Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It Really is Spring!

I mentioned seeing a ladybug the other day.  Last night, I saw my first hummingbird moth of the season on a Japanese iris.  I saw my first lightning bug this evening!

A few peonies have opened.

The Dutch Iris I planted for the first time last fall are blooming.  A friend stopped by this evening and said they are exquisite!  

I have more knautia, which are the parents of this one by the curb, which is opening its buds a little before the others.

The Johnson Blue geraniums are joining the other geraniums in blooming.

These photos were taken yesterday.  I took a nap when I got home from work because I stayed up too late last night, then I went out and picked spinach, kale, and 2 green onions, and then made some soup from them and leftover chicken and some frozen pepper stir fry and frozen California blend veggies.  I seasoned it with rosemary, thyme, parsley, and garlic chives.

(Added 5/21: I also put some vegetable soup paste and 2 cans of diced tomatoes with garlic and onion in the soup.  We sprinkled parmesan cheese on top.)

I got most of my plants planted this evening, and had to water lots of things because it's been so hot and windy.  There are more flowers blooming that weren't yesterday, but I worked until past dark, and did not get a single picture taken today!

I hope by now, you low numbered zone people are enjoying some gardening.  Mine is in full swing!


  1. Hi Sue~~ Every day I walk outside and stand amazed at how quickly and bountifully my plants have blossomed. I'm a bit of a nut for Knautia. The flower color is outstanding. I can almost smell your peony. Happy spring!

  2. It does look like Spring is all over the place now! Great photos and your meal sounds delightful.

  3. Nice work! Your peony is gorgeous!And the Dutch Iris is exquisite! I'd like to get a few variety of Iris, they're such beautiful plants, from the foliage to the blooms.

  4. I have a Johnsons blue geranium that is about 4" tall now. I hope to see it bloom soon. Yours is the first I've seen from any bloggers. The peony is awesome. Lovely color. Have a nice Memorial Day. Ours is looking like rain and more rain from this front in the Gulf. Becca

  5. Your garden flowers are looking great! Beautiful Peony.

  6. Peonies already! Lucky you!
    The plant you have listed as knautia, do you know the variety? I have a very similar looking plant that was only tagged as scabiosa and I've been wondering if that's what it really is. I have it on my blog today, not in bloom yet, but very soon.

  7. You know what...I did some research on that Leafy Spurge and I think that IS what I have! Haha, a friend gave some to me last year saying it was a "pretty groundcover"....I'm thinking I'll pull it out just to be safe :) Thanks for the tip!

  8. peony just opened yesterday too! It's a purple shade. Yours is pretty, and so is that knautia!

  9. Thanks for your nice comments. I want to post some photos of the 2 kinds of knautia I have to show their differences. I like them both, but one reseeds more and gets taller.

    I also want to do a post on leafy spurge and tell how I found out I was growing something illegal to grow in Nebraska and other farm states. I am still pulling it out, by the way.

    I don't remember if I mentioned the peonies were my mother-in-law's that she planted when she was alive. (We live in the house my husband grew up in.)

    I remembered more things I put in the soup, and edited the post to add them.

  10. Your flowers are really beautiful & your soup sounds soooo good.
    Prayers, Bo


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