Thursday, December 25, 2008

SkyWatch Friday 12/26, from our truck on the way home in the snow

On Monday, Dec. 22, what normally would have been a 20 minute drive was over an hour, because of rush hour traffic and the snow.  At one stop light, I rolled the window down, and was tickled that the snow could be seen in the photo.

I know this next one isn't in focus, but I like it anyway.  It's still snowing here, but it didn't show up here.

I played around, taking a bunch of pics of street and traffic lights, thinking they were going to be very "artsy" but they weren't so much.  Still, I had a fun time messing around with the camera between the wiper swishes.


  1. I like your photos especially the lights on the windshield.

  2. Hello Sue, It's so nice to meet you. You never have to apolgize for long comments on my blog. I love comments with lots of thought in them. You gave me a smile for Christmas and I thank you. It's wonderful to meet another teacher. I have a lot of teachers in my blogging family. When I first saw some of your photos, I thought it looked so much like my neighborhood in Illinois. They just put a red fire hydrant directly in front of our house. I have no idea how we're going to make it look pretty. I can't complain since our son is a firefighter in New Mexico.

    It was very kind of you to politely eat something unfamiliar so you wouldn't hurt your friend's feelings. Eating with chopsticks must have been a bit difficult. Good for you for trying! Happy Holidays. I hope you'll visit again sometime.

  3. A real treat for me to see these snow photos. It was almost 70 degrees here yesterday.

  4. How lovely to find you and your lovely snow pics. I have only experienced one white winter in my life - that was when I was a South African exchange student in Rugby North Dakota in '69 - about a hundred years ago! It was incredible but I must say I love our sunny weather here in South Africa. I also have labradors but they are rather fat in spite of a raw diet and lots of walks! Now I wish I could take really good photos! I need some tips from your hubby! Have a happy and blessed New Year!

  5. Hallo Sue,
    thank you for the nice comment on my blog. I enjoyed scrolling down your blog too.
    Good to read that people areconnected all over the world, your grandmother is a German from Russia, my family is from Austria, Netherlands and the old parts from Germany still occupied by Poland, different religions.
    Hallo from Germany Hartut

  6. Sue: Thanks for sharing your sky photos of the snow storm.

  7. Lovely snowfall! Thanks for these.

  8. Can I have some of that snow? Great pictures

  9. Dear Sue,
    Merry Christmas.
    You are living the artfilled life for you see the beauty in everthing!
    I think your snow photos are very artsy!

  10. Sue, I think they look artsy! It is fun to try new ways with pictures and to spreas our wings a little. That's one of the many things I have learned from blogging. it looks like you had a wonderful white Christmas. We did as well, but with lots of ice too.

    Happy New Year!

  11. Hi Sue. Just came over from Gardenweb. I really wish we had some snow. But then I couldn't work out in the yard today. :)

  12. I like photos which are not too perfect it can greatly add to their charm. It looks very wintry and I like the subdued colours.

  13. I like your photos, expecially the "artsy" one. It would make a great background for a handmade Christmas card!

    Wishing you a Happy New Year!

  14. Thanks for the comments!

    I'm glad you liked the lights. I had fun taking those.

    Thanks for your graciousness. I am a special education paraeducator, and my husband, a retired middle school media specialist, has been working where I do as the audio visual technician for almost a year.


    I'm glad you liked the snow. I'd trade you for the 70 degrees, except it's currently an unbelievable 61 right now, and the snow is pretty much melted. We have had highs in the teens for most of the past several weeks.

    My husband was flattered, but I like your pics, too. Just to be clear, I am the one who takes the pics on my blog, unless I am in them, or state otherwise. But, hey, with my new camera, I can move the viewfinder around, and take pics of myself or what's behind me. We'll see what happens with that.

    I enjoyed finding your blog in Germany. It's fun traveling without leaving home.

    Fishing Guy,
    I was happy to share, and thank you for being one of the hosts of SkyWatch.

    Thanks, and you're welcome! If you're the Sandy that helps sponsor SkyWatch, thanks or doing that

    I'd love to give you some of that snow if it hadn't melted. :o)

    Namaste Sherry,
    That's a wonderful compliment. Thanks!

    Thanks for your encouragement. Yes, our Christmas was white. It's not now!

    I just got back from visiting your blog. It looks like you are having fun over there, and have a lot of young plants to keep you busy. I like your setup.

    Thanks for that. If we only strive for perfection, we're going to be disappointed, that's for sure!

    I think I may just put more of my artsy ones up, as they have red and green from the traffic lights, Christmas colors!

    Happy Blogging New Year to All of You!

  15. Hi Sue, Yes, they are very artsy. Of course! It's fun to play around with our cameras/ I have so many wonderful photos that I haven't posted but it's fun to look at them anyway. I like to experiment with different editing features too. Jan

  16. Thanks for sharing with Sky Watch Friday your view of the horizon. There are lots of fun new programs coming out all the time for us to do interesting things with our photos. Hope you are enjoying altering your images.

  17. I think the third photo is artisitic. Since you mentioned it you can tell it is a light post, but the mind would have told a lot of stories in response to looking at such a photo which good art does.

  18. Thanks Jan, Pearl, and Bernie,
    Your comments are very encouraging to me. I didn't alter these, except for cropping. I have adjusted saturation and such, when a photo is too dark or something, but am not usually satisfied with it.

    Bernie, you are awesome! If anyone here hasn't checked out Natural Moments, you should.


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