Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Veggie Garden Update, Part 2- Across the Street

I took these photos yesterday.  They enlarge when clicked on.  In the upper left are the iris I planted.  To their right are some cement blocks we dug out of the area.  There are Mexican sunflowers, cactus zinnias, and fennel seeds planted in the area to the right of the white fence.  The path still has some weeds, and next to them are some lettuce, radish, and kale seedlings.

In the lettuce/radish bed I planted 4 tomato, Hybrid Super Bush, and a couple Chianti Hybrid peppers I had started from seeds inside.

I planted some more salad fixings in the area after I thinned it.

I planted Yukon Gold, and I think, Viking potatoes.  It's time to hill them.  I plan to put leaves over them and see if I have some finished compost to put on them, or bags of top soil.

I didn't notice before that different kinds of potato plants have differently shaped leaves.


Next to the 3 beds of potatoes there is an area with onions (on the upper left of the pic), and then some romaine lettuce coming up.  The rabbits in my garden love romaine, so I'm hoping there's enough for everyone, and they won't eat as much of the other plants.

The romaine and onions from the other direction:

A larger view from the side:

I'm not sure what this is growing next to the onions.  Do you know?   It reminds me of coneflowers or rudbeckias, but I'm not sure.  It's awfully spready.

I have a row of Flash sunflowers at the far end, and a row of a type of large growing Russian sunflowers coming up.

To the side, near the onions, is a 4 by 4ish foot bed of salad greens I also thinned yesterday.

Well, it's 80 degrees, a degree warmer than when I sat down, so it didn't cool off a bit while I was putting this post together.  I better go out anyway, and be thankful it's warm enough to garden!  I hope you are enjoying some outside time!


  1. Susan I love that last shot with you "cooling off" ? LOL
    You have a whole grocery store there girl !
    Joy : )

  2. Love the cooling off photo! I don't know what the mystery foliage is, does not look like cone flowers, or black eyed susans.

  3. You've sure got a lot growing over there! I think your mystery could be some type of campanula, some can really spread and their leaves are similar to cone flowers.
    I never noticed the difference in potato foliage either, interesting.

  4. I can't wait to see your garden when it's all big and bushy! The photos of your potato plant lead me to believe the mystery plant in my potato row might just be a weed because it doesn't look like either of your potato plants. Hmph. Seems like you've got a great garden plan going on there!!!

  5. 80 degrees feels wonderful, doesn't it? I agree with Catherine, those leaves look like Campanula to me too.

  6. Sue, Thank you so much for the update on your veggies. My jaw dropped to the floor when I looked through all of these photos. Gosh, you have so much space, so many plants. It is coming along great!!! I am nearly overwhelmed with the lettuce we are growing. It grows so fast. Can not imagine how much greens you must be gettings. Looks like we have the same type of Italian Kale also. It's our first kale, and is very good in our salads.

    Well thanks so much for the update. We look forward to seeing the progress as the season gives us more photosynthesis and more yummy veggies.

    Suburban Gardener

  7. One of these days I'll eat healthy and grow my own.
    Your doing good !!

  8. Very nice! You sure will have your work cut out for you when all of your veggies are ready to be harvested! Do you sell any or just use them for your home? It'll be fun to see everything when it has had time to grow :)

  9. What a wonderfully large veggie garden! Everything looks great.


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