Tuesday, September 15, 2009

September Bloom Day

I started blogging in October, 2008. It didn't take long to find Carol, of May Dreams Gardens, after noticing people's GBBD posts. I did a September bloom day post, because I had photos from then, and was excited to become involved. So, I've sort of been participating in GBBD for a year.

I took these photos a couple days ago, in the morning after a rain. (I can't remember all of the varieties of the plants I have, so I'll just say what I do know.) I started in the back yard.

I've given up some of the deadheading on the basils. This is Siam Queen Thai basil.

The Gerbera daisy hasn't bloomed much this year, but is looking lovely now.

This angel wing begonia will be coming inside when cold weather gets here.

I couldn't get a good photo of the Sweet Autumn clematis on the other side of the deck, so used this one of the inside of the deck.

I've posted before about some flowers I did not plant. Well, it took me a little while to figure out the plant growing right next to my Wichita Falls goldenrod was a canna. I asked about whether it could have come from one my mother-in-law planted over 11 years ago, and was told it probably seeded from a neighbor's plant. I'm not a huge canna fan, but let it grow. I'm still not certain whether I like it or not, so I may or may not try to dig it out to store over the winter.

The taller than me Rough goldenrod is almost finished blooming. The false sunflowers on the other side of the fence are almost finished blooming.

The impatiens that seeded themselves are doing quite well.

The snail vine that was planted in the ground is just starting to bloom, and is mixing it up with the clematis I didn't get deadheaded.

I like the color of this lantana.

Moving to the side yard, I'm glad a couple moonflowers planted themselves in with the grasses by the garbage cans. I like them better than the grasses. This one is hiding behind some hollyhock leaves.

There are several anise hyssop plants in this area from seeds dropped last year.

One of the annuals I got for 75% off to fill an empty spot:


Balloon flower:

I thought the spiderworts were finished blooming, but this one surprised me.

Now, we're in the front yard, where kiss me over the garden gate is still one of the stars of the show. The black eyed Susan vine underneath is doing quite well, too. The tall bloomless cosmos are to the right.

The Immortality iris has been blooming a few weeks. The Black and Blue salvias and celosias have bloomed most of the summer.

The dahlias from Menards are the other attention grabbers in the front, and have demanded to be posted on every time blooms are involved. The Mexican sunflowers in the upper right corner are not as tall as those across the street, but are doing fine, and the insects like them, too. Oh, and I can see the rattlesnake master behind them.

Pink Butterfly pentas:

September Charm anemone:


Volunteer cleomes have been blooming most of the summer:

The cosmos I planted the seeds of are just starting to bloom in the tub, and the ones in the ground have no buds yet.

There are lots of blooms on these dahlias planted in a wash tub.

This hosta that was given to me by a friend who died from brain cancer a number of years ago is blooming.

The orange celosias that came from last year's plants survived being moved while blooming a few weeks ago. I remember reading that they did not need to be deadheaded, so was surprised these came up and looked the same as the parent plants.

Fireworks goldenrod is one of my very favorite kinds of flowers. They are loved by bees, butterflies, and other insects too.

I planted these orange portulacas in the spots left when I moved my perennial geraniums to the garden across the street, knowing new curbs were being put in. They didn't even stop blooming when I took them out for the repairs and then put them in new spots. They seem to enjoy the company of the Woods Purple asters that joined them.

These are some of the lantanas I put in pots to put in empty spots. This one is next to some of the Fireworks goldenrod. A few sprigs of it can be seen in the photo. I wish I had planned it this way, as they look awesome together.

Peach Melba nasturtiums have been blooming across the street a few weeks, and I keep forgetting to include them. I didn't realize they would be 2 toned. I think I like the single colored ones better, but at least these are blooming well. Some years I don't get many nasturtium blooms. I keep forgetting to add some to salads.

Happy September Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day! I hope we have time to visit each other and see what all is still blooming in each others' gardens! Thanks for continuing to host this, Carol!


