Monday, December 8, 2008

Things I Collect Other Than Plants Pt. 1...(or Another Reason I Garden)

This could also be titled, "One Thing Leads to Another." I like to fill spaces both indoors and out, and seem to have a number of collections. One of the phrases I hear frequently from my husband, Larry, when I bring something home from a garage sale or thrift store is, "Where are you going to put that?" I do need to be doing some sorting of things, and most of my kitchen is too messy right now to show you. I had a soup supper yesterday, and we also had our grandson. We had a couple stops after work today, too. I'm sure I have some other excuses, like blogging.

My in-laws raised 5 kids here, and we used to come over for supper with our kids and pack ourselves in this kitchen. Shortly after we moved in, we put a dining room in what used to be a bedroom, and filled the kitchen with other things. I have been saving money to have a dishwasher built in, add some built in shelving to get rid of the big silver shelf, new flooring, lighting, etc. However, I spent some of that money on my new computer, a MacBook Pro and a new camera, a Canon PowerShot SX10IS. I used the new camera to take these "lovely" photos. I need to read my instruction manual soon!

Larry and I went to a lot of antique stores looking for a cupboard for the kitchen. I loved the chippy painted ones, and he hated them. We compromised and got a Hoosier cabinet that had been refinished. I didn't know what Hoosiers were until we started this shopping spree.

I had recently learned about Ebay, and after we purchased this, I got on to compare the prices to see if we got an OK deal. I noticed there were some old ads for Hoosiers, and bought a couple.

If you are not familiar with Ebay, you can view other items a seller has on auction. I did that and found some other ads I liked, like this Martex towels one. I don't know as I had heard of Martex, but they are still around.

I loved the above ad so much, that I thought I'd check on Ebay to see if I could find the towels in the ad. I have had great fun with this! I have found most of them and more. LOL

The words around the man and woman say the same thing as the ad, "Even a Man Can Do a Good Job with Martex Dry Me Dry."

I have a table cloth like this next towel.

Of course, I didn't just collect the Martex towels. Sellers like to combine shipping, so I have found others I like, too, and occasionally one can be found at a local sale.

This is one of my favorites.

The next one is a Martex.

The dining room gets full of things, too, and some of my towels have found places to be in it. This one is a Martex.

The last two are Martex towels. Notice the "still life" photo on the left I took when our son was young, about 25 years ago. There was a napkin wadded up on the table, if my memory is correct.

I have more towels besides the ones posted, but this was getting long enough, and I'm not sure where some of them are. I have one with radishes, and others with forks, knives, and spoons that are pretty cool. Anyway, the themes of gardening, flowers, and food are carried into my house as expressions of my enjoyment of them.

Something weird just happened. I had been trying to get the print smaller, but had trouble, because I had to redo it after each photo, then it kept going into the title, and wouldn't type into the body, so I gave up. As I was deleting some of the above paragraph, the curser went to the right, and all my typing got small. If anyone can explain that to me, I'd appreciate it. (Only some of the typing got smaller, so I went back and edited this to make the rest smaller, only I think it's smaller than this. I'm not understanding this.)


  1. I loved this post, because it is one that lets us get to know you a little bit better. We are gardeners, yes, but that's not all we are and I find it interesting to see what other things are important in a gardener's life!
    It's also funny that you posted this, because just last week, I thought about making a similar post. Now I guess I'll have to follow your lead and actually do it!
    Thanks for sharing! Love the towels!

  2. One thing does most certainly lead to another...and another. I have been thereand done that as they say. Ilike your towels and the ads. Great kitchenallia! Ebay can be very helpful in finding what you want, but can also be very addictive. I'll be interested in seeing Part 2.

  3. What a wonderful post!

    I collect a few things, too, but not very seriously. I like to do woodworking, and have fixed up a very nice, if tiny shop. Among other things I did to spruce it was to collect some old ads for tools to put on the walls for decoration.

    BTW--I love that old Hoosier cabinet. Wish I had room for something like that.

  4. Wow, that's quite a collection. How fun to get a new computer and camera. Our oldest has a MAC and LOVES it. I too, do things every once in a while on the computer that I have to call someone to explain to me how to undo it. It's a crazy world but is so fun.

  5. Just wonderful. I used to have collections of things, when my house burned down and my children were unharmed my opinion of collecting things changed somewhat. I still pick up things from time to time, refuse to get attached to them though! I love all of your towels...

  6. You have quite a few "loved" items that are so special to you. Thanks so much for sharing.


  7. You have a lovely Hoosier cabinet and I think it fits in perfectly with the towels. Very nice.

  8. I collect vintage linens, as well....mostly tablecloths, and am an avid thrifer/yard saler. I like Ebay, too.
    My favorite towel of the ones you shared is the one with the tulips and daffodils.

