Thursday, November 20, 2008

I Seem to Collect Hoes, Too!

The other day when I was taking pics of my watering cans, I snapped these, too, because the hoe is Carol's at May Dreams Gardens favorite tool, and if you click the link on the name of her blog, you will get to see her collection that she so lovingly posed. That made me want to show mine, too, but I was in a hurry and didn't pose them.

I don't know how auctioneers operate in other parts of the country, but in my town, they auction off yard tools at the beginning of the auction, usually in lots of several items. I used to go to auctions looking for flower frogs, and ended up taking hoes, rakes, hoses, etc home with me, partly because of the watering can I decided I had to have, and the rest came with it. I have, though bid on hoes I liked. I haven't been to auctions for awhile, because I don't have it in me to hang in there for as long as they take, and I end up paying too much for some things, or get outbid on the main thing I was staying for.

The hoes I have pictured are, as with the watering cans, the ones that happened to be where I could see them. I know that at least one, one of my favorites did not get in the pics. It's probably in my car, as I have a garden bed at church. Our daughter bought this garden tool organizer for Larry for Father's Day one year, and he promptly put some of my tools in it so they wouldn't be all over the place. Now, I need to clean the rust off of some of them.

I think I've used all of these. I like variety, and feel that a different part of dirt is moved with each type of tool.


  1. Hi Sue, it is funny but so do I, I don't know where they come from but ops... I got one more/ Tyra

  2. I love photos like this.

    The one I like best is of a hoe that is unfamiliar to me - it is vaguely triangular, with a zig-zag edge.

    It's inriguing. How do you use it?

    Lucy Corrander

  3. Sue, you could open your own 'hoe and can' store. You and Carol have more hoes than the garden centers. But as long as you enjoy them...
    I feel hoe deprived as I only have one and seldom use it. Anyway great post!

  4. You do have a lot of garden implements! At least yours are organized. I think I have tools in every corner of the garage, in a wheelbarrow under the porch....and probably misplaced out in the garden!


  5. Thanks for the comments and compliments!

    Tyra, Those of us who like to fill spaces do end up with things to fill them, don't we?

    Lucy, I am scatterbrained, but think I've used that one, and just drug it across like a one pointed hoe. It's one that's rusty now, and needs to be cleaned.

    Beckie, You made me remember, I did get rid of some straight edge hoes and some rakes in cleaning out our garage. I think they're still in my car, awaiting my final decision whether they're really going or not. They aren't anything I could sell, though. LOL

    Cameron, The ones I took pics of are somewhat organized. I know there are some here and there that did not get in the pics. :o)


  6. Wow Sue, some of those are a little scary looking. I can see the use for most of them, some not. Your organizer thing is great, very handy. I really like going to auctions too, but I don't buy too much. Guess I should.

  7. From one hoe collector to another, those are some very nice hoes. I especially like that one with the jagged edge. I don't have one like that!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  8. Hi Sunday Girl,
    I've used them all, but I don't use the big bulky ones as often. Those do look a little scary.

    I'm glad you like my hoes. :o) I like that jagged one, too.

    Thanks both of you for commenting!

  9. This is a very nice collection, we really do find ourselves collecting the tools of our hobbies.

  10. You're right, Bopeep! We are drawn to the things that interest us, and some of us think we need more of those tools than just the basics. LOL I haven't read many blogs today. Our 10 month old grandson has been here since this morning, and is spending the night for the first time, because both of his parents are sick. He is almost finished with it, but is still sick, too. We just got him to sleep. I hope he sleeps most of the night.

  11. Wow, you DO have a lot of hoes! I have two! One is a traditional hoe and the other is a four-pronged one. I just don't hoe much! A little in the veggie garden and never in the flower gardens, because they're mulched.

  12. Hi Kylee,
    I hoe the vegetable garden about once a week or so, because it seems to get more weeds than the flower beds. I rarely use one in the flowers. Maybe it's because they are mulched. The soil seems to be looser in the veggie garden, though, too.


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