Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Second October GBBD, Pics Taken in the Rain Again

Like I've said before, when I started blogging a year ago, it did not take me long to come across bloom day posts, and to find the source of this monthly event, Carol, of May Dreams Gardens. For last year's post, I had many more flowers to choose from, as we had not experienced a killing freeze, like we have this year. I have already shown some of the survivors of the freeze. Like last year, these photos were taken in a light rain. These are from Monday, after work.

Sweet Autumn Clematis:

Aster of some kind:

Wichita Mountains Goldenrod:

This isn't the best photo, but I am so tickled that there is a larkspur that survived the summer.

The volunteer phlox are still blooming.

Autumn Joy Sedum:


Chocolate Joe Pye Weed:

Pincushion Flower:

Anise Hyssop:


Bell-ringer Campenula:

Herbstonne Rudbeckia:

Rose in a pot:

The Queen Anne's Lace has bloomed all summer, and has lots of seedheads on it.

I love Debonair Chrysanthemums so much, I am including them in the post, even though I've shown them several times already.

Now that the dahlias died in the freeze, the September Charm Anemone has more room to grow. I hope to divide it in the spring and give it more room.


The Asters the birds planted:

Sweet Alyssum:



Blanket Flower:


I can't believe the delphinium is budding again, and that the buds survived the snow and cold!

I can't think of the name of the next 2 flowers, that I planted between some pasque flowers, but I like the bits of color in with all the green. (I had the name in my brain earlier today, so maybe it will come back.) Added 10/15: I remembered they are toadflaxes, and when I looked it up to be sure, found out they are related to what I knew as butter and eggs, which are yellow toadflax. They are quite invasive, and when I found out, I transplanted them to one of my washtubs, because I loved the blooms. This was their 3rd summer, and I didn't keep the violets out of them, and so they didn't do as well this year. I was going to do a post on them when they reached peak bloom, but they didn't peak like usual. I'm going to have to keep an eye on these new ones of different colors, to make sure they don't start spreading too far. Also, they reseed, so I'll have to see about deadheading them when they finish blooming.

Rose with no tag from sale table:

Showy Stonecrop:

Beautyberry is as pretty as a flower:

Pansy from spring:

I planted this 'Fireworks' Goldenrod in my new extension because it was too late to move the others. I noticed the leaves were wider, but thought it was because of different growing conditions. Now, I see that the blooms are different, too.

These are the first ones I had planted:

I hope your fall is going well, and you still have some blooms.


  1. Hi Sue~~ The 'Fireworks' flowers look a lot like a yellow Buddleia. Very nice. Even after a frost you've got a lot still going on. I love it when summer's bounty stretches on and on. My favorite is the PINK snapdragon. :)

  2. Even after a frost, there are a lot of plants holding out, in fact doing well. a lot blooming, good luck for more!

  3. Hey Sue! Still lots of color there in your world. I think I may have to get 'Fireworks' next year! That mystery flower's name is right at the edge of my tongue,! Have a great day ;)

  4. Even after a killing frost you have some great hanger oners here. I with Grace the second to the last photo looks like the blooms on a butterfly bush.

  5. Looks like a lot survived the frost-they are all wonderful stalwarts and look great.

  6. i have many blooms but we all know why that is .. Love your blanket of color for me this morning sandy

  7. Sue,
    Rain or not, they are look pretty nice, considering your previous storm!

  8. Wow, what a comeback since your "Finished for the Season" post. It is snowing heavily here, but I hope some of my flowers experience a similar revival when the snow has gone! Pamela x

  9. rain or no....your flowers are still outstanding!
    I just got in from shoveling and de-icing my sidewalks! grrr

  10. I remembered the name of the plants. I looked up toadflax to make sure of the name,and was correct. I found out it is related to a flower I have in a pot because it is invasive.

  11. It just amazes me how tough some plants are, to keep blooming even after a freeze. I think your first mystery "Aster" might be a Smooth Aster (Symphyotrichum laeve). It's flowers look a lot like mine.

  12. You're lucky to have such beautiful volunteers - and skilled to recognize them and rightly choose to allow them to grow.

  13. You still have a lot of beautiful flowers in spite of the freeze. My favorites are the Debonair mum and the single pink rose. Lovely!

  14. I am always surprised when the flowering plants survive a first and then bounce back! It looks like yours have more bloom and life in them Sue!
    It's okay to repeat flowers...the mums are lovely! gail

  15. OMG !!
    So many blooms !!
    Now I'm wondering where my Dinathus are. Never thought of growing Statice...always loved them as dried flowers.
    Guess I should join bloom I'd forget half the time. ha

  16. Every time i come here, I come here I'm so amazed to see the different varieties of blooms you have! All beautiful...your pinks are GORGEOUS! The mums and the!!

  17. Seems like a lot of us were taking pictures in the rain :)
    You've got so much still blooming even after a frost. Everything looks so pretty, but I really love Debonair!

  18. Lots and lots of blooms! My favorite is the pansy, that color combination is so pretty, reminds me of shabby chic colors.

    Thanks for sharing and happy bloom day!

  19. For a yard that's already gone through a killing freeze, yours seems to be holding up quite well! I have a red rose that looks very much like your rose in a pot, but my blooms were a bit too...ah, shall we say "mature" to put up in today's post. LOL.

  20. Holy smokes, Sue! You have a lot blooming, especially for this time of year. Whenever I see your Chocolate Joe Pye Weed, I marvel at it. The Beautyberry is so pretty. How lucky you are to have it in your garden.

  21. Wow, Sue! It's a lot of blooms! I posted about Joe Pie weed several times, but I've never seen a chocolate one, thanks for posting its picture! That mum is absolutely spectacular, full and fluffy!

  22. After watching the Weather Channel last weekend and seeing the snow blanketing the Great Plains states, I'm amazed you have any blooms at all, let alone this many! So glad you posted the photo of the anise hyssop. Mine didn't do anything at all this summer, but it became surrounded by some vigorous annuals, so perhaps it didn't get enough sun. Your rudbeckia must be a stunner!

  23. Way to go, Sue! You had a lot to share. :-) I think I'm just in the mood to get ready for Winter... I enjoyed a wonderful day working outdoors all day (hauling mulch around; nestling the plants). ha. Happy Day!

  24. These were great photos of some wonderful flowers. You are really illustrating how I need to focus more on my fall garden. Your garden is very pretty right now Sue.

  25. Your flowers are still so lovely. We have some blooms still hanging on, but it has been very cold at night. As soon as I get a warmer day, I'll be pruning everything back for the winter.

    Have a blessed weekend!

  26. What a lot of flowers you still have in your garden. Lovely!


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