Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Things I Collect Other Than Plants Pt. 2...

One day, when Larry and I went to antique stores looking to find things for our dining room and kitchen, I picked up this thing that looked like hairpins sticking out of a base. I asked what it was, and was told it was a flower frog, for holding flowers in an arrangement in a vase. I said, "I grow flowers, I should get this." I don't remember when I started looking around for more, but for my birthday, Larry bought me a book called, "Flower Frogs for Collectors" by Bonnie Bull, published in 2001. I found out flower frogs come in many different sizes and shapes, and are made from a variety of materials. I didn't find many locally, but when I checked Ebay, I became quite hooked. I am happy to say I am no longer addicted to Ebay, but for several years, I would look at the list of flower frogs where the auctions were going to be over in the next day or two, then look at the newly listed ones until I got to where I had left off the day before.

I am planning on dusting soon, and considered doing that before taking the pics for this post, but decided if I did that, I wouldn't have time to take the pics tonight, and I seem to be in a toot to post this. I left out the pics that showed the most dust, so my whole collection will not be on display. ;o)

So, here's my first flower frog:

Here are some more that are in the dining room. I like old pictures of flowers, too.

Here is the living room:

The landing at the top of the steps to our second floor:

Our bedroom:

Maybe I should have posted this last one on a Wordless Wednesday post.

If you have any collections, I'd love to see them. I don't know if I want to start a meme, but you can let people know in a comment here if you post any collections on your blog, and if you want me to try to use a Mr. Linky dealy.


  1. Wow, you have a wealth of things in your home. Dusting? Who has time for that?

  2. Hi Sue, I feel like I just took a trip through an antique store! You DO collect a lot! Well, I have a lot of stuff might be fun to do something like you suggested, once a week or so. I'll participate if you'd like. Set a day and give it a title, and links would be good.
    *I have a question re: the Wordless Wednesday posts. Is there a link for that somewhere? I used to visit a site called Wordless Wednesday, but now, whenever I go there, I can't get out of the site...the link gets stuck and it screws up my computer! Do you just post it on your own, like I did tonight, without links to anyone else? Jan PS It's funny to see what people are coming up with for posts, now that we can't garden! I guess just about anything is fair game!

  3. Hi Darla and Jan! I am currently going through clicking on my list of followers names to look at their posts. Jan, I think I was leaving a comment on yours while you were leaving this on mine. LOL

    Jan, I just went over to see your Wordless Wednesday. Do you put a link to your blog on the WW blog, or give a link to theirs?

    Earlier today, I decided to put a little note in my sidebar about Wordless Wednesday with a link to the site. They do it every day now, and there are so many, that I have chosen not to put a link to mine on it. The Skywatch Friday is huge, too, but I like to give my link to it because I know people from all over the world go there. I suppose they also do for Wordless Wednesday, but that would be too much for me right now.

    I need to decide yet about the collecting link thing. Thanks for your input on that.

  4. Does anyone reading this know anything about this RSS thing on my third comment? It doesn't sound legitimate. I clicked on the person's name and saw he's a college student, and has about 10 blogs, as well as a website.

  5. Amazing! The wire ones almost look like modern sculptures. I think I saw a couple of Roseville pieces. Lucky lady! My collections run towards textiles though I do like floral patterns. I do collect garden-related or sewing related things, but nothing like yours. I'll try to pull some collections and take pictures for you this weekend.

  6. First, if I were you, I would permanently delete that one comment. It's spam, in my opinion. Don't even go to the site.
    Second, no problem about the link for a meme...I can just post things as I feel like it. That would give me a lot of posts over the winter...hmm.
    Third, I have the Skywatch link on my blog, along with a ton of other 'creative' links, I just haven't felt like participating yet. I keep planning to, then I either forget or think it's more trouble than it's worth. But I plan to, at some point, do the Skywatch and a couple of other photography sites.
    Fourth: As for the WW, it does work the same way as Skywatch, where people visit the links and leave comments. I don't really have time for all of that either. Blotanical is enough commenting to last a lifetime! I do some poetry ones as well, occasionally, but am finding those to be a pain now that I've joined Blotanical.
    So, I guess what you're saying is whoever wants to do a WW on Blotanical just titles it without linking to anyone else? Too bad we can't at least get the Blot. people to leave links to each other. Do you? I didn't check.

