Saturday, May 2, 2009

Veggie Garden Update, Part 1

I added this photo from a few days ago, since I keep referring to the salads I'm making from thinnings and violets.

Suburban Gardener asked me to do a veggie garden update.  I mostly worked at my garden across the street today, so need to do some work here, hopefully tomorrow.  I took too many photos to include the ones from across the street, so I'll put them in another post.  (The photos enlarge when clicked on.)

I have done a pretty good job with succession planting.  The first photo shows the smaller lettuce plants that were planted after the radishes came up.  In the back is my February planted "gamble garden."

This is a closer photo of the Butterhead Speckles that was planted between the radishes.

I think I'll pick my first radishes tomorrow.

A closer view of the February planted attempted circle:


To the west:

Onions, last year's kale, and a taller type of edible pod peas by the fence, which I see are being eaten by a rabbit now that the protective cover is off:

The kale is going to bloom.  I think I'll just let 1 or 2 of them bloom.  I have had kale reseed before.

To the south of the kale and onions, spinach and carrots are coming up, and I'm still adding violet leaves and flowers to my thinnings for salads.  The recently planted cilantro is not up yet.

The dill that plants itself is up!

Back to the south side, to the west of the onions and last year's kale, are Early Wonder Beets, kale, I think, the Italian Lacinato, Nero Toscana kind, and a mesclun mix:

Closer of the mesclun and different kind of kale, and part of another few rows of onions, and an assortment of weeds and volunteer flowers:

Buttercrunch lettuce and onions:

I am at the point where I can have daily salads with the thinnings, and am starting to fall behind.  I need to do this next, so the heads can form.

The hollyhocks, larkspur, and garlic also need to be thinned.  I was thinking about trying to replant some of the garlic, but it may have gotten too big.  I may try and see what happens.  I didn't get individual bulbs put back in last year, like I did the year before.

Across to the north side is another attempt at a circle planting, with kale in the middle.  I don't remember which kind of kale I put there.  I have thinned the spinach some, and so far, just put it in my salads.  

The large plant is chard from last year.  I don't know if I should leave it there.  The leaves have been a bit bitter.  I think the plants near it are the Early White Vienna Kohlrabi I planted.  I tasted a leaf, and it reminded me of the taste of kohlrabi.  I think I'll put those thinnings in my next batch of salad.

Is this kohlrabi?


I need to turn my compost piles.  The 3 sections look like 1.

The view from the back, next to the compost pile, facing east:

I have really gotten behind in my blog reading.  I have been busy, and when I find time to work in the garden, I think of you and hope you are able to be out in your gardens.


  1. Everything looks great! I had to move all my lettuces last week, cause they were cookin' in our hot Florida sun. Hopefully, I can get a little bit more out of them now before they croak for good.

  2. You really have a lot growing. It must be nice to have fresh salads daily!

  3. I have finally be able to plant things in my garden and I plan on planting my lettuce tomorrow. Yours looks pretty good!

  4. Coming right along....I think we are all spending less time blogging and more time gardening!! Catch up when you can..

  5. wow your garden is doing you will have lot's of good meals from it..

  6. Thanks for leaving comments. I'm still not sure if the plants I'm not sure about are kohlrabi. I also bought some turnips for greens seeds, and that may be what is there. That's what I get for not marking my rows.

  7. Your garden is looking good. Fresh salads from the garden are always the best.
    Prayers, Bo

  8. those salads looks so mouth watering.... my mom n hub love to do a lot of gardening...and i enjoy the


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