Tuesday, October 20, 2009

October's Veggie Gardens Updates

Tina and Skeeter, from In the Garden, do veggie garden updates the 20th of the month, and put links in their sidebar to other bloggers also doing updates. The season is about over, but there are still a few things going on. I was able to pull out the tomato and pepper plants at my home garden a few days ago, but haven't made it across the street yet. I have next week off, so hopefully my knee and ankle will be healed enough to get lots done. The temps are supposed to be in the 50s and 60s.

The first 3 photos were taken Saturday. Grandson thought it was cool digging in the dirt, and at first, didn't want to give up the trowel to get the sweet potatoes harvested, but once he figured out what we were doing, he got into it. I also harvested the ornamental sweet potatoes, but plan to do a separate post on them after I cook and eat them.

Last year's sweet potatoes weren't so skinny. I think next year, I'll go back to not planting flowers in with them.

Here is a long view from the east end of the garden.

This is about halfway in. The flowers in the sun are Verbena bonariensis, a favorite
hangout of butterflies and bees.

The day before the snow, I harvested a lot of the lettuce. I'm glad I left most of the roots in the ground. They are growing again.

This is the kale I planted this year.

Looking back to the east:

In our dash to pick the last of the veggies before the freeze, we didn't get the grape tomatoes picked. I was disappointed, because they were loaded. I had picked some of them up before taking this photo.

Back to the east end of the garden, here are some closer looks at the Nero Toscana kale. I have been including both kinds of kale in soups this fall.

While cleaning up the garden, I laid some marigold seed heads down in a row. Today, when I did more picking up, I had fun pulling spent flowers off a plant and throwing them all around the garden. It will be fun to see where they come up.

It's looking pretty sad across the street.

The zinnias and Mexican sunflowers that were teaming with bees and monarchs a few weeks ago, are now ready to be pulled out.

These tomatoes that I started inside were so small when I planted them, I didn't know if they would grow. They did very well and would have continued ripening all the lovely tomatoes that we had to pick green to avoid freezing.

I have kale and lettuce here, too. I forgot to take a photo of the area behind the butterfly shelter, where I planted strawberries this summer. The 2 kinds of parsley and fennel planted for the butterflies are to the left of the chair, still green.

The bushes I planted near the back fence seem to be doing fine.

Soon, there will be lots of bare dirt, and I will be excited to make plans for crop rotation. There is a good chance the kales will still be producing next month. Most of the perennial herbs are doing fine, too. How is your vegetable garden doing this month?


  1. For several years, at the end of the season, instead of rushing to pick my cherry tomatoes, I just let them all "go to nature". After the snow got 5-6 " deep, but before the ground froze, I would pull out the vines. Then in the spring I turned everything under. I had volunteer tomatoes for quite a few years in a row.

    I can tell by looking at your garden, that you put much more work into planning and layout than I do, but if the grape tomatoes are still there, I'd just let em sit and next spring you will have more tomato plants than you, and Heidi can shake a stick at.

  2. Your garden is good and shows the hard work and time spent on it. I love the look of the sweet potatoes and I think u should grow more of it next spring.

    Enjoyed your garden in its full and also the end fag when it dried down.

    Whenever time permits, visit my blogsite


  3. Hi Sue ! Great pictures to illustrate how much work you put into your veggie patch !
    Can you come over and make one for me too please ? LOL
    You have had so much come out of the garden it is amazing ! Those sweet potatoes look great to me : ) We love them and they are so nutritous .. kale too ..
    I think you did a wonderful job with this all : )

  4. I love that you se the bare garden that way as a new plan- little guy getting bigger- a true farmer he is

  5. A little boy digging in the dirt...I luv it and he's sooooo cute. Sue, you have such big gardens and I wonder how you do it all, especially now with a sore ankle and kneee. I enjoy how you give us wide shots of your garden. Makes me feel like I'm right there with you.

  6. It looks really cold there and I know you've had a freeze but still a lot of green with the lettuce (well okay red) and the kale. Just lovely. I added a link to you in. I hope your knee will heal soon now that gardening is winding down you should relax more.

  7. You have a lot going on even with the freeze you had. My veggie garden............stinks!

  8. Susie,
    Great sweet potato harvest and your kale is huge! I love kale soup with potatoes. Yum.
    It looks like you have a great little helper, there. :)

  9. I had to laugh...we have tomatoes just laying on the ground like you do.
    Love sweet potatoes...looks like there's plenty of them.
    We have kale also which my husband keeps making me eat...a little bitter for my taste.
    The little one seems to be a good garden helper. Lucky you !

  10. hi sue,
    those sweet potatoes looks real yummy. we make a lot of sweet dishes with it.
    do come over to my blog and check out the flowers.

  11. The kale looks so pretty, I'd hate to pick it. The sweet potatoes sound really good. I just tried baked sweet potato fries recently and they were great. I'll be interested to see how you cook yours.
    Hope your knee is getting better!

  12. Wow, what a harvest you've had, and the kale looks fantastic!
    How nice to have such a good little helper!
    I have broccoli, cabbage, and leeks growing, and just planted more elephant garlic and onions sets.
    I'm happy to take a break from watering and harvesting, and get back into planning and perhaps even a little blogging again!

  13. I generally like fall, but some aspects, like the dead plants after a frost, do make me sad. My kale lasts all winter, but I plant the ornamental variety;) Sue, your sweet grandbaby always makes me smile. gail

  14. I do not have a vegetable garden, somehow I really admire those beautiful tomatoes. Wished I could have them.

  15. I am always sad at the end of a vegetable garden year. But the empty garden gives you inspiration to plan for next year.

    Cute little grandson.

  16. It's good to see the two of you gardening together. You, by the way my dear look lovely! You have done a marvelous job with your garden this year, vegies and flowers alike. Thank you for showing us/me how it looks along the way. Oh, and I hope your leg/ankle is doing much better these days.

  17. Sue, it shows how much you've been working on your garden. Good luck for more!

  18. Looking good, Sue! Glad to hear your lettuce is growing. Some plants in my garden have recovered from 16 degrees and are putting on new growth - the columbines and delphiniums that love the cold.
    I scattered probably way too many salvia farinacea seeds all over my garden after you mentioned yours reseeding. If they all come up, I'll have some serious thinning to do. But thanks for the idea.


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