Saturday, September 26, 2009

Some Wider Views, Heidi, and a few Insects

I'm still seeing butterflies, mostly monarchs, but have not been on my feet as much this week due to the fall I had on my knee almost 2 weeks ago, tripping on Heidi's leash while holding our grandson, who I was able to set down gently enough to avoid injury, even though he lost his balance and ended up on his face in the grass. I have been able to go out long enough to take some garden photos and some of the insects that have been congregating on their current favorite flowers.

I have been enjoying photos of flower beds on other blogs, so thought I'd show some current ones of my front and side yards.

I'm thinking I may have posted a similar photo to this last week, but this shows the 'Wichita Falls' Goldenrod is still blooming strong, and has enough pollen for a variety of insects to share.

(Note: Yes, this is the same kind of goldenrod as last week's, which was by the shed. This one is by the house. I thought I was posting a correction here, but when it didn't appear, I checked and saw that I had posted it on last week's post. Oops! When Cameron commented that she found a 'Wichita Mountains' goldenrod to plant, I looked up images of 'Wichita Falls' in Google, and found some, then discovered they were from my blog! Oh, dear! I hope I haven't led anyone astray!)

Solidago, 'Wichita Mountains':

I need to go to that website to see if I can figure out what this insect is. If you know, please go ahead and say so in a comment. It is enjoying my favorite goldenrod, 'Fireworks'.

I'm tickled to have a few different kinds of bees, such as honeybees...

and bumblebees. This one is on a knautia bloom.

I lightened this so the grasshopper could be seen better on the dahlia.

I took lots of photos of Heidi and the yard when I was ready to change my header photo. I thought I'd post some of the extras.

What is she looking at across the street?

Oh, a critter for Camera Critters!

"Well, enough of that, let's go to the east side of the house."

There are no visible critters in this photo, but I'm sure there were a number of them around. The bird house in the photo may have some wrens in it. The blank area in front of the fence is where the Joe Pye weed is turning dark and shriveling. It did the same thing last year. I don't know if it's diseased or just doesn't like that spot anymore. It used to grow fine there. Oh, that was before Larry replaced the gutter with a longer one, and it no longer empties into the flower bed. I wonder if I could poke some holes in the bottom of the gutter.

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  1. You have "captured" a lot of critters! Heidi is so cute! I found a 'Wichita Mountain' solidago online after seeing your WF in your blog the other day. I'm starting to run out of space in the garden unless I can find tall, skinny plants!


  2. Love your flower and critter filled gardens Sue. I want to get some goldenrod seeds that will grow in our area. I have little yellow in my gardens and the goldenrod plant always does something to me.

    Hope your knee is soon feeling much better. Take it easy with it to let it fully heal.

    Love the new pictures of you also.


  3. Congratulations on having two nominations on Blotanical.

    I pull the goldenrod I see in my garden, because the wild solidagos here are such stoloniferous thugs, but some usually manage to add a little yellow here and there despite my efforts. There are great colonies of goldenrods all around us, and down the road there are whole fields, pretty with the blues of things like New York Ironweed.

    I always enjoy seeing Heidi. Our Buffy looks somewhat like Heidi with the long legs and light shoulder markings.

  4. Sue,
    First of all, I love your new Avatar on your profile! And I like seeing your sweet face on your blog, very nice!
    I hope your knee recovers quickly! You take care of yourself and don't over do it. :)

  5. What fun! Your garden is enchanting. Loved seeing the critters and Heidi. Visiting with you is always a pleasure.

  6. I like Heidi your special tour guide especially peeking

  7. Very nice pics......You know I love the pics of Heidi.
    Prayers, Bo

  8. Hello dear friend!
    wow so many beautiful pictures today!I loved all flowers, also these critters, the cute dog friend and the insects!
    Happy Camera critters
    purrs and love

  9. Sue, I hope your knee is better now. I love the Goldenrod--just beautiful--as is all of your garden. Heidi is not only good at posing for pictures--but a good gardener too! She stays on the path and out of the beds. My naughty pup, Bocephus, is always stepping on plants or digging them up!

