Thursday, September 24, 2009

Some Wild and not so Wild Blooms for Friday

Katarina, from Roses and Stuff, who hosts Blooming Friday, asked us to share our favorite wildflowers today. (It's Friday in Sweden already.) If you read my blotanical profile, you'll see that I don't do well picking favorites. Plus, I have trouble limiting my photos to one or two a post, so here are some photos taken today of some of the flowers I either know to be or think are wildflowers, and then there will be some other blooms from a couple days ago.

Have a great weekend, and Happy Fall! Now that it's here, I'm trying to relax and enjoy it.

The Queen Anne's Lace in the front bed is blooming and in all stages of seed production.

The asters planted by birds from our neighbor's yard are finally blooming. I think they are New England ones.

I don't know if hybrid coneflowers are considered wildflowers, but this one was a white swan about 10 years ago, and at some point, it reverted to purple.

Skull Cap, I think either Smokey Hills, or Mongolian Skies:

'Wichita Mountains' Goldenrod, Rudbeckia 'Herbstonne', helenium, and an aster, one of the insects' favorite places to hang out:

A closer view of Herbstonne:

I don't remember if I posted photos of the lead plant while it was blooming. I got it for free a number of years ago when our state arboretum was encouraging people to grow native flowers.

I think this is Ratibida pinnata. I have the name listed on another post somewhere. I noticed they can also be called yellow coneflowers. I was keeping most of the seedheads on them, but Larry got helpful and cut them off. The seed stalk in the photo is from a hollyhock plant.

Rough Blazing Star, Liatris Aspera is one of my favorite flowers, and it is also a wildflower. I must love Wichita Falls Goldenrod, too, as I have it in different areas of our yard, including the west side of our shed here in the back yard. Fireworks goldenrod is actually my favorite goldenrod, though. I bet you could pick it out in my header photo.

Chocolate Joe Pye Weed:

Here are some blooms that I had taken with Blooming Friday in mind. The first one is from today, and the rest were taken a couple days ago.

I didn't remember the white iris that is still blooming, blooming this spring, but I do remember this yellow one blooming. I am so tickled that it is blooming again! It looks so pretty near the Fireworks Goldenrod.

I don't remember having a sweet potato vine bloom before, but this one, one that was sold for food production is:

The package of the Perfume Delight sweet peas, sold by Botanical Interests, said these bloom into summer, and are more heat resistant to other varieties. We didn't have as hot a summer as usual, but we did have some hot days, where I thought I should be pulling the sweet peas out, but I'm so glad I didn't. We are now having cooler days and nights, and all of a sudden, the vines are taking off and blooming just like they think it's spring.

One of the sweet peas climbing into the Mexican sunflowers:


  1. Nice selection Sue! Your Sweet peas are a great shade of pink, and I like how it rambles through the zinnias.

  2. Oops my bad, I mean the Mexican sunflowers. Rosey

  3. Everytime I see skull cap I keep telling myself I need it, but haven't yet found it. But really I know I can't live without Herbsonne!

  4. Hi Sue~~ I'm so glad to see that there is another person in blog-land who has trouble picking favorites. :]

    It was interesting to see your lead plant. I sowed seed last year. This year the plants returned but STILL didn't bloom. Patience, patience.
    Yours look very healthy.

    I love the idea of heat tolerant sweet peas. Thanks for the tip. I'll be looking for Botanical Interest. Nice sweet potato flower. Looks like a fancy morning glory.

  5. So many pretty choices to choose from in your garden right now Sue. I am partial to the Verbena Bonariensis since it attracts butterflies, bees & hummingbirds. I scattered some seed from Queen Anne's Lace in my garden recently, hope it takes. ;)

  6. Your pink sweet peas are cute! Have a great weekend!//Eva

  7. Fantastic shots of all the flowers you have.

    Have a great weekend

    Gunilla in Sweden

  8. You show a great sequence of lovely late summer flowers. I love your last photo with my favorite colour combination - orange and magenta!
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Randi in Sweden

  9. So many wonderful flowers. And still I lika sweet peas the most. Thank You and have a nice week end!

  10. Fantastic blooms as always, Sue. The Queen Anne's Lace looks lovely. The skullcaps and asters look terrific! Gifts from the birds...what can be better than this?

    Have a great weekend!

  11. I sure like the looks of your Chocolate Joe Pye Weed. And I can never get enough of seeing Queen Anne's Lace. Is that a new profile photo? Very nice.

  12. So I'm not the only one with a problem filling out the favorites part on blotanical,lol. My favorites from this post are the Liatris and 'Herbstonne'- oh and the Iris- I haven't managed to have a fall blooming one yet.

    Happy Friday!

  13. never saw a sweet pea vine bloom ever

  14. Ooo... that yellow and blue-violet display is stunning! I'll have to check out that WF Solidago. Most of the ones that I've seen are fountain shaped and I'd love one that is more upright in form.


  15. A colourful flower parade to enjoy this Blooming Friday! I've never seen a sweet potatoe flower before - what a treat!

  16. Hi Sue in Nebraska, delightful post today, so many of my favorites. I think you saved the best to the last, the Mexican sunflower, it has such a pretty color.

    Have a great weekend/ Tyra

  17. I especially like your asters and skullcap. Such wonderful shades of violet-blue! Is your yellow iris 'Harvest of Memories'? That one has a delicious fragrance.

  18. What great color you still have for the almost end of September!! Bilbo is here..

  19. Mixican sunflower looks really nice, as do the rest as well. I'm amazed over the quantity of different sorts you have in your garden!!

  20. Thanks for the comments everyone! I just did a search of the 'Harvest of Memories' iris that Sweet Bay thought may be what the yellow iris I have is, and guess what I found? I found an old page of Sweet Bay's blog from either 2007 or 2008. I can't remember now. It was great fun reading it. Even though I have trouble keeping up with the blogs I like to read, I am now wanting to go check up on others' archives. Oh, did you know Sweet Bay moved her house to get it out of a flood plain?


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