Saturday, May 23, 2009

Birds and Blooms

The irises in the row next to the street don't all bloom at the same time, but the day lilies don't either.  I still enjoy them.  Here's the straggler that just opened yesterday:

Shell leaf penstemon:

One of the Dutch Iris turned out to be yellow.  Behind it are statice plants I had started inside.  They are growing!

I don't remember where I got this iris.  I need to deadhead the day lily.

One of the 3 different kinds of spiderworts is blooming.  I didn't realize when I first planted them, that they like lots of water.  They are with plants that don't need it, but I just try to give them drinks when I water the pots or newly planted flowers.

I brought these irises with us when we moved from our other house 11 years ago.

The birds are less flighty this year.  The dove pair let me take lots of photos of them as they walked down the street.  It was fun watching them.

I got this columbine from a neighbor when we first moved here, and it was the only one I could grow until recently.

I can't remember the name of this clematis, but it needs to be tied up to its support each year.  The lovely blue blooms are worth it.

Some kind of dianthus:

Another not remembered clematis on the veggie garden fence:

The iris in front of the bed started last June may be one I got from a pile my neighbor was getting rid of:

The robins have been getting close, too, but this one, I took from a distance, using my zoom.

I didn't include all the photos of the path the bird took as I snapped.  Digital photography is fun!

I thought I'd missed getting one of it on the path, but I got one!

I included this one of the robin in the grass to show off the flower beds.

As I was watching my grandson blowing bubbles, he pointed, like he does a lot, and said, "Bird!"  The photo I took of him pointing and saying that did not turn out well, but here's what he was pointing at:

He also saw this one playing "peek" with us:


  1. You have a gorgeous collection of irises, Sue. They're making me want to fit some in, somewhere.

  2. Susan we should be calling you the iris girl ? LOL
    They are very pretty : )
    I do that too with the birds .. I love watching them take a walk or resting .. our robinator is a funny guy, he gets so close to me when I am working it amazes me ! I think he knows I disturb the ground just enough for him to grab some tasty bugs or worms ?
    Great pictures of gorgeous flowers girl !

  3. I haven't seen Shell Leaf Penstemon before. I like it! I really like your plicata iris too, and I love the shot of the 2 doves together. Your garden is looking lovely.

  4. I love all your flowers but my favourite is the shell leaf penstemon.

  5. Hi Sue! You have a bevy of wonderful beauties! The penstemon has caught my eye! It's a beautiful I must look for it, since I have fallen under the spell of all things penstemon! Have a great week! gail

  6. i love the way those two beautiful birds were clicked. and yes the flowers are beautiful too.

  7. Looks so pretty there, I love your clematis. It's nice when the birds pose a little rather than fly off!

  8. What beautiful blooms, Sue! It looks like Spring. You have a lovely collection of Clematis.

  9. What beautiful blooms, Sue! It looks like Spring. You have a lovely collection of Clematis.

  10. Thanks, everyone! I like irises because they are lovely nice sized blooms, and even though the blooms don't last long, the plants don't take a lot of room.

    I have my computer outside because I am taking a break from gardening, and waiting to see if Larry needs help replacing the rotting wood in the sidewalk up to our house. Every time I am out, the robins are playing hide and seek with me. What funny birds they are, hopping around here and there, looking to see if I'm looking at them. I told one of them I don't have my camera out with me, and it seems to have lost interest in our game.

    I have several kinds of penstemons, and the thing about them, is that once they are finished blooming, I always cut the flower stems down at the base of the plant, and they stay short the rest of the season. I frequently stick a few annuals here and there near the penstemons.

    Oh, a robin is back, hopping around.

    I love clematis, and have several not blooming yet.

    Happy Spring!

  11. Oh, and Sweet Bay, thanks for IDing the iris. I'll have to look that up. I have another 2 toned one open. What fun!

  12. Beautiful flower beds...and that robin is a lovely that you welcome birds in your life. <3

  13. What gorgeous irises and clematises you have! You make me look forward to mine. Nice bird shots too.

  14. Beautiful blooms Sue! I'm interested in that Shell-leaf Penstemon. I've just added a couple of varieties to my garden in the past year and now I'm addicted. ;)

  15. Such beauty! Your beds are looking so full, and the garden shots (above) look so promising:)

  16. How beautiful! I love your yard and garden.


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