Friday, October 2, 2009

Just a Few Critters

The weather has turned cool, and I've been trying to stay off of my knee and ankle after tripping on Heidi's leash 2 weeks ago, so I haven't been out as much. I haven't been seeing monarch butterflies every day like I had all summer. Maybe they've all headed south by now.

I was surprised to see this eastern black swallowtail when I went out to pick herbs for supper yesterday. When I looked to make sure that's what it was, I read that females have smaller white spots than males, so this one must be a female. When I first went out, it was on the edge of the bed, and I wasn't sure if it was alive, but when I came back out with my camera, it had moved. It let me get pretty close, which surprised me.

This is the first open cosmos bloom of these plants, and I had to make adjustments in contrast or something in order to see the beetle, which I flicked off after taking the photo. The other insect looks like a skipper.

While experimenting with the super macro, I found an insect of some kind in the iris. I'm thinking it may be a beetle.

All manner of bees, wasps, and other insects are still enjoying the asters and goldenrods.

See how they share? A fellow Nebraska blogger, Ben, from The Deep Middle, who was voted second in the state category in blotanical, helped me figure out the insect on the left is a spined soldier bug. Thanks, Ben! I read that it's a beneficial insect. I had so many of them this year, that could explain why I didn't see many caterpillars. I'll just keep planting lots of flowers and more and more host plants, and hope that the predators don't eat them all.

To see more critters, click on the icon in the sidebar. Have a great weekend, and watch out not to trip on dog leashes.


  1. Good morning Sue in Nebraska, thank you for sharing lovely pictures from both flora as well as fauna. Great stuff.

    Have a great weekend/ Tyra

  2. As usual, beautiful pictures, Sue ;) It's fun with the super macro huh? I'll take HUNDREDS in a matter of minutes! That cosmo is super pretty with the deep pink at the center. I too find butterflies landing on the lawn and just sitting there, ready for their closeup! Keep healing ;)

  3. Great macro shots of the garden critters. I do hope your knee is better. It is a bummer to get injured.

    There are still around 10 (out of 20 counted previously) Black Swallowtail caterpillars on the bronze fennel. Not all will make it before the colder weather comes, but there are a few big ones ready to go to the chrysalis stage. I've accounted for all seven of the Monarch caterpillars surviving to become butterflies -- but three of the butterflies were still here yesterday and need to be on their way. I have so many flowers still in bloom that two hummingbirds are still here, too.


  4. Beautiful flowers which insects like. Fine summer photos of autumn darkness /Margareta

  5. The aster shot is my favorite, but all the images are good!

  6. Those tiny visitors always make smile. Love them!

  7. Not too many critters in my garden, at least ones you can see, although the birds are hanging around the feeders I have put out.

  8. Hi Sue,
    I love these latest photos, and I love reading Ben's blog. He is a great writer.
    About the badge, I have not idea. I saw that someone else just used the Blotanical Award 2009 thing but I did not know they would have something available. Did you Bangchik? He seems to know his way around BL. pretty well.
    Thanks for the congrats.
    My daughter saw your blog and said, "is that dog real?"

  9. Your photos are amazing SUE - thank you for stopping by my blog so I could follow your link to your garden.

    I'm not sure what is going on with I always have difficulty navigate around that site. I would have loved to participate in their awards they had a few weeks ago. :-( OH WELL.... next time.

    Thanks for stopping by once again. I am so happy to read that you enjoyed the music I selected on that site. AWESOME!~

    Hope to see you around. I have to head out again to work on the greenhouse we are building before old man winter arrives. I will return as time allows.
    ENJOY the FALL my sweet friend.

  10. Sorry to hear about your injury. Looks like you are on the road to recovery. Wonderful photos!

  11. Hope you are healing nicely, Sue. That was a great capture of the Swallowtail. They are so striking!

  12. I love the shot of the bee on the aster. I hope your knee and ankle are feeling better soon!

  13. I get a kick out of seeing all your camera critters. It makes your garden look so full of life.

  14. Hi Sue~~ I'm sorry your knee and ankle are still bothering you. I hope you're getting the rest you need.

    The swallowtail is very regal. I saw a few spined soldier bugs in my garden this summer but didn't know what they were, so thank you. The small yellow and black bug on the cosmos is the western spotted cucumber beetle. They seem to be making the rounds [literally and figuratively] on my flowers, little beasts.


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