Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Amsonia, the Final Installment

I thought I'd go ahead and finish up so that these two amsonias can be compared to each other. I believe this one actually is tabernaemontana.  These pics, as were the ones in the previous post were taken with my old camera, and I hope that's why they were grainy.  I think I'll leave these smaller.

On 5/6/08, the amsonia , on the bottom part of the photo, was coming up on the east side of the house, next to the egress window, in the south edge of the bed.  The single shoot coming up is a baptisia that blew over in the wind and died when it was about 18 inches tall. A friend of mine gave me the repeat blooming day lily in the upper left of the pic. It's blooming in the photo after this one.

On 5/20, look how much it grew, and formed flower buds!  It's just to the right of the day lily, with an allium blooming behind it.

In full, glorious bloom, 6/3!

By 6/8, it was setting seed pods.  There are 2 colors of spiderwort near by.  I have recently discovered pasque flowers, which are in the bottom of the photo, on the left, not deadheaded because the seed heads are pretty.

It looks like I had just given a haircut here, 6/22.  When you trim amsonia, a white juice forms that one should try not to touch, as it can cause irritation. The plants heal over shortly and grow again quickly.  The plant behind it is a mountain mint that I've written about in another post.  The gay feather may be a volunteer.  There are several plants in that area, and I should thin them this spring.  The small leaved iris is from a plant I bought from a lady who sold plants from her yard over 12 years ago.  I think she called it a Japanese Iris.

See, I told you they grow back quickly!  This was taken 7/10.

I trimmed the amsonia again 8/4 because the mountain mint wasn't getting as tall as I thought it would, and I wanted to give it more light.  The amsonia is in the upper middle of the photo, to the left of the iris.

On 8/28, both the amsonia and mountain mint are doing fine.

The amsonia is on the left here.  I wanted to include this photo of Heidi in one of her favorite spots, next to the flowers, 9/21.  The asters are doing their thing, after the long period of teasing with their buds.

On 9/25, it's still a good looking plant, in the upper left of the photo.

On 10/25, it's still green, in the upper middle.

It has turned a lovely gold by 11/14.

On 12/26, it's still pretty to me. I love this amsonia!

Thank you for indulging me in taking 4 posts, full of pics, to honor what I'm thinking must be my signature plants, the different types of amsonias.


  1. I fell in love with Amsonia after going through your Amsonia Series! I should check my nursery for seeds/saplings now. They seem to have had a great time in your garden. Great series, Sue!

  2. Thank you Chandramouli, I do love flowers and am so happy to hear you now share my love for amsonias, even though their bloom time is not as long as many flowers. When they are in bloom, they are the stars of the garden in more than one way, as their flowers look like stars, too.


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