Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Mill, with a link to their website

Meems, from Hoe and Shovel asked me to put the link to The Mill in a separate post, since it's against the SkyWatch rules. She also said she'd like to see the place, so I was tickled to oblige. I think it's the first coffee shop in town, but if not, it's one of the first.  Their story is on their website, The Mill, and you can buy coffee and other products from them there.   

Lots of other coffee shops have sprung up near by, but we still prefer The Mill. Larry and I went there this morning, and while I only recognize one of the men in the 4th photo, I know he is one of the owners, and I have seen him roasting coffee beans.  They graciously let me take their pic.

The porch is frequented by lots of people when the weather is nice.  Unfortunately for me, it's the smoking section, so I don't spend much time there.


  1. Looks like a cozy place to enjoy coffee on a cold winter day!

  2. The only problem lately, is that the internet is slow.

  3. That does look like an interesting place!

  4. Looks like a very cool place to visit. Did you get a new look for your blog? Looks nice.

  5. Sue, that looks like a delicious place to go. Thanks for sharing.
    Prayers, Bo

  6. sue, i did go back and look at your flower frogs. very nice collection. mine are very plain next to yours.

  7. What a great place to sit, drink coffee, visit with friends. I bet it's warm even when it's cold.

  8. Sue, you can leave as many doubled up comments as you like on my blog because that gives me double the reason to visit your blog again.

    How is your 'greeter' today?

    Enjoyed your post about the mill coffee, would have worked for the my world just as well.

    Thanks for sharing with us all.

  9. I love the decoration of this place, not impersonal at all, surely a place where we would like to pass a relaxing time.
    We're expresso connoisseur here, and we would like to taste.

  10. Dear Sue,
    I like to support local, independent shop keepers too.
    I tried a peppermint coffee at one of our coffee shops and fell in love!
    This looks to one of those great places where you can stay warm all winter.

  11. Hi Everyone,
    Thanks again for the comments.

    Sunday Girl, I used to have that brown on the edges with beige in the middle. I am planning on changing the picture in the header sometime soon. Thanks for asking about it.

    Marmee, I still like the spike kinds of flower frogs, too. I went a little far, and have stayed away from ebay for awhile. I have put some up so my grandson won't be so tempted by things.

    Pearl Maple, Heidi had fun running around in the snow with Larry today. Yesterday, when our grandson was over, she was jealous, as usual, and kept grabbing his toys to get attention. Today, Larry said he'd like to get a small dog to be a companion for her. I said I didn't think she'd like it if we gave the other dog any attention. I hope he loses that notion. I don't want to share the yard with another dog.

    I've never done a my world post, but enjoy running across others' posts. I'm a little chicken to put myself on another list, but do Wordless Wednesday without putting myself on their list.

    Thanks again, Catherine, Arie-el, Bo, Sherry, and Darla. I really do like the place. I wrote the name of my blog for them. I hope they check it out.


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