Thursday, January 1, 2009

Look What I Found Turning my Rosemary Plant:

I hadn't turned my plants so the other side could be exposed to the sun lately, so I took the opportunity yesterday, when I was watering. This rosemary, I think, Arp, surprised me with these lovely blooms! I just can't wait for an official day to post these.  I rarely have rosemary blooms any time of year, except for trailing rosemary, so I am quite excited.

Happy New Year!

(Added later: Click on rosemary to see the rosemary plants I have and where they are spending the winter. There are a couple that got dry and may not make it, but I'll keep caring for them, because one I thought I lost last winter revived once put outside in the spring.)


  1. How pretty! And Happy New Year to you!

  2. I didn't even know rosemary plants had flowers! Thanks for showing us this.

  3. How exotic! Beautiful blooms for New Year! May more beautiful blooms adorn your garden and your life this year!

  4. How very pretty & what a nice gift for the new year!

  5. Very pretty on the 'Arp' which is a difficult one to find (and keep though the year) in some zones.

    My trailing has been blooming for months. I'm going to have to figure out the best way to give it a trim in early spring without destroying the natural shape!

    Happy New Year!

  6. Very good! My rosemary had one bloom last year.

  7. Your rosemary looks pretty healthy and happy. Hope you have the same for the new year.

  8. MMMM, love the smell of rosemary. I had no idea that it bloomed. Thanks for sharing, I learn something new everyday.

  9. That is a huge Rosemary plant..and a pretty one. Are you able to overwinter it outdoors in your zone or is it indoors? Mine so far are still windowsill plants....I'm trying to train some into topiary standards which I think are really cool.
    Happy, Happy New Year and God Bless!

  10. This really makes a beautiful plant.

    Yes, to answer your question, Sanibel Island, FL is where I live.

  11. Recently my Rosemary bloomed as well. Don't you just love surprises in the garden?

  12. Pretty! I always forget to look for blooms midwinter on the Rosemary. I'll look tomorrow.


  13. Those blooms are gorgeous, Sue!
    I had 2 Rosemary bushes a couple of years ago, placed in pots, on my front porch steps.
    They were beautiful...for a while. Then, they turned brown as the 'needles' fell off...and it just died. I really need to learn how to handle a Rosemary bush/plant in my Northern Virginia gardening zone. Yours looks lovely!!

  14. Those are nice little flowers. I sent you an email,in answer to your comment on my blog, so if you wonder who it is from, it is from me.

  15. Lovely blossoms and nice to find them in the winter,

  16. We used to have a huge rosemary plant in the ground in Arizona by our front steps - it always smelled so good. Happy New Year from Saudi Arabia!

  17. Thanks for all the comments. I love them!

    Tina, I think it's cool how all of us are getting wished a happy new year so many times. We should really feel pumped up and ready to go!

    Melissa, I don't see them often. I think they bloom more in the south.

    Chandramouli, I think of flowers from farther away, like where you are, as being exotic, so think it's cool that you called mine exotic, or maybe it's that they are blooming in winter. I wish the same for you about flowers blooming. Thanks!

    Mildred, I am pleased, and a few other plants are blooming, too. It's a taste of what is to come.

    Cameron, I went back to my post on rosemary, and it is Arp, that is if the tag was correct. I'm afraid I may have lost my trailing rosemary, even though it did so well last winter. It got dried out too long and is a bit crispy. I am so sad. I'd been watering once a week, but I guess that wasn't enough.

    Patsi, Thanks for your compliment and well wishes. I hope the same for you.

    Jill, I love the smell of rosemary, too, and how it flavors food. If I could have only one kind of herb, I think it would be rosemary. I'm glad you learned something from my post.

    Connie, I added a link at the end of this post that goes to a post I did in November about over wintering rosemary, and shows the different kinds I have. I have an east facing garden window where I have the rosemary. God bless your new year, too, if I haven't said it yet on your blog, or even if I did. :o)

    Tootie, I didn't know if you lived there or were vacationing. I looked it up, and noticed I'd been on one of the links before. I remembered having seen it before, and asked my husband if that's the place he was showing me as a possible vacation destination some time. It was! I don't know if I told you we've seen an ocean once, and loved it! How fortunate you are to live where you do, but I wonder if you like the off season the best. Thanks for the comment.

    Susie, Yes, I do love surprises in the garden, and in this case, in the house. (See my answer to Connie.) How cold do your winters get in Mississippi? Are you going to take a picture of your rosemary for your blog? I'd love to see it. I bet it's a nice height.

    Nell, I hope you found some rosemary flowers. They are small, but such a lovely shape and color. The plant already smells good, but the flowers are a nice touch.

    Jan, I like to have several kinds of rosemary, but know that some won't make it more than a season. If you try different kinds, you may find one that does the best for you. Madeline Hill is supposed to overwinter in zone 5, but needs protection, which I didn't do. I'll probably lose it, but it sure grew nicely in the summer. My Arp is pretty hardy inside.

    I try to keep the plants from drying out, but not constantly wet.

    Connie, Thanks for the email. I want to try that for the next time I post flowers or my yard. Thanks for the comment, too.

    Jedediah, Thanks, and I am so ready for winter to be over, but it's going to be awhile, so it's nice to have this blogging to keep me involved with my plants and things, even though I should be cleaning out some rooms in our house.

    Susie of Arabia, What a huge change in lifestyle you must be experiencing. I can only imagine. I was able to see some rosemary plants in New Mexico, and they were much bigger than what I've seen in my area, because they get to stay in the same spot and have the conditions they need for such growth. It could also have something to do with the variety of the plants.

    If ya'all haven't heard it enough times, I hope the New Year is a great one, full of blessings and good gardening, for those who garden,

  18. What a treat to get a rosemary flower in the winter. I just love rosemary--can't get enough of it. Lovely pictures of the snow, too!

  19. Thanks, Cosmo, It is a treat! The snow is melted except for outlying areas, like at a lake we took our dog to yesterday.


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