Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wordless Wednesday 1/28/09


  1. That's a wonderful worldless post, Sue. I wonder if I need to comment as it is clear enough.
    I love this diamonds river, a priceless creation of Nature.

    Thanks for the information about enlarging pictures, it works ! (When I get pictures clear enough not to watch too much pixels on it.)
    Thanks again, you've been very helpful, Sue.

  2. COLD -- that's COLD! But, it does make for a pretty picture.


  3. No words needed with that photo.

    I don't know if I mentioned it before but I sure like the tubs of pansies on your header;)

  4. Sue great picture. It does look like diamonds. =) Hope you have a wonderful day.

  5. Love your new header. Pansies always make me smile.

    Your picture for wordless Wednesday, makes me shiver in memory of what being in snow is like.


  6. I second Flower Lady, that was my comment. Love the pansies. Looks cold there!

  7. Beautiful picture, Sue.
    I like your count down to Spring.
    Prayers, Bo

  8. The photo is very eloquent, and full of interest when enlarged. Is that a geranium? And a windfall apple under the crust of frost?

  9. Thanks for the comments. I was tired of the snow pic in my header, so I found the pansies from last year. I figured they would be the first kind of flowers I can plant this spring.

    Catherine, I'm glad you were able to enlarge your pics using my instructions. I have found some of my pics to be grainy when I do that.

    Under the icy snow are weeds and larkspur seedlings. I learned that the seedlings from summer can live over the winter, it looks like.

    I have had lots going on the last few days, and am behind in my blog reading. If I haven't visited you lately, I hope to in the next couple days.


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