Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's Blooming Friday!

Katarina, from Roses and Stuff has posted a lovely collage of her blooms in Sweden, where it is now Friday. She has had snow already, too. I am pleased to have quite a few blooms, which means I did not get all of them in today's post. The sweet peas and asters come to mind.

(Added later in the day: When I thought I was looking at Katarina's Blooming Friday post, she hadn't posted it yet, so there was no theme mentioned. Later, I saw other posts, where it was stated that her them is, "A Pleasant Surprise." Well, I can tie my post into that by the fact that I was pleasantly surprised by what all survived the snow and some lows in the 20s earlier this month.)

I've mentioned that I have kept the statice and other flowers that I usually dry in the garden to enjoy this year. The 'Debonair' mum is still blooming to the left of several colors of statice.

The annual black eyed Susan and verbena (I think) are still blooming in the newest part of the curb bed.

This is a red yarrow in the older part of the curb bed. I don't know if I've shown it. The goldenrod and Jupiter's beard tended to grow over it this year. I usually dry it, too.

Jupiter's beard blooms most of the season, because I deadhead it.

I'm enjoying the different colored gazanias that are still blooming.

I can't remember which blogger, but it may have been Tina, who told me this rose is 'Iceberg'. I got it unlabeled on the sale table at a garden center. It still has a few buds and a bloom. I love it! (I didn't know what to expect, so this was a very pleasant surprise for me to see the snow didn't stop this from continuing to bloom.)

I think the sweet alysums have been the longest and most continuous bloomers this year.

The knautias are blooming again, and here is another annual black eyed Susan.

The pansies lived through the summer, and are now happy for the cooler weather.

This is the miniature rose I got for Larry this spring. It's not real photogenic, but it's pretty in person. I hope the weather holds out for the buds to open.

I had partially deadheaded this rudbeckia, because it was falling over, but left some for the birds. Larry came along and cut most of the rest of them off before I saw and asked him what he was doing. Well, now there is one more bloom on the plant. (See how my post fits in with the them? This was a pleasant surprise!)

These pansies or violas had survived either survived last winter in this pot, or were volunteers. I hope they come back next year. Look, I think those are larkspurs coming up in the pot.

All of the previous photos were taken yesterday, the 28th. I realized I didn't have any of the delphiniums, and the photos I went out to take in the rain didn't turn out so good, so I'm using these from October 25th. I am so pleased that this made it over the winter, which doesn't always happen in my yard, and is having another flush of blooms. (This was another very pleasant surprise. Nice theme, Katarina!)

It's been raining all day. It will be good for the plants to go into winter with some moisture. I just hope I can get out and get more clean up of dead annuals and vegetables across the street before it gets too cold.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Really like the color of the gazania and the delphinium. Good luck with the chores.

  2. Can't have too much alyssum! It's almost time here to get flats of violas. The hardest part is deciding which colors.

  3. Wonderful Sue, how lovely to see all your flowers. Winter is approaching fast but it is good that we can still find some treasures in the garden. Have a great weekend/ Tyra

  4. Hi Sue~~ Larry's mini red rose is my favorite with the yarrow coming up a close second. But all your blooms are a welcome sight. Your recovery from the injury must be coming along nicely. Now if the weather will cooperate. LOL

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog- I am really enjoying yours :)

    Your selection of flowers are lovely. I like the color choices you have made and your mum is outstanding.

  6. this is should link this into my Fertilizer Friday...when I get it up!

  7. Hi there Sue, its great to see all the different stages of plants in your garden at the moment. Nice to see lots of blooms too. Fav pic though has to be the second one. I love the leaves making a blanket around the flowers :-D

    Wishing you a good weekend :-D

  8. I thought the rose was very nice, actually. You have some nice stuff still a bloomin'. Have happy H'ween.

  9. Hey, how do you have so many blooms after you've already had snow? I have one little clump of autumn crocus blooming, and that's it. 16 degrees in mid-October toasted everything else, including the delphs (yours are looking lovely). And we had a bit of snow today, though it didn't stick. I'm actually grateful for the break from gardening. I have inside projects that I need to catch up on!

  10. Amazing isn't it, Sue! You still have many tough cookies holdin' on!

  11. You still have quite a bit in bloom there. That Jupiter's Beard is probably the longest blooming flower I got. That does look like Iceberg, mine is starting to get pink spots on the petals like it does at the end of the season every year.
    I really like your new header picture with Heidi looking like she's discovered something interesting.

  12. Lots of pleasant surprises in your garden! I love the combination of pretty blooms and dried up leaves - it sure is autumn!
    Happy Blooming Friday!

  13. lovely range of color too. I love iceberg..sandy

  14. So many lovely flowers you still have.. =).. Have a nice weekend.. Moa

  15. hi Sue,
    I have awarded you the Scrap Blog award on my blog. I would love to have you participate, because I enjoy your blog very much. It would be great to learn more about you. If you don't want to, I understand.

  16. I can see in your garden with all the dry leaves, it is getting autumn. There are still many pretties in bloom. The iceberg rose is a wonderful, easy rose and not prone to diseases. They propagate easily from cuttings which I make over winter.

  17. You have a good selection of flowers for this time of year. It's always good to see Violas and Pansies. They are so cheerful.

  18. Love the red yarrow. Seems you have something for everyone to enjoy!

  19. Heidi looks like she was very busy ferreting out your blooms. Your garden looks very autumnal with the fallen leaves, but you have a surprising number of blooms. I loved the Red Yarrow, and the Blue Delphiniums are stunning.

  20. Thanks for your comment on my blog.Sunt very happy that I visit and they can have access to your beautiful garden has more garden.My up to look like yours. Until then give you cramps Romanian Autumn

  21. it seems that you have a lot of pleasant surprises this weekend:)...
    i hope your gazania fully blooms before frost settles in... but i'm sure your pansies will have a great time now that the temperature is a lot cooler:)....

    good luck with the garden cleaning and enjoy your weekend:)


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