Thursday, September 17, 2009

Blooms From Today for Blooming Friday

Lately I've been looking to see what kind of theme Katarina, of Roses and Stuff has for the week's Blooming Friday, but forgot to until I had a bunch of photos uploaded to my blog. Since she wanted to know who the leading ladies are, and who are the supporting characters, I went back and found some photos I'd started to leave out because I've posted them so many times already.

The cleomes and Mexican sunflowers are very much stars of the gardens this year.

With a name like Debonair, I have to include these mums.

Of course the zinnias and Menard's dahlias continue to show off for whoever drives by, supported strongly by coneflowers and Paprika and other varieties of yarrow.

The rest of the photos were taken today. I'd have to say the sweet autumn clematis are very showy right now.

The asters are a demanding presence now. What a difference a few days make, as they weren't as full when photos were taken on the 12th for GBBD. The coneflower doesn't seem to mind playing a supporting role, as when it was younger, it had its moment to shine.

The oxalis doesn't mind hiding out on the lower shelf of a plant stand, next to a watering can.

Now, the Boltonia ('Snowbank?) and Eupatorium 'Prairie Jewel' growing next to coleus 'Schizophrenia' in a pot are vying for the starring role in the area in front of the veggie garden.

In the veggie garden and other beds around the yard, the Verbena bonariensis plants play a very important role in filling in spaces and feeding a variety of butterflies and bees.

I think these are black eyed Susans. They just pop up wherever and take up as many spots as they can, but when pulled, are good about not coming back.

Asters, Rudbeckia 'Herbstonne', and heleniums are stars because of their sizes and number of blooms.

I'm not sure what this is popping up in the amsonia plant.

I grow cardinal climbers most every year. The leaf on the lower left belongs to this plant.

The cypress vines seed themselves, so I grow them, every season too. The flowers are a little smaller and more star shaped then those on the cardinal climbers. There had been a few blooms here and there, but both are having more and more blooms on them.

The 'Fireworks' goldenrods have lead roles this time of year, and the insects love them, too. The lantana here plays a nice supporting role.

The Black Knight butterfly bush is a beauty, but this is its first year, so is happy to be a "figurant" as Katarina worded it. (That's ginger mint behind it.)

This is a salvia that came from a spent stem laid down in the bed last fall.

The gazanias don't have blooms every day, but when they do, I sure enjoy them.


  1. Hi Sue~~ What a beautiful cast! Another bout of plant lust has come my way. The Eupatorium 'Prairie Jewel.' Nice. You've created a brilliant tableau with it planted next to the coleus and boltonia!

    The mystery plant looks to me like another type of aster.

  2. Your "bouquet" of Asters are really impressiv, so many flowers togehter in one spot !!

  3. Hi, Sue - seems to me you've got a whole lot of Leading Ladies in your garden! I'm very fond of Salvias, but they're not always thriving in my garden, so to me it seems like a miracle that a beautiful Salvia like your blue one could grow out of an old stem...that's just great!
    Happy Blooming Friday!

  4. Oxalis with it's purple foliage is very special!I'd like to have one in my home. Have a great weekend//Eva

  5. Wonderful and beautiful pictures. So much still blooming! Tank you for showing and have a nice weekend!

  6. I agree with Grace, a fabulous cast! I love the 'fireworks' goldenrod!!

  7. They're all stars, Sue! So much blooming...everything looks lush and beautiful. I'll remember the theme next time. It's just that I had already posted most blooms earlier leaving me to look elsewhere rather than my own (small) yard for today's post!

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Sue girl we share a lot of plants !
    I love this Fall finale of gorgeous flowers : ) .. my asters haven't opened yet but I am looking forward to those and the mums as well .. those "Black Eyed Susans" are some kind of rudbeckia hirta .. I thought "Toto" but when I googled the picture wasn't quite the same .. but hey .. what ever they are, they are gorgeous !

  9. That gazania is most supreme.
    Very nice variety of blooms, Sue.

  10. such an array of colors feel that goldenrod fireworks is celebrating my birthday to morrow. I've always loved the delicacy of a cardinal climber,,sandy

  11. Hi Sue, your garden is just chock full of starlets and supporting actors too! I love every single one. That fireworks is so interesting, much more so than the species that we allow to bloom here before chopping it down. You have given inspiration to hunt for it! Thanks. :-)

  12. Sue, everything looks so nice yet in your garden. I really love the sweet autumn clematis.

  13. Oooh - your salvia farinacea came back! I have several plants blooming their heads off right now and I'm loving their deep color as fall approaches - but of course my winter will kill 'em dead. Wouldn't it be great if seeds just grew next year without me having to start them inside? I'll just be slow to deadhead and see what happens.

  14. I love your asters! The 'Fireworks' Solidago and the pink mum too. You still have so much in bloom in your garden!

  15. Sue, you definitely have a star-studded cast here! I can't believe all the blooms still going strong in your garden. This has been a good year for my cleome, too. I didn't make it here yesterday, but I heard it was a special day for you--Happy Belated Birthday! Today is my daughter's birthday, so this is a special time for me, too. Hope you had a great day.

  16. Such pretty blooms still happening in your garden! Mine is pretty much on the dried up side. Wasn't able to do much deadheading this year, because of health issues so that really adds to the spent look.

  17. Sue, Sue....what pretty flowers. I've seen photos of the white sweet autuman clematis on other blogs, too. I want one. And the gazania bloom is incredible.

  18. Oh my, your garden is so full of flowers. I really, really feel the want for goldenrod just like yours. I also am looking for a source for the Black and Blue salvia because yours is so beautiful. I haven't found any yet. Where did you get yours?


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