Saturday, October 24, 2009

This Week's Critters

I can't remember who told me the bees would come back out when the temp was warmer. I'm not remembering the temp they said now, either, but we had a day this week that got up to the lower 70s, and others in the 60s, and I am pleased that I have seen bees.

This garter snake was on the fence by the herb garden. The hose is from the rain barrel, and I had the water going into a watering can, which I was letting overflow into the garden. The snake did not leave after I took photos and walked away, like they usually do. I was able to get photos from the garage side as well as the herb garden side. I wonder if it was drinking water out of the can.

I'm not sure what this insect on the garden side of the garage is, some kind of beetle, I think.

I'm thinking this spider and its prey were in a flower bed in the side yard.

This beetle was having a feast on the gazania bloom.

I have seen robins, blue jays, and a number of other birds this week, and the squirrels are still running about. There has been a rabbit in the back yard several days this week. I am sad that a clematis I had planted this summer was cut off at the base, just as it was about to bloom some time this past week. I'm thinking it was either the rabbit going under the deck, or Heidi trying to get to it. The birds have been flying around in large groups. There were some large dark colored birds making lots of noise in one of the neighbor's trees this afternoon. It rained about 3 inches the last few days, so the sun felt good today.

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  1. What a wonderful collection of critters in your garden! Nice to see such a variety.

  2. Beautiful bees....your bumbles are a delight....

    I love the cool to have a snake in your garden.

    Shame about the should come back though.
    I always net mine at the base so the rabbits cannot get to them....may look a little untidy but at least you get the lovely blooms.......

  3. You do have lots of critters in your yard. The snake is kind of cool.

  4. Sue,
    That beetle looked like a stink bug of some sort. We get those in massive amounts! Not sure if they are the same or not. I will post a photo on my blog sometime.
    I like that snake! I love snakes, not so much spiders,though.
    Good shots of the bees.I am surprised they are still around after your snow.

  5. The bees are so cute but I'm afraid of that snake!wow what a post!
    Great job!
    Happy camera critters
    purrs and love

  6. Hi Sue~~ I love your critters. It's not easy to get photos of the elusive garter snake. You should tag this for a Google search image. It could help those searching for info. [Unsolicited advice, sorry.] Love your blue sky and black birds! The clematis, how frustrating! I think as long as the roots are okay, it will come back. Linda Beutler author of a book on clematis actually advocates cutting newly planted clematis back. She claims this will give them a better start. And with, like, a hundred or so clematis in her garden, she seems to know her stuff. Hopefully the mysterious critter will catch frustrated vibes off you and not be foolish enough to try that again.

  7. cool pictures great upclose shots gave me the eebee jeebees on a few of them

  8. Great shot of the Garter snake, especially the second picture!

  9. Early in the morning I find the bees just resting on my plants in a sort of daze. When the temp warms up they start becoming active quickly. :)

  10. lots of activity 100 degrees here today

  11. Very nice collection of interesting little critters in your yard. I do find garter snakes really cool, for some reason. I thought I'd be afraid of them the first time I saw one, but thankfully I'm not.

    I saw a few bees this summer, which was nice. Great for the garden!

  12. I haven't seen a garter snake for forever. We've been seeing lots of birds here lately too. We finally have a day of no rain, although it's still a bit gray and cool.

  13. Was that snake smiling? Great photos today. That blue sky looks s o pretty against your yellow background. Are those crows? It's almost time for flocks of starlings to come south.

  14. what a great collection of critters you have there.

  15. I can't believe you still have snakes slithering about. I love the little green polka dot fellow. Of course he's not eating my flowers either. hehe

  16. I'm still seeing bumble and honey bees around, too! I could do w/o the snake! Have a great Sunday ;)

  17. Hi Sue- Love your critters. They bees were certainly busy with the warm up here too. And I cannot believe it but I swept up a garter snake this week while sweeping the leaves.Like to scared me silly for a second ;-)
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  18. So much wildlife! I'm impressed. We're having a warm stretch too but not past the 60s. Fun post!

  19. Hi sue

    How is the weather holding out?

    Once again I was visiting your blog. I'm starting a new bed this year---I love your front bed--how did you go about placing your plants--it has a beautiful flow.

    Sue in Mississippi


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