Saturday, May 16, 2009

That Pesky (and Persistent) Rabbit!

There was a bit of drama that took place while taking pics of blooms for GBBD on the 14th.  Look what was under the table!

I took a bunch of photos before stomping toward the rabbit, and it went down into the yard.  In this shot, it is on its way back to the deck.  (I forgot to ask if anyone knows what the bushy strawberry look-a-like plant is that is growing in the tub.  I think I let it grow last year to see what it did, but don't remember. I'll try looking through last year's photos.)

Again, I took a lot of pics before losing my patience and getting it to get back off the deck.  You can see here, what the rabbit had been eating.

Too tame!

Back in the yard:

Too tame!

What, you are going back to the deck?!!!  Gutsy, and too tame!

Come on, Heidi, help me scare the pesky critter out of our back yard!

Where is it?

The mother of thousands has been eaten down the stem:

Yes, I chased you off of the deck, and I can still see you.

Get out of my yard!

Heidi, get out of my flowers!  It's out of the yard now!

What?!!! (Less than half an hour later.)

No, you're not going back onto the deck this time!


Well, let's move the plant out of reach.

Poor Heidi!

A little later, I'm wondering if this is the same rabbit.

When it started to munch on my spinach, I pitched a fit, and it ran into the next door neighbors yard.

I need to spray some liquid fence to set some boundaries!


  1. That's a pretty nervy bunny. Love the look on Heidi's face. "Which way did he go, which way did he go?

  2. Your frustration really comes across in this series of photos. A bunny on a mission, judging by the way it kept coming back. Hope Heidi can scare it away.

  3. Susan ! My goodness girl that rabbit knows when she? has a good home ? haha .. poor Heidi .. she knows she is supposed to do something about this problem but the bunny also knows not to let her too close .. you have a FAN girl ! LOL

  4. I know how you feel, my garden is a haven for baby bunnies just this morning my 2 dogs chased about 5 babies out of the yard and they will come back later. That look on Heidi's face is too funny!

  5. Sue -- a product that is organic and works really well for me is I MUST GARDEN (just search and you'll get the website). It doesn't smell bad and it can be used on veggies, too. It is made from rosemary oil, thyme oil, and a lot of other "food" products.

    As for my Cinnamon Bunny -- the red-tailed hawk (aka "The Red Baron") attacked her before our eyes on the path in the butterfly garden. He hit her hard! Some crows chased him away and my husband had to bury her. However, we went on vacation and didn't have any bunny munching while we were gone -- I did spray everything right before we left, too.


  6. Sorry, but the picture of the rabbit laying with its feet folded under it like a cat is hilarious.

    I have come to the conclusion that rabbits are actually pretty smart.

  7. me and my kids just loved the whole was like watching TOM AND JERRY....

  8. I love the bunnies we get living around the house. But like everyone else, I could do without them eating my garden.

  9. That is a brave one! It reminds me of the squirrels in the bird feeders here. They just look at you like you're bothering them. I hope the rabbit finds a new place to eat!

  10. Even though you are losing patience with this rabbit you have to admit it is a cutey!!Smiling :)

  11. Oh-oh that is one determined bunny! ;) Get em' Heidi! You want to borrow my beagle, the rabbits never dare to step into my yard anymore. Oops I better knock on wood now, lol.

  12. My visit via Carol's GBBD. Your blooms are beautiful.

    This bunny story is excellent. I, too, wage the battle. I've used blood meal, cayenne pepper, and human hair as well as Liquid Fence.

    And, I don't think they're cute! I'm looking to hire Elmer Fudd.

  13. Yikes, looks like a real pest! We had one over the winter hiding under our steps, and it looked pretty cute at that time of year. Well, he seems to still be there, and now he's not cute at all!

  14. Now that's a determined rabbit there. Great photos.

  15. wow gutsy rabbit.... they are cute...but your poor garden...I'm afraid my dogs would have destroyed my garden going after the rabbit...

  16. Linda (your daughter-in-law)May 19, 2009 at 9:59 AM

    I think that unknown strawberry looking plant may be cinquefoil

  17. I had to laugh at the way this presumptuous rabbit has made itself at home. It acts like a pet, sitting under the table waiting for scraps and hanging out at the water bowl (birdbath). It even has its own little red chew toy.

  18. Okay, I think this catches me up & what a way to do that, that is one brave little rabbit.
    Prayers, Bo


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