Thursday, December 4, 2008

Kale Update and Link to a blog in Scotland

I picked too much kale for the soup I posted about in November, and had planned to put it on the compost pile, as I still have fresh I can pick, but I'm glad I didn't, because I needed a little something more for my lunch today.  As it was too cold and dark to go out and pick some, I took out the bag of kale and was pleased it was still good.  I tore some up into a container, and put poppy seed dressing on it.  It was great with some raw carrots, crackers, cheese, and a bowl of the kale soup I thawed from the freezer.  

I resisted the urge to go out in the cold to take pics, but the kale looks pretty much like it did last time I took pics. 

Lindab has two well written blogs, both with great photography.  She liked my series on kale, and said she'd been thinking about writing a post about kale in her blog.  (She grows a different kind.)  She asked if she could put a link to my blog, and I told her I'd put a link to hers as well, so here you go!  Enjoy!  Slow Growing in Scotland


  1. Too dark out in the middle of the day? I don't think I have ever eaten kale, my husband said I should taste it. I love just about all greens, I'll think about it now.

  2. Sounds just like a summertime garden being able to eat fresh veggies in December! I will go check out Lindab's blog now.

  3. Hi Darla,
    The dark part was this morning when I wanted some raw kale. The going out in the cold to take pics was after work, when I had discovered Linda had put up her kale post.

    Hi Tina,
    It is pretty awesome!

    I forgot to mention that Linda has posted once since her kale post, so one needs to scroll down a bit. I didn't want to just put a link to the kale post, because I thought people would like her other entries as well, and the fewer clicks to get to them, the better.


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