Thursday, January 15, 2009

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day 1/15/09

Here in Nebraska, zone 5b, we are experiencing single digit temps, so I will not be posting pics from outside this month.  To make it quicker to add the pics to the blog, I put them in the order they were in my document file, which means they are in alphabetical order, and so, we will go back and forth between 3 different rooms.

For today's GBBD, this angel wing begonia is growing, but not blooming.

The bay plant is producing large leaves, probably because the plant is inside.  It is kept in the shade in summer, though.

The hens and chicks are holding on, hoping for summer to get here soon.

The Holiday Cactus Pink Naomi, purchased after Christmas for $2.00 looks like it may bloom.

Here you see the whole plant, which I was pleased to find, as looking at so many on the December GBBD posts caused me to want one.

The mother of thousands is having lots of babies on the edges of its leaves, some of which have dropped and are growing, but on the spindly side. They will do better when it's warm enough for them to be outside in the sun.

The oxalis is blooming!

The kitchen plant over the sink needs some dead material removed, but is doing better than when bought at an estate sale.  I don't know what it is, but it reminds me of wandering Jew.

Our daughter is a floral designer, and she brought this poinsettia to us Christmas Eve, glitter and all. I have kept it alive so far.

Larry's rabbit tail fern seems quite happy.  He takes it to the downstairs shower about once a week to water it. The window faces south.

The rosemary is still blooming, bless its heart!

The spider plants are not blooming, but have lots of babies. (I didn't take pics of all of them, but we have several.)

Some of the plants are stressed, but others are doing quite well.  I hope they all hold on until spring!  For more blooms, visit Carol at May Dreams Gardens, the originator of GBBD.

I am also putting in links to a series of posts on amsonias in my yard, where you will see flowers from other seasons.  The first, was about a love that began in an alley.  The second was about Amsonia hubrichtii.  Next was the one that was not my true love, and the fourth was the final installment, one of my favorite plants.


  1. Bay in our garden does well, it is hardy and self-seeds everywhere! I love hens and chicks, a term not freely used over here in the UK! x

  2. I like that Holiday Cactus. We can't have inside plants because of the cats. One of the goofy cats thinks he should be able to eat anything. Anyway, great shots. I don't blame you for not wanting to go outside. I think its 16 degrees outside here and a windchill of 4. I'm staying inside today. Stay warm.

  3. Your house plants are doing wonderfully. Next year I may try another begonia. Yours is huge. I'll have to find a place where the kitties can't eat it.

  4. Dear sue,
    Having green and sometimes blooming in the house makes winter go by quicker. I love your Rosemary, beautiful little bloom! Mine has overwintered outside now for almost ten years. A couple of times I was afraid I lost her. It is bitterly cold at my house too. Artic air needs to stay in the artic!
    Stay warm,

  5. You simply amaze me with your plants inside!!

  6. Sue, don't you just love having 'green and growing' in the house during the long winter months? They certainly brighten the rooms they are in. I am going to have to find on of those cactus, too. It won't be too much longer and we can set them all back outside.

    Keep warm!

  7. Hi Sue,

    I have never seen Mother of thousands before..must google it! The rosemary here hasn't bloomed at all..must have a sit down with her and find out why!

    Keep warm looks really cold out.


  8. This post made me want to expand my houseplant collection! Thanks for sharing them today.

  9. Hens and chicks always makes me think of my mother, she always grew some when I was a kid!

    My Bloom Day:

  10. I don't blame you one bit for not taking pictures outside! Our temps were in the 20's today and that was cold enough. Your houseplants look great!

  11. As always your pictures are great, by the way I have a pot of hen and chicks too.
    Prayers, Bo

  12. single digits??? That is too cold to be outside taking pictures Sue. I love all the plants you have indoors, wish I could have some but my dogs & cat like to taste test foliage. :)

  13. My angel wing begonias aren't blooming, either. The fibrous rooted are, however.

    I hope you get a bloom on the Christmas cactus. Mine bought after Christmas with the blooms fallen off is putting on tiny new leaves, but no buds.

    Stay warm. Spring will come.

    Nell Jean

  14. Hi Sue, Your house plants look so happy! I have to admit to having a black thumb indoors, the house plants have to endure a lot of neglect around here.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, so glad you enjoyed the rosemary blooms. There's one downside to all those blossoms, I went to pick a couple of springs to use tonight and had a difficult time finding some without blooms!

  15. Best wishes in the frigid's supposed to be single digits here tomorrow too...brrr...

  16. You have several plants that I'd like to add to my collection, especially the rosemary. Out comes the wish list! :) Your houseplants are looking happy.
    Your kitchen plant is a columnea. I have one that's about to bloom. The dropping dead leaves is normal..mine does that too. They grow easily from cuttings. Mine was a passalong gift from a friend.

  17. Thanks for all the comments. I either visited you first, or you visited me and then I made comments on your posts. Next month, maybe I'll have a few bulbs blooming. I just hope it's warmer February 15!

    Happy blogging!


  18. Your houseplants look very happy.

    Hopefully some of that warmer air from the west has reached you by now. Single digits is just brutal.

  19. I suspect those southern gardeners are getting a pretty good understanding of why so many of us have to have indoor plants to get through the cold winter. Thanks for sharing yours with us for bloom day!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  20. Hi Sue,

    I lived south of Omaha for a couple of years. I liked it, but the seasons sure are extreme out there! I don't blame you for not going outside.

    I laughed when I read about Larry taking the plant into the shower. I had a hibiscus that I used to do that with, and the shower always looked so pretty with a big, leafy green plant in it!


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