Saturday, September 12, 2009

Some of the Critters I've Seen This Week

This monarch enjoyed the zinnias in my front yard.

See how much?

When I was taking photos of the weeds across the street, I took some photos of this locust shell on the Spanish needles plant.

I found another daddy long legs in the front yard on this painter's pallet. After finding 4 in the back yard last week, I imagine there are more in the front yard that I didn't see.

I tried to figure out what the blue critter could be on the middle Bell Ringer campanula.

After taking several photos, and getting closer, I picked up the "critter" thinking it may not be one after all, and I was right. It was a petal from this Blue Mist spirea, which this bee seemed to be enjoying.

I am glad I haven't seen many grasshoppers this year. At the end of the season they seem to move slower, and this one didn't jump when I got close with my camera.

I have photos of bees on these dahlias from more than one day.

There area usually bees on the Mexican sunflowers whenever I go out, as well.

I have mentioned seeing 2 to 4 monarchs a day for a number of weeks. Yesterday, I counted 8 enjoying the huge Mexican sunflowers and zinnias across the street, but there could have been more. They weren't holding still for me to count them. It was awesome! I need to get myself registered as a monarch waystation. I'm wondering if some of these are from farther north, and are getting ready for their migration.

I have been trying to get a photo of a monarch with its wings open, but they close them again too quickly. I hope to get one yet, but this one will do for now.

To see more critters or find out how to include your post, click on the Camera Critters icon in the sidebar. I hope you are having a good weekend!


  1. Grasshoppers and locust - we had a lot of them when lived in Kansas City, but not here, in the NW. I remember, those grasshoppers were huge and fat. Love the monarch and zinnia pictures with the sky background!

  2. Sue girl ! You are so lucky to have the Monarchs visit you like this : ) I haven't seen any in my garden .. and I keep telling everyone I have so many of the butterfly "magnet" plants .. I just don't know what is wrong .. darn it !
    I did have a grasshopper surprise me on the deck however .. talk about a grown woman running away from a little bug ? TOO SILLY !! haha

  3. OMG, these photos are to die for. I absolutely need to paint one or more of these butterflies. My time has been so short lately but I think I am caught up so I can paint. I will let you know when I do. Thanks again.

  4. Lovely zinnia!!... Only fat green grasshoppers been visiting our garden lately, munching the green veggies. ~bangchik

  5. Joyful colors on a gray Florida day rare but I love it sandy I'm canning and juicing

  6. Sue I'd like you to look into a plant called musical notes in the clerodendron family . I love it so and know you would sandy

  7. I had to enlarge the photo of the "blue critter" before I could even see it. Looks like a critter to me. I used to have two Blue Mist spirea....they died. Luv how the Monarch dove head first into the Zinnia. I could have lived forever without seeing the locust shell:)

  8. I love your Monarch pictures and the Bell Ringer Campanula.

  9. I welcome them all but the grasshoppers. Isn't it fun to see nature enjoying your bounty??

  10. Sue, could you email me please. My address will come with this response. I need to ask you something.

  11. Your Buterfly pics are great! They are so elusive to catch on camera--they just won't stay still!

  12. I love the butterfly on the mexican sunflower! That is a great picture.

  13. Fabulous critter shots. It is hard to capture them, they have minds of their own. Those Monarchs' look great on the blossoms, we don't get Monarch's at this high altitude and I miss them a lot, plus no crickets chirping.

  14. Glad you have Monarchs! Great photos of your critters! They delight and entertain, don't they?



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