Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Home Veggie Garden Today

It was sprinkling after work, and a bit too wet to work in the garden, so I walked around and got my work shoes muddy taking pictures of the vegetable garden.   I think the rain has stopped, so maybe I can go out for a yard walk and do a little deadheading.

Here is the view from the street:

The entry to the garden is between the 2 lattice fences, next to the bed frame.  Some black-eyed Susans and lemon balm have become the volunteer greeters.  I had other flowers in the red tub, but somehow some mint got started, and I gave up pulling it out.  A wild, yellow blooming snapdragon is in the tub to the right of the entry, where I'm not letting it be invasive in the ground.  The area next to the bird bath has larkspur and 4 o' clocks coming up.  

A few years ago, Larry made the wooden structure and put sand in it, and maybe some oil or something, to clean garden tools in.  He told me you're supposed to use it each time you use your tool.  I don't use it that often, but it was nice of him to think of my tools.  

The area to the right of the entry has lettuces, spinach, bachelor buttons, etc.  The February planted area is in the upper area of the photo.

The next photo was taken turning to the left of the entrance, facing west.  I planted some green beans in the bare area a few days ago.

Still facing west, the north part of the garden:

The south half:

The last time I posted on the garden, I couldn't remember what I planted here in the northwest area, and it turned out to be romaine lettuce joining all the other lettuces, spinach, and kale in this area.

A larkspur is getting ready to bloom in the lettuce patch, and in the background are hollyhocks, garlic, sweet peas, a lily, rhubarb, and the compost area.

This sunflower is between the larkspur and garlic.  A rabbit has chewed the right leaf.

Turning around to the east, you can see my garden at Jeff's across the street.  

Since it's been in the 80s, (but the 60s today) the buttercrunch lettuce will probably not get much bigger.  I've been picking them this size, and it has been a treat.

These edible pod peas are growing on the fence, and will provide us with a few meals.

The peas on the fence, growing near...

Kohlrabi, which I've never grown before:


And beets:

and purslane, verbena, and a hollyhock:

Tonight's supper:



  2. The last pic has my vote too.
    Prayers, bo

  3. Love the wooden structure. You sure do make the most out of your yard. Way to go !!!
    Everything looks great.

  4. The last picture sure looks yummy!
    are you inviting all of us for dinner? (Ha ha) it just tastes so much better to grow your own.

  5. what time did you say supper would be ready...looks so yummy...every thing is growing so nicely...

  6. What a fantastic supper! Just the right weather for weeding today - soil is nice and soft. Something is eating my sunflower too!

  7. Thanks for the comments! I have been enjoying salads every day now. It's the time of the season where I have to wash the lettuce more carefully because of seeds from a nearby tree, and today I found a cutworm (I think) and a couple slugs. There were more rabbit chewed leaves than usual, too.

    The lettuce/spinach season will be over in 3 or 4 weeks, so you better come soon!

  8. Wow Sue. It's great to see everything growing up. Truly spectacular the way those seeds turn into food. Did I see any tomatoes? Hmm. Very impressive. Good work.

  9. Wow Sue. It's great to see everything growing up. Truly spectacular the way those seeds turn into food. Did I see any tomatoes? Hmm. Very impressive. Good work.

  10. Hi Sue! After looking at your pictures, I realized that my kitchen garden is just a playground! You grow such a variety of vegetables! I tried kohlrabi last year and had just several good heads, the rest were too small. Your looks good! I also have a question - where are tomatoes?


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