Monday, December 15, 2008

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day 12/15/08

If you are new to blogging, you may not know that Carol, of May Dreams Gardens hosts this once a month event.  Click on her blog name to see a list of people showing what's alive this time of year, and those in warmer places than where I am may actually have some blooms.

(Added at 5:30 p.m. CST- If you continue to scroll down, you'll see a tour of my yard from Saturday, when the high was in the upper fifties.  Today's high was less than 10 degrees fahrenheit, and right now, it is 4 degrees.  Brr!)

I have African violets blooming, in spite of the fact that it's quite cold in the garden window, and some of the leaves are not looking good.

The rosemarys are alive still!

The chives are getting spindly.  The scented geranium needs dead leaves pulled off.  Another rosemary is on the right, I think, Arp.

The Goodwin Creek lavender has a couple blooms.

I am having to take my bay out of the window to water the African violets.  I think I need to cut back the tall angel wing begonia in the back, as it's starting to look spindly.

It has new growth, though.

Larry takes care of the watering of plants in the computer room.  He bought this rabbit's foot fern from our downtown farmers' market a couple summers ago.  He takes it down to the shower in the basement to water it, aiming for once a week.

This assortment of plants should survive the winter, but some are starting to get spindly.  (This will be the 3rd or 4th winter for these plants. The plant on the right is oxalis.)

I didn't show all the plants in the house, as some of them are also shown on my posts on collections.


  1. That's a lot of plants to care for inside. They will be ready to head outdoors come spring. Good post.

  2. Sue, you and I must be on a same wave link. I have exactly the same color violets as you. Mine are blooming very well right now in the garden window. But as you say the window is a little cold this time of the year. Mine is in the kitchen and I think that helps with the high humidity they like.

    The rest of your plants in the house look very nice. It must give you great pleasure to see all that green in the winter.

  3. You have a lot of pretty indoor plants. So nice to cheer up the winter months.


  4. You have alot of plants! I can't have houseplants anymore, the pets kept trying to eat them or knock them over. Beautiful African Violets!

  5. What PerennialGardener said. Wow. How do you manage to water them all? Such a variety of indoor plants...gorgeous! I noticed a little Aloe plant there, too, didn't I? I can't remember if you mentioned that or not. I love African Violets...I had those pretty colors last year...but my cat (Smokie) ate them all, and I had to finally dump them. I nursed them for a long time, but he just wouldn't stop being a naughty boy! I might post photos of those days-gone-by for the next GBBD in January! Jan

  6. Lots of delightful plants Sue! I remember being able to have them! ! cat would be in plant heaven and my furniture would be covered in little regifted plants!

    I love your garden window and think it would be a wonderful gift for the house ;) How to get one, too late to go on the Christmas list!

    ...can you believe how many of us are ruled by our cats!


  7. Wow, you've got an amazing collection of plants indoors!

  8. Wow, Speedy would love it there. That's a whole lot of plants. I'm glad you dropped by today, you're the first one who mentioned they noticed the change from cold lemonade to hot chocolate.

  9. I'm so jealous of your beautiful window!

  10. Wow, Sue, I am impressed by all the houseplants you have. How nice to have a husband to help with the watering, too. I used to have African violets, but I'm ashamed to say they eventually died from neglect. Seeing yours makes me want to try to grow them again.

  11. Sue, I'm impressed by the amount of potted plants in your house! They add beauty and a lot of atmosphere to your home.


  12. Wow Sue, you're living in a jungle! I love that rabbit foot fern, I'm on the hunt for a kangaroo fern myself! Awesome post!

  13. A tip with your beautiful African Violets. They hate cold feet and that is what they get on the window sill. set them on a stable up-side-down glass so that the cooled air can drain away withoyt chilling the pot and they will go like rockets. They are temperature sensitive and can only tolerate
    15F temp. difference between day and night.

  14. You been prettying up your blogsite for the holidays I see. Lovely header picture. I'm not so good with indoor plants, yours look so nice, I think I may try a few tropicals. Awwww, love the puppy. Look at those beautiful, brown eyes.

  15. Love the African violets. I have some babies I started after I had to throw mine out due to mealybugs. I hope to have some blooming by spring!

    Thanks for sharing your blooms and indoor plants with us for bloom day!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  16. Thanks again for the comments!

    I know we will be ready for most of the plants to go back out in the spring.

    I got 4 of the African violets, knowing one was pink, but not knowing the other colors at a friend's garage sale this summer. I like how they're turning out, but think 2 of them may be the same as each other.

    Cameron, and it is winter now, with cold and snow!

    Perennial, I'm sorry about the cat problem. When our kids were young, we had 2 cats. One left plants alone, the other would shred and knock plants over, making quite a mess.

    Jan, Larry waters the plants in the computer room, so that helps a lot. Yes, that is an aloe, and I've used it on our dd's eczema before. I always enjoy seeing pics from the past in people's blogs.

    Gail, It seems like you live where it's warmer than here. We asked if the garden window was going to raise our heating bill, and they recommended getting triple pane glass, but I was worried the sun wouldn't get to the plants, and we got double. It is COLD in that room, and around 50 in the window a lot of the time. I do enjoy having the space for plants, though.

    Thanks Amy. After seeing some of the blooming ones on GBBD, I am thinking about trying to find room for a couple more. We'll see!

    Cinj, I'm glad you did change that, it was making me shiver when I read about the lemonade. LOL I'd like to have a cat, but our dog is enough pet, and my husband is allergic.

    Thanks Meryl. I do like the window. (See what I wrote above.)

    Rose, I still have 2 African violets upstairs that died last winter, and I never took out, I am ashamed to say. Not only did they get neglected in life, but now in death, they are still neglected. That's why I did not put any plants upstairs in the catch all room this fall.

    Thanks Katarina, I need to attend to some of them, as some of the leaves turned brown after they got brought in. Then, they will look better.

    Conscious, Isn't that fern awesome! I don't know what a kangaroo fern is, I'll have to look that up.

    Arija, I didn't get a chance to get the glasses out, but hope to try that this evening. Thanks!

    Jellyfish, I can't think of your name, and didn't see it when I quickly checked. You are the only one who has mentioned my blog changes. I had been tired of my other template, and on a whim, changed it in the middle of reading the GBBD posts, and while others were reading mine, so I don't know which pic was up when you were here. LOL Thanks for the comment!

    Hi Carol! Thanks for stopping by! You are awesome, leaving comments on all the GBBD posts!

  17. You have a beautiful collection of African violets! I will have to enjoy yours, since I can't grow them...

    Your rosemary looks snug and warm and is probably very happy to be inside.

  18. I see you overwinter a lot of plants inside, too! Have you counted them? When I counted mine last year, I was shocked. Over 175! I never would have guessed it was that many. It's a challenge to keep them all going, isn't it?

  19. Sue, it’s a challenge getting through a long winter but your indoor garden must help. I’m impressed by the scale of it. I’m sure your violets will rebound under your loving care. Cute dog too.


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