Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Big Thanks to Larry, Weather Changes, Fall Blooms

Thanks to all the wishes for my leg to heal. I went out this afternoon to take a few photos for Blooming Friday, but while I was out, I got to thinking that I should be taking lots of photos, because we are expecting a killing freeze this weekend. We've had one morning with frost, but it was light enough that it didn't harm much.

When I came in to rest my leg, I read Grace's post where she said she'd been taking a lot of photos because of changes in the weather. While I was doing that, Larry asked if I was ready to come out and pick whatever vegetables we have in the garden. He went out, and started without me, and I went out and picked a few things across the street. I took some more photos, and Larry ended up picking everything else. We need to get the potatoes across the street dug up yet.

Larry even went on the neighbors' side of the fence and pulled some weeds. Wasn't that sweet? We need to get the lettuce picked, too.

When we were about to go in, I noticed the garlic chives had gone to seed, and said we need to get them cut back. He got some scissors, and cut the 3 plants in pots back so that we won't have any coming up in the ground.

To be sure we don't get new plants, which spread and don't stay pulled where unwanted, we throw the seed heads away.

Maybe tomorrow we can wrap the tomatoes in newspaper or look up another way to store them. I'd like to cut the green peppers up to put in the freezer. I need to find out if I can dry the Kung Pao and other little hot peppers. Some of them were already shriveled before they were picked.

Here's a photo of some of the onions that were already harvested. Some are in the freezer, and some are in the basement.

Katarina, of Roses and Stuff wanted to know what some of our favorite fall flowers are. It's always hard for me to pick out favorites, but 'Fireworks' goldenrod is one of my favorite perennials. The asters next to this one are the ones planted by the birds, and they get diseased every year, even though I cut them back in the summer.

Closer views of the above plants, using my super macro:

The 'Wichita Mountains' goldenrods are still blooming.

This is the first year for me to grow 'Autumn Joy' sedum, and I sure am excited to see the new sedums I planted in the front when they grow larger.

I think this 'Harvest of Memories' repeat blooming iris is now one of my favorite fall flowers.

Debonair mums are sure pretty.

I want to move most of the 'September Charm' anemone away from the plants around it so that it won't be crowded. I may try to divide it, too. It is my second year for it, and I really like it.

Have a great weekend, and I hope your gardens are holding up to the elements well.


  1. That's nice of him to lend a hand.
    Hope you are feeling better.
    The harvest looks good. Lucky you! Hope you find a way to store them for a while.
    Debonair mums are awesome.

    Take care!

  2. That's the quite the harvest you've gotten! I'm glad Larry was able to help you out. It's never a good time to be dealing with an injury, but this time of year is busy and it must make it really frustrating.
    I just love the goldenrod, that with the asters is so pretty!

  3. Debonair, what a beautfiul little flower. And what a wounderful harvest-day! Have a nice week end!

  4. Sue, I have read about Garlic Chives, but have never tried them.

    I have regular chives of course. I have limited space, but am always willing to find room for something new and exciting.

    Are they something that would be worth adding to our garden?

  5. Of course here in Fl my gardens do real well in fall though last winter I lost some beauties in frost even covered..You prove again to me that plants look good in all stages..

  6. All of this talk of frost is stressing me out!! We are far from a frost, but still it's on my mind. What a bountiful harvest...I think you can dry just about any hot pepper! You still have lovely color in your gardens...Larry is a big help...continue healing!

  7. Sue ~ What a great post! I do hope your leg heals soon. How wonderful of Larry to pick your harvest and what a bounty you had. Love your fall bloomers.

    I love your goldenrod, and am on the lookout for a variety that will do well down here.

    I bet it's kind of hard seeing your gardens heading off to their long winter sleep. But, you get to plan next years flowers, herbs, veggies and what you want to do. Enjoy the break.


  8. Very sweet of Larry to weed too! Great harvest and I love that Wichita Mountain goldenrod.

  9. What a sweet helper you have,Sue!
    My guy is more a fix the house, fix the car and leave the plants to me. Whenever I bring a zucchini inside or some chard, he will say with surprise."Did you GROW that"
    Like I just found it in the yard.
    Your mums and Anemone are fantastic.
    (so are the rest.) I must search out a re-blooming Iris. It's pretty yellow.


  10. A beautiful harvest. That's great that Larry is helping you out while you're on the mend. I love the Debonair mum (I love pink mums), the lovely pink anemone and of course the iris!

  11. An impressiv harvest. And still so much blooming in your garden :)

  12. A wonderful harvest!
    I think the herbs are my favorite. I cut many this morning.
    Your gardens look so pretty.
    Hope you are healing just fine. Do rest when you are able.
    We also are to have a hard freeze this weekend. End of the season....

  13. In my corner of Ohio am still getting grren peppers that is about all. Tomatoes have all been picked . Got the pears off the tree earlier in the week and the apples. Winter is on its way


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