  9. I love your collections, you are right one thing does lead to another. I enjoyed the beautiful towels.

  10. One thing leads to another...

    This made me smile, Sue! I am the same way. It takes little for me to fall in love with beauty, and I am always collecting things...

    My husband feels much the same as yours, I fear.


  11. Oh, your collection of vintage towels is just wonderful! I've just started a little collection of vintage Mexican and southwest-themed towels myself, and have been challenged thinking how best to display them. You've given me some terrific inspiration! So glad you shared this!

  12. I have a weakness for vintage linens, so I love your collection! I also want your blue and white pyrex bowl pictured on top of your cabinet :)

    I'm not sure why your typing went funny. Sometimes Blogger has some strange errors. I've found it helps to switch from "compose" to "edit html" and check if there are any settings in the code that shouldn't be there, then delete them. Sometimes I get underlining that I didn't turn on.

  13. Thanks for the lovely comments everyone!

    Kylee, Do you think we should start a meme? I would love to see pics or hear about other things people like to do. I'm glad you like my towels.

    Beckie, I like that word, "kitchenallia". I was so addicted to ebay, I would get on there every day and look at all the auctions on the items I collected that were to end within a couple days, then check the newly listed ones I hadn't seen yet. I rarely go there, because I have a new computer addiction. LOL

    Susan, I'm glad you like my post. I'd love to see pics of your workshop and the old ads and your tools.

    Pam, I do feel blessed to be able to get the computer and camera without going into debt. I am very tickled that I am figuring out some things about my camera by reading the instruction manual. Computers should have them. I don't think they do, anyway. I've never seen one. It is a crazy fun world!

    Darla, I'm sorry for the loss you experienced with the fire. Our daughter's Girl Scout leader had a fire in her home a number of years ago. I imagine your family went through a grieving process over a loss like that. I think it's good to enjoy the things we have, but I agree with you about not getting too attached to them.

    Cameron, Thanks for stopping by. I do have fun filling spaces!

    Thanks, Tina, I have some more towels in the Hoosier, too. :o)

    Connie, I have a few tablecloths, but don't have room for many. Also, I have trouble finding ones I can afford that aren't stained. I actually didn't go to as many sales this year due to the gas prices and us having our grandson on Saturdays. I'll have to take him along next summer.

    Bo, I bet you have lots of fabric, since you are a quilter. Do you shop estate sales?

    Laura, I'm glad my post made you smile. I'd love to see and hear what you collect, too! I feel God is behind the things we love, and it's good to enjoy them as long as it is him we are worshipping. If your husband is like mine, though, he has plenty of things that take up space in the house as well.

    Jen, That's a good idea to have a theme like that for your collection. I have had trouble figuring out ways to display mine, too. I am not totally satisfied with them rolled up in the basket, but I don't have room for many to be showed in full. I do rotate the ones in the window. I also rotate the ones on the Hoosier. I keep two on it to protect the enamel. I don't remember if they showed. I have a lot of things on there right now.

    Blossom, I chose the picture that included the bowl which showed the least amount of dust on the top of the Hoosier. :o) The bowl is part of a set that I got at a garage sale, and the people were selling some things that belonged to their neighbor. I got several things there at reasonable prices.

    I sometimes have trouble at the beginning of a post with the words being underlined. I push the return key a couple times before starting to type now, and that seems to help. I have had trouble when trying to delete photos when editing in html, but think I have it figured out now. I'm not sure if I'd be able to tell if there were settings in the code that shouldn't be there. I'll experiment with that.

    I'm not sure when part two will come out, but I know which collection I'm planning to show.

    Happy Blogging!

  14. Ooooooh! How absolutely gorgeous! I have always loved these sorts of linens without realising that people collected them. Then I read an article about themed collections of tea towels in Martha Stewart Living, and I wished that I'd been able to keep 1950's fabrics and linens that had been in my family. However, your eBay experience is encouraging me to have a go. Meantime I'll enjoy looking at your collection on-line. Thank you for such an interesting post

  15. Sue, thanks for the visit and I am glad my bloglist is sending people your way. Click on customize and then add bloglist, from there you can add the http:// addresses and then check the boxes of what you want shown by them on your side bar, like photos, snippets, last update. Let me know if you need any help!!!

  16. Dear Sue: I found this neat gadget for you, so you don't have to leave your blog to visit Ebay--just click on this convenient little widget and it'll take you right there;) But, be careful! I've been there and done it. Collections were formed, added to, and some have been given away! I spent way too much $$$ on ebay, and it can be addicting if you're not careful:)) I tried to attach the little ebay gadget to this message but it won't work, darn! But it's in the gadget section of your layouts, and under 'tools'. I'm really just kidding ya, but, on the other hand, it would be 'convenient'!!! Jan:)

  17. Love all your towels! Especialy the towels in the ad...too cool!
    Yes, Ebay is addicting!! So much so I now have a store there!! LOL



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