Sunday, September 20, 2009

Veggie Gardens Update

Tina and Skeeter, from In the Garden post vegetable garden updates on the 20th of the month, and invite others to join them by posting a link on their site and a link to their site so you can find all of the updates.

Last Sunday, I tripped on Heidi's front leash while holding our 21 month old grandson. My right foot got caught up in it, and we went down, landing hard on my left knee. I set grandson down as gently as I could, to my side, so I wouldn't land on him, but he bounced off his side, and hit the grass with his face. Larry thought it was more his chin. He said he had grass in his mouth. I ended up on my side, and it took me awhile to be able to get up. We both would have been much worse off if we landed on cement, which we were a couple feet from. I am on my feet a lot at work, but was able to put my leg up some during the days. I have not been in the gardens much this week, because I have felt the need to stay off of my knee as much as I can. I have taken photos and picked a few things, but am behind in some harvesting and lots of weeding and deadheading.

The first photo is of my harvest on the 15th. Some was from home, and some from across the street.

This is about a third of the onion crop, which is ready to go to the basement when I get to them. I plan to chop more for the freezer, too.

I forgot to take pictures before church, when the lighting would have been better. This is a view from the street side of the garden.

This view is from the area about 8 feet from the back of the garden, facing the front.

A closer view in the front part of the garden, showing a huge moonflower plant that I am behind in deadheading, Mr. Stripey tomatoes, which have tipped with their cage, marigolds, and Tuscan kale.

I'm still not sure when I'm going to get the Kung Pao and other hot peppers picked and whether I'll get them dried or frozen. They may be starting to dry on the plants.

The bush and other cucumbers are starting to get diseased and die, but still have a few cucumbers for us to enjoy.

Grandson enjoyed picking grape tomatoes with me twice, and now when I ask him if he wants to, he says, "No." I guess we'll be sure to have more plants next year! I do hope to get out there later today to get some harvesting done.

I have some lettuce coming up for a fall crop. Soon, I'll be eating the thinnings.

I've mentioned looking at my stat counter to see what kinds of things people have Googled and ended up on my blog. Radish seedlings is one of them, so if anyone out there doesn't know what they look like, here are a few. (There is a tiny one below the one on the left.)

I keep forgetting to pick the few beets I planted in July. I hope they are still good.

I left some lettuce in hopes the rabbits would continue to munch on it, and some have gone to seed. This one is next to the early spring planted kale, which I've picked all summer.

This is a burpless cucumber whose mother plant is dying. This one is on the lattice fence in front of the garden entry.

I decided to keep my updating in one post, so headed across the street to my other veggie garden, which is nicely hidden by all the tall flowers.

Well, you almost can't tell there are veggies over there, except for the Rutgers tomatoes that were teeny tiny when I planted them, after starting them in the house.

I'm glad the birds or whatever the critters were that are munching on the tomatoes have slowed way down, so that some of the tomatoes can ripen before being picked.

The lilac peppers are ripening small, only 1 or 2 at a time.

These peppers are ripening on the small side, too.

There are a few hills of potatoes needing to be dug. The zucchini in the back to the right of the bucket only produced a few zucchinis before it and the bush cucumers and yellow summer squash got what I'm thinking is powdery mildew. The brush pile for shelter for the butterflies is to the rear, between a couple trees. There is a 3 foot wide area behind the pile, where I recently planted some strawberry plants a friend gave me from her garden.

I planted lettuce here, too.

These bush cucumbers were planted a few weeks later than the first ones, but it also has powdery mildew.

This is a row of acorn squash which has 3 or 4 squashes on it. I wonder if they will ripen without spoiling, as they have the powdery mildew so bad. I later read that if plants don't get enough sun, they are more susceptible to it.

Something has taken a bite out of this one. I'll have to keep an eye on it. I keep forgetting to research how to tell when they are ripe.

Some peppers, and several different varieties of tomatoes here, including a Better Boy and a Beefsteak, were falling all over, too, so I tied them all to each others' stakes. One best not try to navigate the garden in the dark, or they may run into string.

This view is facing a neighbor's house, showing the tied up tomatoes and peppers. My new trellis chair is in the background. I haven't figured out where it will end up in the garden.

I don't remember whether these peppers are hot or not. I'll have to find out and chop some up for the freezer.

Here's one more long view while getting ready to leave the garden. It's really not pretty right now. I wonder if I should be getting the infected plants out now, instead of letting them finish producing. Oh, I forgot to mention that the yellow summer squash in the left side of the photo, have sprawled all over as if they thought they were a winter squash, and have produced lots over a number of weeks. There are some nice small ones on there now, almost ready to pick.

I wanted to keep the photo of the herb garden far enough out from the Orange Oxeheart tomatoes so the grossness of the spoilage from insect or bird damage does not show too much. I think cleaning up that mess should be my priority today. The morning glories are blooming by the rain barrel I see.

I am starting to accept the fact that it will soon be fall. I hope my knee heals soon so I can be out there enjoying the gardening. In the meantime, I have been sitting outside as much as I can with my computer. I hope you are enjoying the fall, and your weather isn't too rainy or dry.


