Saturday, September 12, 2009

Some Photos that Didn't Make the Cut for GBBD

This morning I decided to take the photos for September's Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, so I can get my post ready for the 15th. As usual, I took way too many, so decided to put some here, which mostly show combinations.

The first photo is from the back yard, in the back of the shed, which faces the driveway. The asters, which have just started opening their blooms, and the coneflower here were transplanted from other parts of the yard early in the spring while they were small. There had been 2 coneflowers, but Heidi dug them all out, and I had to stick them back in, and one of the coneflowers did not make it. I put another there, but it didn't make it, either. I'm thinking she dug it out, too. The obelisks, lid, pots, and rocks are all placed to keep her out.

This is the east side of the house, and the Rudbeckia 'Herbstonne' and helenium have been blooming awhile. I have deadheaded the rudbeckia a couple times. The blue mist spirea is blooming below.

Mountain mint, eupatorium, heliotrope, Fireworks goldenrod, and I think that's Wichita Falls goldenrod on the right. It is not blooming yet:

There are several sweet peas that have ratty looking leaves, but with some deadheading, they are continuing to bloom.

I like to take photos of this flower bed that was started last summer from this spot near the front steps. I need to be deadheading the Queen Anne's Lace, which is between the sidewalk and butterfly stake.

The black eyed Susan vine has been blooming awhile, but seems to be at its peak right now. The agastache is doing well still, too. The cosmos here haven't bloomed yet.

These Menards dahlias are one of the stars of the garden right now.

Volunteer salvia from placing a spent stalk from another part of the yard in the front bed next to a stock bloom:

I need to go out and check out the iris to the left of the cleome. It looks like it is going to bloom. I think this one bloomed in the spring, so it must be a rebloomer.

The zinnias have been disease free until the last week or so. These aren't too bad so far, but the ones across the street have powdery mildew, I imagine these will be getting it, as the verbenias have them.

I haven't gotten the statice and other flowers dried as much as usual, because I have wanted to enjoy them in the garden. The white blooms here are statice, and Heidi is behind the Debonair mum and September Charm anemone.

The celosia blooms aren't uniform, but I like them.

The painter's pallet in front of the house is blooming. It is getting a little too much sun here.

The black eyed Susans have a disease on their leaves, but are blooming still. The amsonia foliage is pretty all season.

Here are some salvia, zinnia, and Mexican sunflower blooms across the street.

Kiss-me-over-the-garden-gate is still doing well.

I remember being worried when the zinnias were a bit taller than the Mexican sunflowers, but soon, they took off, and wow, did they get tall! The monarchs and bees love them! The fennel and nasturtiums in the front are blooming, too.

This is bronze fennel that was planted across the path from the other fennel.

I hope the winter squashes mature before the insects and powdery mildew weaken them too much. I like the bloom on them.

I've mentioned I always take photos of our house and yard on my way home when I take photos across the street.

I beati asked me if I grow scented geraniums. I had been meaning to do a post on them. This is the area on the other side of the driveway from the pots I posted for Blooming Friday. I usually grow several each summer, but so far, haven't had many live over the winter when I bring them in the house. I think part of the problem is forgetting to water them.

Here's a closer view.

The only one blooming right now is this strawberry geranium.

I hope you are enjoying the weekend, and getting some photos ready for GBBD, hosted by Carol, of May Dreams Gardens.


  1. My things are looking gorgeous over there! You have had quite the busy summer with putting in, taking out, putting in... ;-) And everything looks just wonderful.

  2. Isn't it nice to have so much blooming you need to use the pictures in multiple posts? I love seeing the picture of your house with the garden around it. It's so full! All of your flowers are looking great!

  3. sweet geraniums what a pleasure in the rain, thanks,

    I spy a greenhouse window box . what goes there..How I miss the sweet pea!!

  4. Susan, I just love all of the flowerbeds surrounding your home. You have so many blooming yet. Your cleome and the salvia is so pretty.

  5. Your yard got to be the prettiest in the neighbourhood...I love seeing all the beautiful flowers...but I also love Heidi...she is sooooo cute.
    Prayers, Bo

  6. Sue, glad you shared the 'other' flowers. I love the pink salvia-this is my first year to grow it and am lanning on havin lots more next year as it did so well.

    Your cleome is beautiful. I think this was a good year for it as mine did very well also. Am planning on saving as many seeds as I can and sowing it into one of the beds next year. I had it in a conatiner this year.

    Be sure to show your re-blooming iris. I don't think I have ever seen one.

  7. Thanks for the nice comments. I put rosemary and other herbs and houseplants that will fit in the garden window for the winter. I usually put colored glass vases in there in the summer, but I think I didn't get around to rounding them up this year.

    I hope to keep on the lookout for spent stems of other flowers that come up from their own seeds and lay them around like I did last year. Beckie, I would place some seed pods in the bed where you want them before winter comes. You could still save some to plant in the spring just in case. The ones I have are all volunteers from other years.

    My grandson and I went to our local children's museum today, and on the way home, he fell asleep. He didn't stay asleep when we got home, so we went back out to the car, and I drove around looking for front yard gardens to look at while he slept some more.

  8. I like the view of your house from across the street with the garden around it. Your garden is looking lovely -- there is so much in bloom!

  9. Yay - reblooming iris CAN rebloom in a 5b climate! I was wondering if they'd actually do it in a shorter-season area. My 'Immortality' haven't rebloomed, but they aren't in full sun and keep getting transplanted, so maybe that's why.
    Looking good elsewhere, too.

  10. Hi Sweet Bay and Darren. Thanks for your comments. It sure has been nice weather here. Last week my husband and I were not feeling well. This evening, I'm staying off my feet because I tripped on the rope we sometimes put Heidi on in the front yard while holding our grandson, and I landed on my left knee. I hope it heals soon, because I have some deadheading and harvesting to do.

    Darron, I always visit the blogs of those who leave comments here, but your profile is private, so if you subscribed to the further comments, I'm telling you hi from here. I hope you visit again.

  11. susan you have a beautiful garden. i love the dahlias and zinnias. Specially the dahlias. and here in our climate nobody likes the single dahlia, everybody goes for double and triple and this is why butterflies dont come here often. now i am trying to grow single dahlias from seed because no nursery is offering them. thanks for sharing these wonderful blooms with us.


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