Monday, December 22, 2008

My Husband's Website

My husband, Larry, has been interested in photography since the mid 70s.  He did some developing of slides and black and white film, and had purchased equipment to set up a darkroom, but we couldn't afford the remodeling it would take to create a spot for one.

For awhile, people were asking him to do weddings, but he realized that was not his thing.  He did enjoy teaching classes on photography to year book students until they remodeled and took out the darkroom, much to his dismay.  He was a media specialist until he retired in 2007, and is now the audio visual technician at the high school I work at.

Larry's favorite places to take pictures are the area lakes, where he likes to take our dog, Heidi, and our yard, when the flowers are in bloom.  He has enlarged and framed several of his photos to put on our walls, and he has given some as gifts.  

I put one of Larry's flower pics in my sidebar, and if you click on it, it will take you to the photo album on his website.


  1. So you have flowers around you all the time? Even in the dead of winter. How wonderful!

  2. Your husband's photo is wonderful! Looks like you've got a great coach to help you with your new camera.

    When I was a baby my father used to have his own darkroom for film developing. Now he's smitten with digital and is constantly pushing me to keep reading and learning. It's fun to share a similar interest and encourage each other :)

    Don't worry about me, I'm a good girl..honest! I always do what the doctor orders :0)


  3. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog.
    I also like your 'Corner Garden' !
    Have a Happy Christmas.

  4. I will check out Larry's photography. Great that you are a team of bloggers!

    My husband plays his guitar while I blog.


  5. I see your husband has a Canon G7 ... I have the Canon G9 and am quite happy with it. Before that I had a Pentax Optio S4. I haven't graduated to a DSLR yet ... I always think they are too heavy to pack around on our hikes, skis etc.

  6. He takes fabulous photos of your flowers. What a great team you make. :)

  7. Lucky you! You got a great photographer to post pics at your blog. BTW, tell your hubby that his pics are fabulous.

  8. Larry is tickled with the comments and the thought that you may have looked at his pictures.

    Yes, Tina, we have flowers in pictures, and also I have dried flowers I have planned to do a post on, as well.

    Amy, I'm glad to hear you are taking care of yourself.

    Larry does coach me, mostly, by telling me if he likes a pic I've taken or not, and sometimes when I crop a photo, he likes to watch and make suggestions. I depend on him mostly for help if I'm having computer questions. He doesn't blog, so for that, I've had some help from other bloggers, but have learned a lot on my own.

    My dad used to take lots of slides when we were growing up. I remember waiting while he focussed his camera. He is now in his upper 70s and has gone through a number of digital cameras. He finds one he likes better, and gives the others to family members. My first was one of his.

    Our grandson is one of my dad's favorite subjects to photograph. He recently had surgery for a cataract, and hopefully he won't send us as many pics where he removed red eyes manually, and made our grandson look like he had severe burns. Also, he tried to take out the eczema on his cheek, and it looked like he had a big, deep gash on his cheek. It was pretty creepy. He sure loves to take pics, also!

    Mamapippa, I'm glad you like my corner. Yours is awesome!

    Cameron, I like guitar music, but don't know much about guitars. What kind of music does he play?

    Cisero, Larry says your camera came out a month after his came out, and he said there is now a G10, which he's seen cheaper than what he paid for his. He's happy with it, though. He said he tricked it out with a custom made grip and other accessories.

    I just got a Cannon PowerShot SX10 IS. I had handled my sister's Cannon DSLR with a 105 macro, which would have cost almost as much as the body.
    I thought it was awfully bulky, and, like you, didn't feel it would be heavy and awkward to carry around.

    Racquel, As long as he doesn't step on plants, I am happy he likes to take pictures of them. LOL

    Chandramouli, Larry said to tell you and the others who looked at his pics thanks. Just to be clear, the pics on my blog were taken by me, unless I state otherwise.


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