Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wordless Wednesday


  1. what happened to these? what are they? but the tins they're in are gorgeous though. would love one of those square ones :)

  2. Sue ..this is a very pretty way to have plants set up .. especially if you don't have much room .. great idea ! .. but I too am curious as to what types of plants you had in the containers !

  3. Totally cute and creative way to display your plant containers! Looks like something that would be right at home in my garden.
    Have a lovely Thanksgiving Day!

  4. Hi Luthien and GardenJoy,
    I had globe amaranth, pansies, and statice in the pots in the wash tubs. I didn't do a good job keeping up with cutting these for drying this year, but the blooms hold as well on the plants as they do when dried, so we enjoyed having these blooms right outside our back door all summer. Now, the cold temps have killed all but a little pansy, which is in the right side of the pot on the right. It's the one still trying to bloom in my Tuesday Bloom Day post.
    I have other tubs I plant directly in, but these I haven't so far.

  5. Hi Connie,
    Your comment came on at the same time as my last one. Thanks, and you have a great Thanksgiving, too.

    GardenJoy, I forgot to say that thyme and sage are in the pot under the wash tubs.

  6. Hi Sue! Thanks for commenting on my page. I love both of your blogs - I too love to garden, but have not done too much recently.

    Our house is the one I grew up in. It is wooden, but we have done so much improvements over the years until it really does not look like the same house I grew up in. I am very blessed that my husband is a carpenter!

    Sorry you guys are sick :[
    No fun around the holidays, especially with 'that icky stuff'

    Happy Thanksgiving!! Hope you come back and visit my blog again soon.

  7. I have MIL's square tubs from the 1960's but I don't know where the stand went. Do yours have a drain hole in bottom center?

    I store my sprinklers and hose appertunances in mine, inside the tool shed.

  8. Thanks for the comments, Lady, Jean and Lucy,
    Neither of us is handy. I wish we were.

    These tubs do have holes in the bottoms for drainage. That's a good idea to store some things in it and put it in the garage so it will last longer.

    Nell, I'll answer in your blog, too.


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