Friday, May 15, 2009

GBBD Part 2, Some I Forgot to Post

The plant a friend gave me that she called, "water spot":


I could not get a good picture of this geranium, but it is quite pretty:

More geraniums:



  1. I love the looks a lot like a phacelia or Hydrophyllum virginianum. I adore either and welcome them in my garden...Sue, your spring bloomers are so very lovely, now on to part one! gail

  2. I agree with Gail about that 1st plant. If the leaves had markings on them when it first emerged, it's Hydrophyllum. I dug out all of mine that I got from a garden club plant sale. It was seeding about far from the mothership. Is your dark purple Geranium a G. phaem? It's really cool. I can't believe you already have Heuchera in bloom. Mine haven't even formed buds yet. You've got a lot in bloom, all of it lovely.

  3. Hi Sue, I believe the last photo is Veronica 'Georgia Blue'. Gail and MMD sound like they know what the others are. Gotta love the blogdom. :-)

  4. Sue, all your flowers are so beautiful, but I think my fav is the candy tuft
    Prayers, Bo

  5. Your gardens are full of blooms!
    Wow! So lovely.

  6. Aha! I love the Candytufts! Your geraniums look awesome, Sue! Your garden must look lovely this time of the year...

  7. I wish my Candytufts were still blooming. They are look like masses of snowflakes when they bloom. Pretty blooms!


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