Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Almost Wordless Wednesday 1/21/09

I'm so glad there are still a few things one can purchase that were made in our country.  


  1. Sue, I think all the things made in the USA are flooding the markets in India ! Food, clothes, toys, books, software ... they're all over the place.

  2. Me too!

    Sunita, It must be because our dollar is so cheap right now that American made products look attractive. Very interesting! I had no idea.

  3. Sunita,
    I am surprised that you are getting items there that are quite rare here. When our grandson was born, I went to a lot of stores looking for things not made in China. I was not wanting to get anything made there because of the lead scare. There are very few toys, baby and toddler clothes, and even blankets that are not from China, and it's quite rare to find things from our own country. I don't see anything from India often, either. I think I've seen a few clothes from there.

    Most electronic items are from China, too.

    Maybe it's Nebraska that doesn't get much made here. Do you find anything made in our country where you live? I suppose you're right about our dollar.

    It just seems it would be better for the environment if countries could first supply their own needs to the extent they can and then import what they can't produce, and export what other countries need.

  4. Yes, but I have to look. Right now the dollar is so cheap so products made here are a bigger value. I find it all so interesting. When I lived in Germany the German mark was so cheap that all things German made were cheap. A quirk of international living that manufacturers and exporters usually take advantage of. If our dollar gets more value, less US products for sale overseas. I am so not an economist but I find it all interesting. Okay, nuff said by me.

  5. It's not easy to find the Made in America label.


  6. My company moves machinery used in manufacturing. In the last 10-years we've moved most of the machines out of the Midwest and sent them overseas. It's hard to find things for children unless you hand crafted items.

  7. Most manufacturing seems to have move to Asia it's the same here in the UK we are just left with a service economy. Still i didn't post to have a moan just to say i enjoyed my visit to your sight.

  8. It is always surprising to find something made in the USA, how sad. Great butterfly pictures.

  9. Sue, I used to buy towels made in USA. They were the best. I have not seen made in USA for a very long time. They might be made in china now. I do not like globalisation, all this scheme has done, has taken jobs away to be relocated into countries where people work for very low wages. The profit is much larger. I personally think it is an absolutely wrong policy because a lot of skills are also lost. Banks and businesses have become so greedy and careless and the result of this, the collapse has only just started.


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