  7. That is a BIG collection worthy a museum!

  8. Sue, I have a few glass frogs, but my goodness you have such a variety! I knew there were wire ones out there and have seen a few porcelain ones, but who knew there were that many kinds. Great fun though and thanks for sharing.

    By the way, I collect depression glass juicers. I may show a few of them sometime.

  9. Love all your collectables !
    I bet you have a blast at flee markets just looking for the right item.
    I collect purfume bottles...maybe I should do a post on them this winter. HEY there's a good meme !
    Have a great day,

  10. Wow! Sue, your home really reflects your interests, doesnt it? I admire your patience in collecting all that. Amazing!

  11. I agree with Linda, definitely museum worthy. I have one wire frog and thought I was doing good. Ha! Love all of your frogs. They are very collectible and you have a goldmine, and a good collection for a gardener too:)

  12. You have so many neat and special treasures! I'm just amazed at all of your collections.

    I collect English white ironstone. I inherited some from my mom, as well as her china cabinet. So, I pick up a piece now and then.

    I have a small collection of NC pottery and well as pieces from our travels -- Russia, Finland, Greece, Italy and France. I used to collect Christmas ornaments from our travels, but because we tend to travel in spring/summer, it has become difficult to find them now.


  13. I see you changed your bloglist, or added it can't remember, it looks good!

  14. I am so impressed by your wonderful collections! Such a great eye you have, and such delight it is to see it. It is just so much fun. Also, this is such an important history to be passed on...and is so effective as a collection.
    It is a pleasure to visit your blog.
    Best regards,

  15. I think there is enough interest in people showing each other their collections. I don't know if I want to call it a meme. I think what I'd like to try is to put a list in my sidebar of people who have posted collections, maybe along with the dates, so if we get this going, you can post, and let me know, and I'll add it to the list. That way, people can post any day they want, and however many or few times they decide to.

    Jellyfishbay, I do love the different shaped wire ones. The Roseville pieces have damage on them, and that is how I was able to afford them. They are still pretty! I look forward to seeing your collections, and will put a link to your blog here if you let me know when you post.

    Jan, I did delete that comment that looked like spam. Thanks! I see you have been busy on blotanical. Yes, people there, just put Skywatch or Wordless Wednesday in their titles, then others can see that they've done it. Some go ahead and link to and from the sites, though.

    Thanks for the complement and for visiting Nebraska from Sweden, Linda!

    Becky, There really are a lot of different kinds of flower frogs. I'm glad I'm finally making myself slow down. There are some I want, but the price has to be right. I'd like to see your juicers. I have a few that aren't depression glass that I use when I need lemon or orange juice for a recipe.

    Thanks Patsi, I do have fun going to flea markets, but I have slowed down. It's fun that way, though, because I am more selective and careful with how much I'll spend for whatever I'm collecting.

    Sunita, Do you collect anything? I have to laugh at your "all that". I really am running out of room in our house for my collections.

    Tina, My kids used to be amused and tease me some about the frogs, but I think they are deciding some may be worth keeping when I'm no longer around. Yes, when I found out what they were, I thought I should have some of those, as a gardener!

    Thanks Cameron, I forgot to look up your ironstone. I'm not sure what it is. I love pottery, too, but limit what I get to flower frogs or vases. The Christmas ornaments sound fun, too.

    Darla, Wasn't it you who told me how to add a blogroll? I was tickled to be able to add that!

    Philip, Thanks for reading and commenting on this post after I left a comment on your Skywatch! It's cool to know you like my collection.

  16. I didn't even know there were that may different flower frogs in the world! What a great collection, in and of itself! How nice of you to visit and include me in your links! Stop by anytime. :-)

  17. WHOA!! Do you have a collection, and so many varieties. I loved looking at them. I have all my Mom's and whenever I see one at a yard sale/thrift shop I pick it up. Enjoyed the eye candy :~)

  18. I love your frog collection! I know now that I will stick to the metal ones or I'll get carried away! Jean


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