  1. OMG! You took a bad fall and I am ever so sorry. I hope your knee heals up soon too and that your grandson is none the worse for the fall. Get well soon!

    Your veggie garden looks good-I love the first long shot of it. Even with the mildewed plants it is nice and neat. That mildew has been a major issue. Lots of it here. I think the moisture sure adds to the situation. Even with that it looks like you have lots of veggies. Those peppers are especially nice. I may try growing some next year. Thanks for the ID on my squash/gourd. I think I'll cut one tonight and see-I hope they are squash at it would be a nice change. Have a good day! I did add your link in, not sure if anyone clicks thru to visit other veggie gardens, but if they wish to, it is there.

  2. Sue, I do hope your knee heals up soon. You have so much ripening in your garden, I know you want to get out there as much as possible. I didn't realize how many vegetables you had! Thanks for showing the powdery mildew on the zucchini plants; now I know what is wrong with mine. I was just noticing the zucchini this morning, thinking how great it was that they didn't get hit with the squash beetles as they usually do, and then thought the leaves were a strange color. Oh well, I think we've eaten enough zucchini anyway:)

    My veggies are winding down, too; I spent part of the morning picking green beans and tomatoes, so my post won't be up until later.
    Take care of yourself!

  3. I am sorry about your fall....I Pray You will be all better soon.....Your garden looks great.
    Prayers, Bo

  4. Sue, I am so sorry you hurt your knee and hope it mends very soon. Your veggies put mine to shame. I would like to try growing the radishes. Pam

  5. Sorry to hear about your fall, and hope you are feeling better soon and that your grandson is OK. Thank goodness this didn't happen on the concrete!

  6. I can see why you would not want a deer close to all that. Take good care of yourself.

  7. Hi Sue~~ Nice profile photo! And your new banner photo shows a lot of growth over the season. I know what you mean about the unpicked tomatoes going to seed. It's kind of a nuisance. :]

    I'm sorry about your knee but relieved that you didn't land on the cement. I know what you mean about accepting the fact that fall is in the air. I suppose I should consider it. Maybe...soon.

  8. Sue I have been digitally DOA for the past week or so and missed all the activity around here. It looks like things are just popping all over in your garden and the new photo layout looks great. Great new shots of you!
    I am also sorry to hear about your knee. Please do give yourself enough time to heal. Those things take so long to heal. I had a bad one a few years ago and it seemed to take forever to get back to normal. I guess knees and elbows never really get the day off.

  9. you sure are green fingered!

    take care of your knee! get well soon!!

  10. Susan, I hope you and the little one are feeling OK. By the way, is Heidi all right? My pumpkins'leaves look the same - white. What doesn't look the same is my cucumbers. You just teased me with your pictures of big crunchy ones. We all love them, but this year wasn't good for them in my garden. Take care and thanks a lot for your comments!

  11. Hope your knee gets better soon. I enjoyed looking at your photos very much.

  12. Hi Sue, Lucky you to have two garden plots! Maybe I'll ask the electric dcompany for the space under the transmission lines! It's across the road too. Anyway, my squash and pumpkin got the powerdy mildew too and didn't do as well as before. You have some nice veggies, take care of your knee, we only get two!

  13. Oh Sue! I am so sorry! Take care of yourself and give it a chance to heal. It sounds like it could have been so much worse--I am glad you were able to set Grandson down and neither of you hit the pavement.

    Your garden harvest looks very plentiful. The Lilac peppers look interesting. Are they hot?

  14. So glad you both didn't get hurt worse. You do need to be up and feeling spiffy for the fall garden clean up!

    I'm already pulling up wilted squash and cucumber vines.

  15. Sorry to hear about your fall. It's easy to get tripped up on dog leashes when your carrying someone (or something). Hope you heal up quickly.
    My veggies have pretty much finished. Powdery mildew is on the pumpkinless pumpkin vine and zucchinis. We are supposed to have 85 and 87 degree weather the next 2 days which makes it hard to accept that fall is here, but I'm sure that'll be the last of the hot weather.

  16. Isn't it a wonderful and exciting time in the vegetable garden? I hope your knee is getting better! Would you like to send me a picture of Heidi for my forthcoming Matron's Dogblog? She is gorgeous! xx

  17. It must be nice to have two complete gardens! It seems like you have plenty of room to grown whatever you want across the street, how nice. My garden is petering out. I have a few tomatoes, and a handful of green beans left. Oh yes, and a few green onions. The peppers have finally started to ripen. From three plants I have harvested a grand total of 2 green peppers.

  18. Hi Susan, I wanted to drop by and thank you for leaving a comment at my blog, but when I read how you had taken such a nasty fall with your grandson, I also want to add my sympathy, to say how very sorry I am. Must have been such a fright and I hope your poor knee feels okay and that your grandson is none the worse for the scare. It sounds like your protective instincts kicked in on the way down. I did take a look at all your photos and must say I am so impressed with your lovely garden. Take good care of yourself :)

  19. Sue, I felt so bad reading about your must have been so scary while you were holding the little guy! It's fortunate you were able to set him down (somewhat gently) before you both crashed into the pavement. I hope you will heal quickly and be able to get out and about ASAP!


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