Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Not So Pretty Fix for Toppling Tomato Cages for Wordless Wednesday


  1. As long as you are harvesting tomatoes, pretty doesn't matter!

  2. Our tomatoes toppled long ago. The only cages I have seen that were substantial enough to prevent toppling were ones made by my husband's uncle.

  3. yummy those tomatoes look good. when I come to your post your header always makes me feel warm and welcome and I know there's a lot going on on this corner..sandy

  4. I love to see your tomato doing fine with big fruits. I notice a high tensile iron rod used as support in your garden, which could have used to build 20 story building!.. Anticipation of heavy produce?.. Cheers ~ bangchik

  5. Hi Sue,

    You just left some lovely comments in my blog, and you know how that goes :--) I «HAD» to come and visit your garden!

    I am so jealous about your tomatoes! I harvested so little this year, courtesy of the doggone tomato horned worm :(

    I love your garden photos!!!

    PS: one thing I forgot to add to my reply to your comment in my blog is that if you want info on how to grow chayote (you'll see why I still think you can grow it in the comment I left you in my blog) just type "chayote" in the top left search part of my blog and all the entries related will come of those has plant starting instructions.

    Take care & I'll surely be back!

    PS: your message of "politely declining tags" made me laugh. I am not nearly as nice as you & for a long time I had mean messages flat out saying "NO TAGGING, NO AWARDS & NO POKING"...oh yeah, there was a small please somewhere in it as well :-) That's one of the reasons I left Blotanical too...too much of that popularity contest thing going on...

  6. Your tomatoes look wonderfully loaded. No wonder they are toppling. Pretty doesn't matter when it comes to veggies.


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