Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Vines in Bloom Today

I was thinking about doing 2 posts today, because I am excited about my clematis and honeysuckle vines blooming. When the other collages didn't turn out well, I went for it. The collages show the vines and close ups from them. The honeysuckle was given to me by the neighbor lady who lived 2 houses away when we first moved in.

If any of you know the names of my clematises, please let me know. These are in the front of the house.

Purpurea Plena Elegans is the one in the 3rd and 4th photos. The one in the last 2 photos is Beauty of Worcester. (The first 2 show the one on the fence by the veggie garden. The others are in the front.)

(Added Wednesday morning: I just came across an old tag that said, "Beauty of Worchester". I'm thinking it's from the one by the garden, which means the blue ones in the above collage are the same as each other. Well, neither look like the flower on the tag, but I like them!)

These are the first clematises I started growing, and are in the back yard on our deck. The first and last are from the same plant. The rest show 2 vines that are growing together because I didn't catch them when smaller to tie them to the supports. I kind of like what they've done. The purple one may be Jackmanii.

There are some other vines, including some clematis that aren't blooming yet. It's now fun waiting for them, as there are so many other flowers blooming!

Happy Gardening!

(These photos are clear when enlarged. I think I've asked this before, but can't remember how it was answered, but if you know how to get the collages or even other photos clear, let me know.)


  1. Sue, I can't help with identifying your clematis because I've never grown one. Well, there was that one time back in the "olden days" before I knew you shouldn't plant them in deep shade. I enjoyed seeing your clematic blooms.

  2. Blurry or not, they are gorgeous flowers!

  3. We have *lots and lots* of Japanese Honeysuckle here. Thug that it is, it's still my favorite fragrance. There's nothing else like it! I bet your cold keeps it reigned in.

    Your Clematis is lovely!

  4. Sue,

    I love your collages...great job

  5. Those collages are wonderful, Sue. Especially the third one is just great!


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