Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snow! (Our first that stuck to the ground and street.)

We had a little snow a few weeks ago, but I don't think it was considered measurable.  It melted on the streets, so today is the first day we've had enough snow to drive on.  At supper time, they said it was 1.75 inches at the airport, and the weather people said it was more in other parts of town.  All I know, is, it's been quite cold, after our high in the 50s on Saturday, the day I took pics for the tour of our yard.

Here is what I was excited to have woken up to this morning:

After work, I walked out back to snap some snow pics.

Sage in a pot:

Magnus Coneflower:

Veggie garden, with stick verbena in middle and near fence:

Since the temps have been in the single digits, the kale may be finished for the season.

This is facing the south from the veggie garden.  Larry is getting the snow blower to start.

Heidi loves the snow, and was happy to lead the way to the front, where I  had the door unlocked so we could head in after taking pics.  The plant toward the right that still wants to be green is rue.

Here's one of the mountain mints I did a post on recently.

Continuing to the front:

There are still some seeds on the (from left against the house) black eyed Susan of some kind, Rudbeckia herbstonne, Helen's flower, an assortment of others for the birds to eat.

Looking back north, you can see Larry got the seeds put in the feeder.  The taller plant on the left is an amsonia, which I plant to do a post on.  There are asters and another amsonia as well as another assortment of plants in here.

I'm not sure why I included this, but you can see our shed and our neighbors' pretty trees.

I think my house is photogenic.  :o)

Here's more of the tree, and you can see asters on each side of the sidewalk, gay feathers, and fireworks goldenrod.

Some of the plants in here are asters, gay feathers, lavenders, and catmint.

The new bed:

The blackberry lily looks good, even with snow.

New bed from the front porch:

View to the west from the porch.  The pots on cement slabs you can't see under the snow are ours.  Larry's dad put lots of cement in, attempting to keep water out of the basement.  (It may have reduced it, but didn't stop it.)

Several people commented on the fire hydrant in my yard walk.  Watch for a post about the painting of the fire hydrant some time in the next couple of weeks.


  1. Sue, the snow is soooo beautiful, we don't get much here. But I have always thought it was so pretty.
    Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Bo,
    You live near Beaufort, NC, don't you? Did I tell you that my husband and I drove to the Outer Banks and Atlantic Beach in June of 2007? We went through Kentucky, to see where his maternal grandfather grew up, then went through the Smokey Mountain National Park, on to the Blue Ridge Parkway. It was suppertime, and we had to get off the BRP near Asheville, NC, because of fog. It was pretty scary!

    We loved the ocean! We were in Beaufort for the Old Homes and Gardens tour. We loved it! I wanted to go to the gardens in your town, which we went through on our way home, but did make it to a couple used book stores there.

    We keep saying we'd love to move to your area if we didn't have family here. Enjoying other people's snow from your computer sounds like a good thing to me. :o) I'm behind in my blog reading, so I haven't made it over to yours in a few days. Now, it's bedtime, so I'll aim for tomorrow.

    Hugs, Sue

  3. Very photogenic indeed, it all looks so fresh and new. Good to see the bones of the garden under your first sticky snow. We have ice here, must've been quite a lot too. Yuck! Glad I was out of state in the warmer states:)

  4. Just wonderful and I bet you were freezing out there taking these pics. Thanks for braving the cold just for me! Very photogenice indeed.

  5. Lovely photos sue. it suddenly reminded me that christmas was around the corner. But does it snow everyday ?

  6. Sue,

    What a pretty winter wonderland!


  7. I love the picture of your house covered in snow. A quintissential image of the cottage garden in winter.

  8. This is the perfect kind of snow - light and fluffy - and it makes everything look beautiful!

    I noticed the fire hydrant, too. ;-) Can't wait to see what you're going to do with it!

  9. Cannot get enough of all of the beautiful snow pictures.Now if I could get your neighbor to bring that snow blower to my house to clear snow from my driveway.

  10. Wonderful pics Sue, especially after going on the tour of your yard and gardens before the snow.

    Not something we see down here in zone 10 that's for sure, so I really appreciate seeing your pictures.

    The sun is shining and it is warm, we have the a.c. on.

    I've been baking Christmas goodies today too.

    Have a wonderful Christmas and a great new year.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  11. Sorry to be so slow in getting back to you -- your snowy photos are beautiful, and I'll add them to the First Snowfall page this evening. :) Thanks for participating.

  12. Wonderful snow photos! The first snow always brings out the excitement! We have had a lot of rain but no snow! I'll enjoy yours! Gail

  13. It's like getting postcards from snow country, so picturesque.

    We never have snow here but I remember infrequent snows when I was in the north part of the state, not my idea of a good time.

    Thanks for showing us your gardens under the blanket of snow. Stay warm and keep safe.

  14. Hi Sue, congratulations on the beautiful snow! I'm still waiting for ours to come and brighten up the browns out there! Your home looks like a post card or even Christmas card, with all that wintery white. You do have a nice amount of 'garden interest', with the dried flowers and stalks still in the ground:) I can't wait to be able to post some snowy photos! Have a very Merry Christmas! Jan

  15. Hi! I started to leave replies to your comments on your blogs, but have decided to go back to doing it here.

    Aunt Debbi,
    Yes, it is winter, and school is canceled due to slick roads today! We also have 2 weeks off for winter break. I hope to do some de-cluttering.

    We have ice, too. Where were you?

    Thanks Darla,
    That was sweet what you said. I did get cold, too! I was a little worried about the fingers on my right hand.

    Thanks, and thanks for becoming a follower of my blog. It's awesome getting to know people from all over the world! I already let you know it does not snow every day. My husband has a brother who lives in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, and it snows quite often there.

    Thanks Cameron,
    It is pretty, but I'm still thinking I would love to live where they don't see much snow, just to have a longer gardening season and enjoy warmer weather.

    Thanks, Sweet Bay. I hope winter gets over soon. I am looking forward to the days getting longer.

    Things are still looking beautiful. I am glad I'm inside, though!

    Hi Hocking Hills,
    You must not have a public blog. That's the info I got when I clicked on your name. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. The snow blower was my husband. I hope yours has gotten shoveled. :o)

    I read your comment at work when I was waiting for Larry to get off, and reacted as another co-worker, who is from Georgia was coming into his office. I had to read what you said about the sun shining and you having your air conditioning on. That, and making Christmas cookies in it seemed so odd.

    It sounds like you have had a lot going on. Thanks for hosting the First Snowfall Project.

    I'm glad you like the snow. I'll be ready for rain instead, soon.

    I have heard that snow really causes problems on the rare occasion it visits the south, because they don't have the equipment to deal with it that we do. I still don't drive on it if I don't have to. I am sitting here with a long sleeved shirt under a bulky sweatshirt, with a blanket on my back, and one on my lap, and I am still cold.

    You are right that the yard does look prettier in white than brown. Still, I will be pleased when green and other colors of the blooms return.

    Merry Christmas!

  16. It's fun to see how snow can enhance the things that are already beautiful to begin with.


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