Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Changes in the Compost Area 2008

I had fun going through my photos from the spring and summer, finding these pics in my vegetable garden, which is a potager of sorts.  I ended up taking longer than I thought I would, so will probably go back tomorrow and identify some of the plants.  I think that of all the areas I garden, this showed the most changes over the season.  If you didn't know this, you can click on a picture to make it larger, then click the back button to return to where you were.




6/18, I think:

7/14-notice the sunflower seedlings, moved from front bed:


View from the front of the veggie garden, compost is in back 7/16:




8/21, showing caterpillars that I learned wouldn't kill the plants, so they were left to grow:



8/31, The squirrels had caused 2 of my sunflowers to break, so I took these off, hoping, unsuccessfully, that they would leave the rest alone:




10/5, hyacinth bean, planted too late to make seeds:



  1. Sue, changes indeed! I kept going back and forth seeing what was growing and where. Loks like lots of good veggies and i love that huge sunflower. Also the red one. I grew a few sunflowers this year and the yellow finches ate the seeds right off the plant-such fun to watch. I want to grow more next year and add the red. I love all your hollyhocks and at times it looked like a cootage garden. What a wonderful pictoralrecord you have of 'Gardening 2008'.

  2. Thanks Beckie! I stayed up too late doing this, and got up this morning to show my husband. I was thinking I forgot some of the ones that looked different, and included some that looked more similar. I was glad to see you had left a comment. Now I will be operating on 6 and a half hours of sleep today knowing someone was able to see the changes.

  3. Lots of photos - great to see! Find it so interesting that we are so far apart geographically (north of Lake Ontario) - but very similar garden stages looking back at your photos from November 5th. Welcome to Botanical - you'll find lots of good peeps and gardens!

  4. Thanks for the welcome, Barbara! I'm glad you found me so I could look at your blog, too. I am having so much fun blogging and reading others' blogs!

  5. Tag you're it.

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  6. Sue, Your pictures look great! The sunflowers are awesome.

  7. Hi Sue,
    It's fun going back through the season's photos, isn't it? The rusty red sunflower is gorgeous!
    We grow sunflowers in our veggie garden too, and I love to watch the goldfinches feeding on them.
    We're freezing squash from the garden at the moment.
    Looks like you had plenty of fresh veggies. Aren't they delicious?
    Thanks for visiting :) Yes, that was a chilly night!

  8. Good progression Post!
    I'm never sure whether to answer questions on my blog, in my own comments or come to the poster's blog.

    You asked about lantana. In my warm zone (8b), yellow lantana still gets killed back totally to the ground with a killing frost which will come soon, I'm afraid. The lavender (L. montevidensis) is a little hardier. It will usually keep some leaves and have scattering blooms all winter.

  9. As Beckie said, love the sunflowers. This was my first year to have them (all from birdseed;). I wish I could grow hollyhocks, every time I see them in a blog I remember the years before Japanese beetles when I grew them.

  10. Sue,
    You are such an inspiration. You are gardening right in your yard, exactly what I want to do this next spring. And look at your success, I am so encouraged. Your pictures are wonderful. I hope I have butterflies visit me and hummingbirds. I can't wait. So glad to have found your blog. Thank you.

  11. Thanks for the comments again!
    Sunday Girl, I am trying to decide what I think about the tagging thing. I've noticed bloggers getting tagged, and it kind of reminds me of a chain letter. Thanks for thinking of me, and I'll let you know if I'm going to do it or not.

    Tulipgirl, I'm glad you like my pics. I am not an expert, but I'm trying to pay more attention to what's in the viewfinder as I am taking pictures. I like sunflowers, but would like it if the plants looked good longer than they do.

    Kerri, I am having so much fun taking and looking at pictures from the whole season, and even from last year, that I am seriously behind in my housework, even more than usual. I actually started out being more interested in growing food than flowers. I get my lettuce in as early as I can, and enjoy eating the thinnings. The squirrels did not leave any sunflowers on the plants for the birds. We took some down for them, and they took the rest themselves.

    Nell, That was fun showing the progression of that area throughout the season. I have some individual plants that may be different from what most people grow, that I plan to show progressions of.

    When I leave a comment, I subscribe to that link so I will see if the person says anything back. I end up reading what others say about the post, too, which is kind of fun. It probably doesn't matter where you answer the question. You know more about blogging than I do, though. Plants are interesting in what conditions they do well in or will tolerate. I would love to see lantana be a perennial here.

  12. Sue I love your vegatable garden. The picture of the bee on the white hollyhock is beautiful.

    I have a question -- how did you arrange your pictures so that a viewer can click on it and see a larger size?

  13. Hi Sweet Bay,
    I don't know why the pics get bigger when clicked on. I use iphoto to take the pics off my card, then export the pics to my documents folder, and from there, is where I upload them for my blog. I don't go through Webshots or Photobucket. One time, I clicked on a pic to see what would happen, and it got bigger!

  14. Thanks Sue. I think the default for blogspot is Picasa, which has this feature.


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