  1. Just gorgeous Sue!! I really like the orange celosia!! Are you going to gather seeds from it this year?

  2. I did not know an iris could bloom that long in the season??Tell me about it . My cousin would love it ..

    I love the aroma of moon flowers- interesting nasturtium,,I always ahve the reds and oranges. I find their leaves so delicate..

  3. Hi Sue, so many blooms! It all looks fabulous, with something for every taste in flowers. Your dahlias are exquisite! :-)

  4. You have tons of blooms Sue. I too like those lantana colors. So nice and soft.

  5. One is more beauteous than the next!

  6. Wow, I love seeing the wide variety of flowers that you grow. You have turned your suburban lot into a garden paradise. I'm glad to know that I am not the only one with bloomless cosmos. I love that osteospermum with the cupped petals. I think I'll grow that Thai basil next year just for the pretty foliage.

  7. Sue,
    A feast for the eyes!
    Thanks for sharing all your pretty blooms. Now, how to pick a favorite? Hmmm....Cleome, spider plant. Just because it's a volunteer. :)

  8. I tried to post earlier and my server was cranky and uncooperative. What I meant to say was that you have a lot of pretty blooms for Bloom Day. That orange celosia is a stunner.

  9. Sue, You have many fantastic flowers still blooming~~Maybe you ought to plant the goldenrod by the canna and let them fight it out! I do wish my spiderwort would rebloom and I am smitten with Kiss Me Over The Garden Gate. I need more sun! Have a good day! gail

  10. Sue, your garden is growing by leaps and bounds since the first time I visited here! You are so lucky to have so many plants that self-seeded; that's the kind of gardening I like:) I do like cannas, but I think they need the right space. I don't think they fit in with my cottage-style gardening, but I've seen them with profusion zinnias and lantana before, and they're quite dramatic.

  11. Sue, every single photo was of interest to me. I could be here all day with comments, but won't do that to you. I've never seen Peach Melba nasturtium before and can't get over how pretty it is. Luv how your angel wing begonia looks with the white wicker. Outstanding post.

  12. wonderful array of blooms. I like your lavender in particular.

  13. You have alot blooming! I like the Dahlias the best followed closely by the 'September Charm' Anemone, Gerbera and the Angel Wing Begonia. I'm not a big fan of Gerberas in the garden but they are so photogenic. You did a great job on your photo of it with the water droplets:)

  14. BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL....I wish I had a little of your green thumb.
    Prayers, Bo

  15. I found your blog through Frances at fairegarden. You still have so much in flower. I love the Thai basil, it is so pretty.

  16. I'm admiring all the beautiful blooms with raindrops on them. I love your 75% off bargain Osteospermum. It's such a cool shape. Have you considered trying to overwinter it in a garage or basement? I thought I was the only one whose Cosmos were very late in blooming. Maybe we need to start them earlier. You should take credit for the color echo of the yellow Lantana and 'Fireworks' Goldenrod, they do look great together. I think I'll make a note, as I have the Goldenrod already.

  17. Beautiful blooms Sue! Such colors,
    Happy GBBD!


  18. Isn't it a good thing that things continue to bloom, even though it's September and maybe I'm not as diligent as I wish I could be sometimes these days? Looking very good over there!! The basil is beautiful. :-)

  19. Your garden must look beautiful, you have tons in bloom right now. I love Kiss me over the garden gate!

  20. You have posted a lot of beautiful blooms for today! I especially like the KMOTGG, the iris, the pink Pentas, and the Anemones. Love the dahlias too, both the pink and the sea anemone-type. And of course the Cleomes! They are such lovely and long-blooming annuals. It was a joy to see all of your flowers.

  21. sue, what a wonderful post. begonia is looking so fresh!!!
    Is your snail vine fragrant? i have grown one with seed last year and it is 12 feet high but no bloom yet.
    beautiful lantana and this one gets the most butterflies here.
    your moon flower is different than ours. but i am sure it is as fragrant.

  22. Such gorgeous photos! I hope you receive as much enjoyment from your garden as I think you have given by sharing it!

  23. Dang Sue those are the prettiest flowers. LOL I kept thinking of which one I would comment on but they are all so pretty.


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