Thursday, September 10, 2009

For Blooming Friday, An Addition to my Garden and the Pots Next to the Veggie Garden

On my way home from work yesterday, I saw this double white wash tub in a front yard with a sign saying, "$25.00, OBO". (When I read it, I thought it said, "Old".) I forgot to mention it to my husband, Larry, so I was glad it was still there today when I drove by. I called Larry, who drives a pick up truck, and asked him to stop and get it for me on his way home. He said he gave him the $25 and did not offer less. I told him that was good, because it would have been a LOT more at an antique store, and I was happy to get it for the $25. What was really cool was that the guy asked Larry what it was going to be used for. He said flowers are what he wanted it to be used for. There had been a guy who wanted to buy it to wash car parts in, and he told him he wouldn't sell it to him for that, even after he asked him what it was to him what he was going to use it for.

So, for Blooming Friday, here is the north side of my driveway, the area next to the veggie garden.

We stuck a tub and a pot in there to make it harder to take. We had a hose stolen from the yard when we first moved in, but haven't had problems since. Our neighbors had some flamingos stolen a few years ago, though. I am so tickled! Next year, I'll put some potting soil in and plant some flowers to go with the area where I have a white and yellow theme going. (The pots on each side have sweet potatoes and Spooky dianthus in them.)

I think this is now my favorite container of all the ones I have.

I have another mystery plant I'm pretty sure I've grown before, but can't remember what it is. Maybe when the blooms open I'll remember.

Here are some unopened buds on the mystery plant. Do you know what it is? Spooky dianthus and phlox blooms are also in the photo.

It's growing in the middle of the phlox that I've had in a post before. The huge violet needs to come out.

Down the way are some other tubs I love.

The pot on the right has mint that is blooming. The other plants I labeled in the next photos.

Black and Blue Salvia:

Ageratum growing in the salvia leaves:

Diamond Frost Euphorbia and statice have bloomed all summer. I am not getting all of the statice picked to dry, but I'm enjoying the blooms in the pots and garden.

The lisianthus is continuing to bloom, also.

To see more Blooms from all over the world, or to find out how to include yours, go to Katarina's blog, Roses and Stuff.


  1. That washer looks great in your garden!

  2. Isn't it lovely when you stuble upon an item that yo really like - and then gets the opportunity to actually buy it! Great feeling and I can understand you joy for it!
    Can't help you w ith your mystery plant, though...
    Happy Blooming Friday!

  3. Good morning Sue in Nebraska, lovely post today I love your pots!

    Greetings from Tyra in Vaxholm

  4. Lovely blue shades on yoyur plants. So nice! Have a good week end!

  5. Container gardening never looked that attractive, Sue! Your plants look delightful. The salvia, the lisianthus...look great!!

  6. I am so happy you got to add such a lovely white tubs for your flower pot collection,,,those are beautiful!!!! :)

  7. I bet the mint smells good in the rain..Do you have any scented geraniums.??

  8. Sue,
    I have a fondness for collecting strange containers for growing in as well.
    Love your blooms.

  9. That washtub is such a great find, it makes an awesome planter. Your containers look great going into autumn. The old washtubs and basins look good grouped together. I've never managed to get Lisianthus to grow. I love the color of yours.

  10. The lavender and purple flowers that look sort of like petunia flowers -- is that annual Phlox? It's lovely. I love the Diamond Frost Euphorbia too.

  11. You do have quite a collection of pots ... and the little blooms really give life to the garden. ~bangchik

  12. Your Containers looks nice, but how many hours do you spend on watering, plenty of work, but worth the effort I guess :)

  13. Hi Sue,

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving your nice comments. I enjoy your blog very much and get some great ideas. I really like your new containers.

    Have a great weekend.

  14. Hi Sue,

    Nice container...You got the purple bloom all over...

  15. Great containers! WOW -- you can plant so much in there!

    Love the lisanthus. Never tried it, but it's such a fabulous plant for bouquets.


  16. Hi Sue, I was going to guess Boltonia for your mystery plant but up close, the stems seem fuzzy and the flower heads are different..let us know when you figure it out. Will you attempt to drill holes in the bottom of the wash basins for drainage? Nice size for lots of plants!

  17. You got a great deal. I've seen old double washtubs like yours for sale at antique fairs for over $100. Do all your tubs have drainage holes or do you take a chance that they won't get waterlogged when it rains?

  18. its glad to see flowers like lisianthus. i am inspired by your container planting. thanks for sharing

  19. Great find! I grew 'Diamond Frost' Euphorbia last year and loved it. I didn't buy any annuals this year and I've missed them~ that one especially. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who lets mystery plants grow to see the bloom:)


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