Sunday, May 31, 2009

Birds and Blooms from Today

Beyond the flower bed, in the street, I noticed another pigeon was with the one from yesterday.  I don't know what they were eating in the street, and I don't know where they live, or if I should be glad they are in my neighborhood.

I wonder if they are the same kind of pigeon, one male, the other female.

I heard this baby robin before seeing it.  It was quite loud today, and apparently can't fly yet.

I kept my distance as much as I could, but needed to get a little closer to take a picture of my foxglove.  Most of the time, the baby looked the other way, I think hoping if it couldn't see me, then I must not be able to see it.  It did briefly look me in the eye.

Back to the back!

Here are some blooms in the front flower bed.  These dianthus/sweet Williams are like a bouquet.  I am pleased they survived the winter.

The foxgloves bloomed last year, too.

Recently planted snap dragons:

Some delphiniums near a bell flower that is in full bloom:


  1. Hi Sue~~ It looks like you've created an avian oasis. Even a baby bird feels safe there. Beautiful blooms. Don't you love this time of year?

  2. oh that little baby robin is so sweet. your garden has come along quickly. have a wonderful day.

  3. the birds are loving your gardens and I can see why!

  4. The robin looks a little perturbed in the one photo!

  5. I love foxgloves, they always remind me of my mom. Such a shame that I can't grow them in my garden. Way too hot here!

  6. Besutiful pics & the birds seem to love your garden too.
    Prayers, Bo

  7. Sue,

    you took great photos of the your pretty....

  8. Thanks for your comments. I think I've visited your blogs either today, or in the last day or two.

    My last day of work until the middle of August is Thursday, and I hope to garden, clean our house, de-clutter, and blog.

  9. You have a beautiful garden with lovely set of flowers

  10. Love the Dianthus. It's beautiful!

  11. I came across your blog while browsing the internet. It is lovely. I really enjoy it. I live in Vienna and have a small garden since last year. I will try to grow foxglove and other things. I hope it is ok if I follow your blog. I also love the way you enjoy the feathered people around. I am the same.
    Take care. Erla


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