  1. awww I LOVE FLOWERS!!!

    Really :) nice blog!


    Ely Cervantes

  2. Hi Sue~~ I LOVE Clematis PPE. One of my favorites too. I've got my Campanula 'Octopus' in a container. It is indeed a spreader. The "Salvia of some kind" looks like it could be S. viticella 'Purple Rain.' It's very happy in my garden. Love the pink Asclepias with the background of maroon foliage. Mine is still tightly budded.

    Your bragging rights are well deserved.

  3. Sue, I'm so, SO envious of your garden right now. Here I'm hiding away from the blazing hot sun and all my poor plants are gasping to stay awhile. None of them are even dreaming of flowering right now :(

  4. Thanks for the comments. I just got up with an old injury hurting, I assume because I didn't use good form when I did a lot of hoeing the other day. I'm going to ice it, but I just had to check to see if I had any comments yet.

    I'm glad you like my blog, Ely.

    Grace,purple rain sounds familiar. I bet that's what it is. I didn't even remember planting it, and didn't know what it was until it started to bloom. The maroon foliage is a chocolate Joe Pye weed.

    Sunita, I'm sorry I haven't made it to your blog lately. I'll have to get there in the morning. I hope your plants survive the heat. I imagine your summers are as hard on some plants as our winters.

  5. Hi Sue, you've got amazing blooms. It's so wonderful to see plants I may never grow--like the clematis. Really beautiful, a pleasure going through your post. I've posted one which looks like the false sunflower. I don't know what it's called so I couldn't include the exact name.

    Even the blooms from your veggie garden are lovely! That pink!!! Happy GBBD!

  6. Sue, I can only dream of having this many blooms at one time. Never thought about vegetable blooms being so pretty...yours are gorgeous. Isn't the Joe Pye weed a magnet for Monarch butterflies? After seeing all that you care for in the garden, I'm not surprised you're hurting this morning. Take care.

  7. Beautiful Blooms Sue! and so many too! Happy GBBD!

  8. Hear that sizzling sound? That's my keyboard getting fried from all the drool. Your garden is full of blooms, and the Clematises look fantastic. I'm also drooling over your Sweet Peas. Just lovely.
    Yes, that thing next to the Hosta is an Astilbe. I think somebody needs to set up a database with lots of photos of Heucheras so everybody can ID what they have.

  9. I love the Octopus Bellflower. You have so much going on right now! Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures.

  10. You have some unusual varieties of plants like the narrow leaved coneflower and octopus bellflower. First time I'd ever heard of these.

    I keep meaning to plant the annual sweet peas to use for cutting. They smell so good.

    Loved the previous post. I wonder if your neighbors are feeding the squirrels and making them tame.

  11. You have a lot of things blooming! That narrow leaved coneflower is really pretty, and your clematis is/are? fantastic.

  12. It's blooming heaven in your garden Sue. Such beauty...too many of my favorites to list them all, but I do want to say that I love the flowers of your vegetables...they are so often over looked! The nightshade family has beautiful blooms, just look at the potatoes! Have a good day...I'm sure i will run into at another blog or two! gail

  13. WOW! There's so much going on in your garden! I understand why you love clematis as you've got some glorious plants.

    I don't know what became of the strawflower seeds that I direct sowed. Perhaps the birds made off with them. My bachelor's buttons are in several colors and I just love them.


  14. Oh my Sue! Your garden is going crazy with flowers! Love everything. This is the same heuchera I've seen on three blogs now that is tagless. It sure is a pretty one!

  15. well i sure missed my walk in this beautiful garden.....but am here now and i saw some of these flowers for the first time like the yarrow and primrose.we have sweet peas of course at home. lovely Sue.

  16. Wow Sue- you sure have a lot blooming right now! I need to get out to the garden after work today- I totally forgot about bloom day!

  17. That first Clematis photo is yummy! What a striking color & shape. No wonder it's your favorite bloom at the moment. You have some gorgeous colors in your garden right now Sue, tons of blooms! :)

  18. Lots of blooms there. Happy Bloom day.

    We're about to mow the meadow, which has passed its prime, but it was an experiment that turned out well.

    Take care of your joints, shorter hoeing sessions and rest between. I'm trying to teach the dog to dig in the RIGHT places, she could be lots of help.

  19. I'm so jealous of your delphiniums-the slugs always get to mine before they get a chance to grow.

    That false sunflower is really cute!

    I've never heard of a gas plant, but those flowers are gorgeous.

  20. Oh my goodness your whole yard is in bloom!
    I love the sugar snap peas...I also am picking for stir fries.
    All is very pretty!

  21. You have some wonderful plants blooming right now, but my favorites are the clematis. They are gorgeous.

    Always Growing

  22. Wowee! It looks Great over there! And I definitely believe your heuchera is also 'Prince of Silver.' It's exactly what I have (and what seems to be thriving in VW Garden!). So, go ahead. Make a tag. I'm going to! :-)

  23. You've got a lot going on right now. Hope you're able to keep up with it all. I have a photo of an orange hawkweed in my bloom day photos as well. I've been seeing quite a few unusual looking clematis in many other bloggers pictures. Your first photo is stunning!

  24. The photo with all the clematis blooms really knocked my socks off! I planted 7 baby clematis this year in white, light periwinkle and deep blue-violet. They're each putting out a bloom or two and I'm so excited, just love those plants.

  25. So much to enjoy in your garden at the moment, Sue. Your clematis is especially exuberant. And your photo of the orange hawkweed reminds me that I've been meaning to find a corner for this. There's something so intensely sunny about it.


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