  10. You have such a lovely yard! I love the goldenrod photos. We have several varieties in bloom here as well.

  11. Thanks for all the comments! I enjoyed visiting your blogs today.

    Cameron, I'm glad you found the goldenrod, 'Wichita Mountains' since I have been calling it 'Wichita Falls'. LOL When I Googled images of 'Wichita Falls' goldenrod just now to see if I was calling it the right name, some photos came up, and I thought you may have gotten something different, but then I saw that the photos were from my blog. Oops! I better go edit the post to correct it. As for tall skinny plants, I'm thinking you have some of these, but I'm having fun finding different kinds of liatris. Not all of them are tall, though.

    Nell, I'll have to see what ironweed is. It sounds interesting.

    I told MG that Heidi isn't always cooperative to get her picture taken. I have to take lots, and try to point the camera at her when she isn't paying attention. For some of these, I called her to come to the area I wanted her, and she wasn't so happy with me. The ones where she is sitting were when I told her to sit and stay. LOL She is good about staying out of the flowers everywhere except for an araea in the back yard, near where her kennel used to be. There is gravel back there, and she has areas she still digs. When I first moved some flowers from other parts of the yard to the area next to the shed, she dug them out. It was after she had spent most of the evening watching Marley and Me with Larry and me. She wanted out when the movie was almost over, and then dug up the plants. I replanted them, and was relieved all but one survived.

  12. Never get to see grasshoppers and my dahlias never took off.
    Everything looks so lush...your garden has come a long way.
    Nice job.

  13. I really like seeing wider views of your garden. It looks great and so full still. Heidi is so cute, she looks like she's really sweet.
    Take care of you knee and Congrats on your nominations :)

  14. Beautiful insect shots. The wild Rugose Goldenrod is blooming here too and I really like it -- it's my favorite of the goldenrod species. Heidi always looks like she's ready to do something! lol

  15. Hey Sue! There goes our same funny little bug! I also took photos of! I love your goldenrod...very airy and graceful looking. I bet you have the prettiest yard on the block!

  16. Hi Sue -
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving your thoughts! I replied there as well, but just in case you didn't get back I wanted to let you know what I found out about the other flowers in the post.

    You are right about the Goldenrod, and the purple ones are purple aster. The white ones are Daisy Fleabane also of the aster family. They look just like the purple ones except for the white petals.

    The first picture has a bit of milkweed in the foreground (turning yellow)

    Your gardens are beautiful. You have some great posts. I look forward to coming back and looking around!

  17. What a charming home and garden you have!

  18. It may be a Grapeleaf Skeletonizer (Harrisina americana). Nice photo.

  19. Hi Sue, Your front yard gardens are looking so lush and full. And Heidi is as pretty as ever.

  20. that's a lot of bees, butterfly and you adorable dog.

    my entry:

  21. Wonderful gardens, and I enjoyed all the bug photos. And I really love your dog. Heidi reminds me of my old dog Sunshine, she was the best. Thanks for sharing your critters.

  22. What a pretty and peaceful walk around the yard with Heidi. So funny about her digging up the plants after she watched Marley & Me with you. I hope you give your knee lots of rest so that it heals 100% and you have no further issues with it.

  23. I love all the colors in your garden. Thank you for the wide views -- your garden is so beautiful. Heidi is adorable.

  24. Congratulations on your Blotanical nominations! I enjoyed taking the tour with Heidi and was wondering when she was going to start her own twitter account?
    Love your entrance walkway. It must take a long time to get to the front door. So many wonderful plants to stop and visit with along the way.

  25. Heidi is very soulfull looking. I wonder if she was looking for more squirrels?

  26. Sue, I love visiting your garden. It has a warm and welcoming feel to it...and it's lovely. I see that your signature plant, amsonia, is turning it's lovely fall coloring....Isn't super macro fun! The bees and other critters look stellar, btw. I agree with an earlier commenter~~your new avatar is great. gail

  27. LOL, maybe Heidi (great name, by the way!) isn't so much looking across the street but checking if the coast is clear before using the hydrant! ;-)

  28. I enjoyed your puppy's tour of the garden :)

  29. I absolutely love your doggy, labs are the cutest dogs ever. And your photos are awesome too. Gotta love seeing macro pictures of insects in their natural habitat...beautiful pictures. Check out my article on how to deal with ants, maybe you'll find it useful :) Thanks again for your post, I love your blog!

    Take care, Julie


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